ARCHIVES:  March 24-31, 2005

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March 31, 2005 - Thursday

Hard Drive Woes

Just when I think everything is working, my new 300 gig hard drive winks out on me. Are there any geniuses out there? Anyone with ideas?

When I first boot up, both hard drives show up. They both work fine for a while. After a few minutes, the large drive stops being recognized by the computer - as if it wasn't there at all. I can keep working on the other drive (which is the boot drive). If I do a cold reboot, the other drive shows up again. Usually, if I ignore it and don't write to it, it stays active.

I tried making the new drive into a boot drive. It booted up fine, but it still disappears after a few minutes (while the other drive stays fine).

Here's what I've tried so far:

1. Made sure I was using Windows XP Service Pack 2 (which is the version needed to handle extra large hard drives effectively).

2. Set the hard drive jumpers. Since I have two hard drives, my husband has been careful to set the jumpers correctly. We've tried "cable select" and various "Master/Slave" configurations on our regular ATA drives (I know that serial ATA is better, but this is the motherboard I am stuck with right now.)

3. Upgraded my BIOS. (By the way, I am using an ASUS motherboard/BIOS and a Seagate and Maxtor Drive. The Seagate is the huge, 300 gig drive.)

4. Installed new cables -- and my husband will be doing that yet again tonight, just to make sure. Is there any special new cable that would carry greater power?

5. I could get a card for the drives, but it would slow them down and is not generally recommended, I've read.

If all else fails, I will have to get a new motherboard. I do not relish that because I would be forced to do a new install without being able to run my older installed programs as needed. Right now, I can boot from either drive and keep all of the old programs active -- to gradually move over. It's a massive job. (I managed to install Windows on the new drive before it disappeared one time.)

Help! Anyone! Can this problem be solved without getting a new motherboard?



March 30, 2005 - Wednesday

Best-Looking Blog, etc.

From Wizbang, comes a list of top blogs. Best-Looking Blog is SnazzyCat. Best Overall Blog is Little Green Footballs. The best humor blogs are listed here (scroll down to view a list of the more "best of" blogs.)



Old Family Photos

My wonderful Great Aunt Vera Morey sent copies of old family photos. They were wonderful! My 2nd great grandfather lived to be 90 and she included a photo of him!



March 29, 2005 - Tuesday


Experts advise us to do this every so often once a year or so - a clean install of Windows. I usually get a new hard drive every year or two and do a clean install then.

I am trying this now. I can boot up off either of my hard drives. It's a pain to reinstall the myriad programs I have going on here, but it will create a faster system with less problems (ideally).

I remember helping a friend with spyware. She had been online every day and yet had NEVER used a spyware checker. We tried downloading Ad-Aware, but a spying program would not let her. Next we tried Spybot Search & Destroy (Microsoft's superb spyware program was not available yet). Spybot worked. We found over 200 spying programs. Whew! No wonder her Internet was barely crawling along.

I've heard from other commentators that Micrsoft's spyware checker is the best free one out there.



March 28, 2005 - Monday

What to Do to a Cold

I have a cold ... guess few folks can get through a year without one. That constant outflow of fluids and the urge to sleep make things miserable right now. Thank goodness for Puffs Plus Lotion (tissues) and my brother's homemade chicken and noodles.

My cats want to keep me company. They follow me around the house. I have a tendency to fall asleep anytime I stop moving and they take quick advantage of the warm unmoving body. I hope they don't catch human colds easily.

What do you do when you get a cold?

P.S. My Dad sent this interesting animation. I don't know where it originated, but I had to laugh at it. Do any of the faces look familiar to you, too?



March 27, 2005 - Sunday

Happy Easter 2005!

Our family is all gathering for a big afternoon dinner of spiral-sliced honey-baked ham, chicken and noodles, seven-layer salad, dump cake, Key Lime Pie, various breads, vegetable dishes - and, of course CANDY and egg-hunting.

This comes after quiet reflection in church on the true meaning of Easter.

Look for lots of photos of everyone tonight or tomorrow on my photo site. Hope you have a great day, too. (P.S. I've been trying my hand at stitched-together panoramas. I hope to post more in the future. Here's my first try in a  long time. (Click on "original image" underneath the photo to get the best look.) Adobe Photoshop makes photo stitching much easier than it used to be.



March 26, 2005 - Saturday

My Brother's eBay Store

My brother and sister-in-law have been using eBay for a long time to sell collectible items. He loves Disney World and fantasy as much or more than I do. Here's what he is selling right now: Michael & Charleen's eBay Store.



March 25, 2005 - Friday

Unusual Wallpaper - Invisible

This is fun! Take a close look at these computers. They are running invisible wallpaper. I am going to try this.

(P.S. I am having all kinds of computer problems. My new hard drive suddenly stopped showing up when I boot -- maybe yet another bad cable and my keyboard driver does not load 1/3 of the time - maybe a bad motherboard.)



March 24, 2005 - Thursday

If soap operas are not satisfying enough, try a site where people can post anonymous secrets. Most other peoples' secrets are depressing - at least they were today. And how believable can it all be? Oh well, the entries are pretty and creative-looking. In fact, the creative postcards make the page interesting in itself.