ARCHIVES:  February 1-7, 2006

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February 7, 2006 - Tuesday

Gadget Awards

Why not? There's an award show for everything under the sun, so Engaget has done their own gadget awards list. I enjoyed looking through the list. Alas, I see a lot of stuff I want now. Here's some of their awards (there's a lot more).


Gadget of the Year
Readers’ Choice: Apple iPod (5g)
Engadget Pick: Microsoft Xbox 360

Merger of the Year
Readers’ Choice: eBay and Skype
Engadget Pick: Sprint and Nextel

Worst Gadget of the Year
Readers’ Choice: Motorola ROKR E1
Engadget Pick: Gizmondo

Weird Gadget of the Year
Readers’ Choice: Solid Alliance USB Spaghetti
Engadget Pick: Solid Alliance USB Spaghetti

Disappointment of the Year
Readers’ Choice: Motorola ROKR E1
Engadget Pick: Creative Zen Vision

Most Anticipated Gadget of 2006
Readers’ Choice: Sony PlayStation 3
Engadget Pick: Sony PlayStation 3

Cellphone of the Year
Readers’ Choice: Motorola V3c
Engadget Pick: Sony Erisson w800



February 6, 2006 - Monday

Over 300 Fonts from TV Shows & Movies

This is a nice list with samples. There are several fonts here I want. I wish more of these came with lowercase letters, too, but hey, they are free and Word can do a pseudo lower case look. I installed Romeo and Juliet (which came with both lower and upper case).



February 5, 2006 - Sunday

Children - Gotta Love Them

As the church meeting finished, I chatted with a cute little 3-year-old boy who was standing by his dad. He said, "Guess what! I get to go to the bathroom now!"

I am still amazed at Super Bowl Sunday being the second biggest eating day of the year right behind Thanksgiving. NBC's Today Show added that pizza was the number one food eaten on this day followed by fruits and vegetables.

IMVU released a new chat scene - we can now do 3D chatting on the back of a flying dragon -- much like Anne McCaffrey's dragons (how I love those books!). I included a picture, but this does not do it justice. The dragon is flying like a real one would, movements and all. Even the background goes by, avatars react and blink, etc., realistically.

Here's a picture of my avatar and her cat riding dragonback. Many people can fit on top of the dragon, one in his mouth, others in his claws for group chats. There is no game involved. These are just fun scenes for regular instant messaging or chatting.




February 4, 2006 - Saturday

Using Draft Mode on the Inkjet

When I print color pictures, I usually want the best quality as in printing photographs, so I have always ignored "draft mode." Now I am printing temporary wall signs for the children I teach music to, in color and I have discovered the joys and great speeed of draft mode. The printer seems ten times faster.

It's a good thing because my little white cat, Myst, is crying at my feet for me to get up and go sit on the sofa so that he can have a warm place to sleep (my lap). I had better call it a day and give this poor neglected baby some attention. (P.S. He is not neglected at all because I am a total wimp when he wants something so I give it to him.)



February 3, 2006 - Friday

This n That

I was watching the morning news shows about Groundhog Day. The most famous groundhog indicated that we would have 6 more weeks of winter, then a reporter pointed out that it is 6 more weeks until spring officially begins, anyway. I had to laugh. (Loved the movie with Bill Murray by this title, though).

The avatar pictured here is my sister, wearing the wings I made. She is very good at matching clothes in our virtual chat world. There's enough variety in clothing here that no two people need look alike.

I was doing laundry and took a good look at my fabric softener. It was Downy and had Febreze in it. It also has a "fresh scent." Isn't Febreze supposed to remove ALL scents? How does it know to leave the "fresh scent" and remove any "stinky scents" - wonder if we are being ripped off here.

I love Charmin bath tissue. But I have since learned that there are several different qualities of Charmin, some not so good. I guess you get what you pay for. It is not "all one Charmin."

In today's newspaper "Letters to the Editor," one person that I know, suggested we just send all of our military over to Iraq and use full force to squash the terrorists quickly and get it over with. I thought that was an idea worth merit until my husband pointed out that we pretty much HAVE sent them all over, even much of the National Guard. Our military is not so big anymore. That's a scary thought.

If you know who Kevin Rose is (owner of and many other projects), you may have heard a rumor that he denies, namely that Yahoo is going to offer $30 million for, a rival to Slashdot). Well, Kevin may deny it, but he sure spoke in gushing terms about Yahoo in his most recent Diggnation podcast. It was gushing enough to make one wonder .... (By the way, I got to see Kevin in person in Nashville -- pictures are posted way back on my photo blog -- 2 years ago or so.)

I found out that one of my cats, Muddy, loves to be chased up and down the hall by people as well as other cats. (I knew about other cats and balls we'd roll, but I had forgotten about people.) Today, he came to the door of my office and meowed loudly. I stopped work to stomp my feet and chase him a few times up and down the hall. When I caught up to him, he was purring loudly. We both had a good time.



February 2, 2006 - Thursday

Playing with Wings

If I ever laid claim to a reoccurring dream, it would be that I could just jump up and fly. I've had a lot of fun recording pictures of winged avatars in IMVU. These little pics actually sell (for virtual money) in the catalog. IMVU is so new and fast-growing that several things sell well over there including these little images for web pages on that system. Ultimately, I am learning how to better animate with Photoshop. I did not create the avatar in this image, but I captured it and put in a sparkly background.




February 1, 2006 - Wednesday

Always funny to check This was on their main page today. This site's photos are the source of many Internet myths, although I doubt anyone would mistake THIS photo for anything remotely real.