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~ We LOVE our ancestors ~

The first two charts below include almost all the direct line family names at this site.


  Terry (Matson) Morgan or Richard Morgan (Pedigree Charts)


(See a Family Photo)


(We love our Himalayan cat, too --> Muddy's Cat Pedigree)

Other Charts:

Elven Matson - Interactive

Elven Matson (Oviatt) to Adam

Denise Yancey (Rice) to Adam (PDF)

Denise Yancey - Interactive

Richard Morgan - Interactive


An older submission of mine is included in the Ancestral File which is accessible at the link below. It will display pedigrees.


Aldridge Creek Greenway - Green Mountain Nature Trail - Flower & Cat Pictures

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Please Visit Our Cat's Pedigree & Home Page "Muddy, the Himalayan Cat"

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