Tierra Blanca Dance Company

Blanca Araceli Soto


Blanca Araceli studied Theater and Dance at the University of Guadalajara, her natal city.

Her credits as a Dancer goes back 25 years of experience, working with international Dance Companies such as; Ballet Folklorico del Instituto Cultural Cabañas, Ballet Folklorico de Mexico, de Amalia Hernandez, Floricanto U.S. A, Los Angeles Mexican Dance Company, among others.

Since 1996 Blanca Araceli has been the Director and Choreographer of Tierra Blanca Dance Company, The dance Company won 1st. & 2nd. Place at the international folk festival 2005 & 1st. Place in 2006 in Las Vegas.

In Los Angeles won the 3er place among the best companies in Grandeza Mexicana’dance competition 2005. Show was the choreographer on the Christmas Musical El Ermitano .com.

Her passion to teach children made her founded in 2002 Tierra Blanca Arts Center a non-profit organization to help kids to develop their talents, because it is her believe that each generation must contribute in its own way their expression in art , and money should not stopped anyone for being successful .

“Let’s help our kids to develop their talents and shared them with the rest of the world”.

Tierra Blanca’s latest accomplishment is Semblanza Latinoamericana 2007 & Dia de Muertos, Hollywood Forever 2007 & 2008 and Pastorela 2008.

Tierra Blanca Dance Company

General Director: Blanca Araceli Soto

Research & Music Director Gerardo Gutierrez

About the Company:


Tierra Blanca Dance Company was founded 1996 by Blanca A. Soto, This company is to Promote Mexican Culture and traditions through Music, Dance and Regional folklore. The benefit of this company is to give these young dancers the opportunity to learn different dance techniques, helping them to develop their self esteem by obtaining pride on their culture. The dance company has as a main goal to have this young dancers perform all over the country and furthermore all over the world, expanding their experience, knowledge and education.


Since 1996 Tierra Blanca Dance Company directed by Blanca A. Soto has performed in several community events in the City of Huntington Park;

• The Celebration of the 4th of July. (1997-2003)

• Festival de Primavera (1999-2003)

• Celebration of Cesar Chavez Day (2001-2003)

• Celebration of El Grito –Mexican Independence Day- (2000 -2003)

• Un Grito en Silencio 2001

• Day of the Death and Christmas Events (1996-2005)

• First Celebration of the Cinco de Mayo at Huntington Park by the Y.M.C.A (May 2005).

• Since 1996 the company has made a yearly presentation done in different theaters around the Area of Los Angeles:

• 1996 Gallery Theater, Hollywood Ca.

• 1997 Doolittle Theater, Hollywood Ca.

• 1998 Gallery Theater, Hollywood Ca.

• 1999 & 2000 Huntington Park City Civic Theater

• 2001 Doolittle Theater, Hollywood Ca.

• 2002 Los Angeles Theater, Downtown L.A. Ca.

• 2003 Orpheum Theater, Los Angeles Ca.

Tierra Blanca Dance Company has also participated in several local, national and international events, such as:

• Las Vegas International World Folk Festival 2005 (Tierra Blanca won the 1st. Place, and 2nd. Place in Production Competition, and 2nd. Place in Costumes)

• Thanksgiving Celebration/South Gate Auditorium, Nov. 2004 & 2005

• Festival Del Mariachi in Los Angeles Ca. (1998 - 2003)

• Festival del Cinco de Mayo in Wilcox Arizona (2001)

• Viva México Festival, Hollywood, Ca. (2001) • Danzantes Unidos Festival; Fresno, Sacramento & San Diego, Ca. (2000 - 2003)

• A.N.G.F. Conference; Riverside Ca. & Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico. (2002-2003)

• Opening of the Ricardo Montalban Performing Arts Theater , Hollywood Ca. June 2004

• Nosotros Eagle Awards, Los Angeles Ca. (2001 & 2004).

• Christmas Party Biltmore Hotel /Private Presentation (1997- 2001 & 2005)

• Christmas Party Wilshire Grand Hotel /Private Presentation (2001 & 2002)

• H.E.R.E. International Union Convention (2001)

• Feria Catolica Convention (2001-2003 & 2005)

• Semana Jaliscience, Performing Arts Center in Long Beach Ca. (2003)

• Cerritos College /Adult Education & Diversity Programs (May 2003 & 2004)

• Folk-Show case: Viva Mexico 2006 at the Industry Hills Expo Center (March 2006).

Tierra Blanca Dance Company is been honored to perform for several special events, and personalities:

• State Senator Martha Escutia

• Assembly Member Marco Antonio Firebaugh

• Council Member 14th. District Nick Pacheco

• Assembly Member Fabian Nuñez

• Senator Gil Cedillo

• United State Treasurer Rosario Marin

• To all personalities of the City of Huntington Park. (1997-2003)

• Los Angeles’ Mayor Antonio Villarraigosa (2001)


Tierra Blanca Dance Company has as a main goal to give this young students the opportunity to expand their talents by providing the right tools –with the best training in all aspects, as well to provide to the children with low income the opportunity to travel with their parents, creating a strong bound with in the family as well expanding their experience, knowledge and education.

The preparation for the students of the folkloric dance program is base on different dance techniques: Jazz, Modern Dance, Flamenco, Ballet and Folklore, and history of the dances with the intention of giving them the right information and knowledge in regard specific dance.

Their development as dancers is also to teach these young dancers stage projection to become great performers.

This program offers at the end of each session an opportunity for parents and students to share a great time when it comes to show them what they had learned.

The instructor Blanca A. Soto shares with the students different aspects of Art, by taking them to field trips, concerts, social events, political events, cultural events and educational events.

Blanca A. Soto believes that by giving them more positive options for their future, they will became a productive members of this society.

Y.M.C.A Dance Company & Dance Academy of Huntington Park Ca.

La Compañía de Danza del Y.M.C.A. de la Ciudad de Huntington Park , es una compañía muy joven ya que las alumnas llevan dos anos bailando, y aprendiendo las diferentes técnicas de danza y regiones dentro el folklore Mexicano, han tenido alrededor de 20 presentaciones en estos últimos dos anos y se fundo en el 2005 ya que su primera presentación oficial fue en la competencia de Grandeza Mexicana, Junio 2005, en la cual recibió una mención especial por parte de la Hija de Amalia Hernández, Bibiana Basante.

La compañía fue fundada con el fin de desarrollar nuestra cultura, tradición y folklore Mexicano, así mismo compartiendo costumbres tiempos e interpretación de nuestras propias vivencias. El objetivo de esta compañía de danza es realizar bailes y crear dentro de la riqueza de nuestra música marcos visibles por medio de la danza para expresar lo bello de ser mexicano pero sin dejar de admirar y compartir lo hermoso de nuestros países latinos ya que conociendo otros géneros dentro de la danza y las culturas de otros países viviendo en una ciudad como Los Ángeles multicultural es increíble la cantidad de manifestaciones que el cuerpo puede dar. Por eso en esta ocasión y por medio de la canción de la Bikina la cual fue compuesta para la ciudad de Caracas Venezuela, damos con el vestuario una versión muy mexicana y con toque Venezolano de nuestra música Latinoamericana.

Blanca Araceli Soto

The performer

She has spent the last 15 years on the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. Her theatrical credits include more than 30 plays such as; La Fiera del Ajusco, Frida Kahlo, El Che, The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit, The Net, Yellow Tulips, Bernarda,Sucedio en la Habana,Fresas y Chocolate, The Impostor2003, Ollantay2004, and Fallen Fruit2005 (Directed by Luis Avalos) among others. She received the Havana Fama Awards for two consecutive years for the best actress (1998 & 1999). Her outstanding performance in the play Ballad of a summer in Havana has taking her to perform in theater Festivals in Brazil, as well in Mexico. She is also a well known Master of Ceremonies due to the fact that she conducts for four consecutive years the Festival de Mariachi, in Los Angeles, 1999-2003, as well the International Festival of Monologues during 1998,199 & 2000, El Grito 2002 & 2003, The Ceasar Chavez Celebration 2003, Dia del Niño 2003, to mention some. Her acting in film as well in commercial has made her share roles with great actors such as Edward James Olmos, Luis Avalos, and Lupe Ontiveros among others. As a stand up comedian Blanca had been making individual presentations for private and social events. She presented her own show in Los Angeles Bohemios Café for a total of ten presentations with a full house (2002). Blanca Araceli is a multitalented artist in drama or comedy as a master of ceremonies or great choreographer she always takes a great applause for her work.