ARCHIVES:  January 24-31, 2006

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January 31, 2006 - Tuesday

Spell Words with Flickr

This cute program will let you type in any word. It draws on tagged postings of letters from Flickr. I just did a cut and paste screen dump of the first one below, but it offers code so it can be pasted on a page resulting in a different set of letters every time the page is refreshed (as in the second example below). In the second example, click on a letter to go to that Flickr site. (In addition to TextAmerica, I also have a smaller photoblog on Flickr at





January 30, 2006 - Monday

Google Bookmarks

Maybe you have heard of this by now, but Google offers to keep your Internet browser bookmarks handy so you can access them from anywhere and it does this privately. It sounds like a good idea. When I've traveled, I often wish I could access my bookmarks.

On the down side, it does not import them so they'd have to be cut and pasted in one by one - blah - but it would be nice to keep a few of my favorite ones handy. I use Firefox mostly (because it is safer and has many cool extensions) and Google will not import my Firefox bookmarks (or any browser's).

Hmm, now that I think about this, I will just save my Firefox bookmarks in an html file and bring it along on a thumb drive, but I will post a few on Google, though, to see how it goes.



January 29, 2006 - Sunday

Muddy's Blog Temporarily Down

I use the blogging service at for Muddy's blog (unlike this blog which I code myself with an HTML program). Angelfire had a snafu that took down many blogs on their system. They are working on fixing them, so I expect Muddy's blog to be back soon (the one at Thanks to everyone who contacted me.

Muddy is more than ready to write and does not like this problem, either.



January 28, 2006 - Saturday

What Kind of Anime Character are You?

They have a large selection of good pictures for this quiz.


You are a warrior! You love adventures, and you are
awfully brave. You would do anything for your
comrades, even give your life. You are a
main character in nature.

How would you look if you were an anime girl? For girls only.
Brought to you by Quizilla



January 27, 2006 - Friday

Librarian's Internet Index

I found the Librarian's Internet Index. They claim these are sites "you can trust." It seems like a nice little place to set for a homepage, but I am not sure what we are trusting them for. There were plenty of popups in some of the links.

I tried looking for clip art and came up with a huge listing, then found "Classroom Clip Art" and some interesting fonts there. (Free clip art sites are notorious for spyware, etc., but I still use to them to find "that one perfect image.")



January 26, 2006 - Thursday

Making an Animated Movie

I used four programs to come up with this little animated movie from the chat world of IMVU: CaptureWizPro, Magix Movie Pro, Quicktime Pro, Photoshop CS with ImageReady. Much fun, but whew! It shows my avatar and some of the chat background scenes.




January 25, 2006 - Wednesday

Shopping for Baby

I spent the day with my daughter. It was fun looking at baby boy things. I like knowing what the baby will be so we can get more specific stuff. My daughter says they have no idea for a baby name. It is going to take until the due date to figure out something, I think.


Then I made more animations.



January 24, 2006 - Tuesday

Hurray for Blogs

It's good to hear that even the smallest blog can be useful. A friend of mine was having an allergic reaction to certain food, but she did not know what was causing her problems at the time. She went to medical sites with her symptoms, but could not get a definite idea.

Then she found blogs of people describing the exact same reactions and finally realized that she was indeed having a reaction to some food she ate. Hurray for blogs!