Mexico en Danzas is looking forward to celebrating their 7th Year Anniversary in collaboration with the Houston Community in disseminating and educating on the Mexican Culture. We strive to encourage and enhance the immeasurable aspirations of the Mexican Culture to future generations that are to come forth. The elegance and sophistication of the Mexican Culture has defied time and transformations by preserving its beauty of traditional music, dances, costumes and its governing people. This ambition and goal is the driving force behind the person who initiated it all from the organizations humble beginning, Professor Isaac Ledesma Gomez.

Prof. Isaac Ledesma Gómez is a graduate from “Academia de Danza Mexicana Atemoztli” in Durango, Durango, Mexico. In the short, yet successful career of this organization, Prof. Ledesma has led and guided the dance troupe to a highly and reputable social status among the Houston community and around the State of Texas and Mexico. Under his direction, Mexico en Danzas has achieved much recognition among its colleague dance organizations, triumphed over many obstacles and prevailed in attaining numerous awards due to their energetic and dynamic performances.

The membership consists of a variety of ages ranging from 5 years of age to 45 years of age and is always welcoming new members throughout the year. The dancers express their love for the arts through their tasteful stage presence, their refined performance participations and most diligently through their exhausting rehearsal sessions. In the mist of a strong family oriented background; the parents are a key support factor in the success and growth of the company. They have provided encouragement and moral support to students, they have assisted with wardrobe coordination production and maintenance, and they have helped in fundraising efforts, marketing and public affairs. The parents have no doubt exceeded their dedication to the organization and students, and are deeply appreciated as they are a beloved essential part of Mexico en Danzas.

Mexico en Danzas has been privileged to participate in many statewide projects and competitions, ranging from the City of Dallas, the City Corpus Christi and most recent in the City of San Antonio in attending the 1st Annual SIFUI Competition. Through their hard work, dedication and motivation, Mexico en Danzas accomplished to win the title of “Best of the Best” Award, among a variety of participating groups. As part of the award, the organization was invited to participate as a special guest dance group at the “Fiestas Folkloricas de Primavera” festival in the city of Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. Further competitions and tours that have crossed their paths include the nation wide Folklorico Challenge USA, in part with the Latino Book & Family Festival hosted in part by movie star sensation Edward James Olmos, where the youth group proceeded in a victorious win to a 1st Place entry and gained the opportunity to represent the City of Houston at the National Folklorico Competition in Los Angeles, California. Furthermore in 2005, Mexico en Danzas traveled to Durango, Durango, Mexico, to be part of the celebrations of the “FOLKLORICO HUICHOL 25TH ANNIVERSARY Gala” sharing the stage with other groups from Zacatecas, Durango and Jalisco. While on this tour, Mexico en Danzas traveled their way up the coast to the Mazatlan, Sinaloa for some well deserved rest and relaxation.

Currently Mexico en Danzas is working on a project to host their 7th Annual Anniversary Gala Show in December of 2006 in conjunction with Grupo Huichol and will be comprised of “live” music for all regions to be presented. During the 5 de Mayo festivities for 2006, Mexico en Danzas will have the honor to perform for an elite group of Latino Authors for the Latino Book & Family Festival with special appearance by Edward James Olmos and Maria Elena Salinas, Emmy Award winning anchor for Noticiero UNIVISION. Future projects for 2007 are a tour with Folklorico Huichol to the country of Paris, France, and a tour of several cities in Mexico.

Mexico en Danzas has been very blessed and privileged to have a strong membership following, a respectable reputable status and definitely a heart and love for our heritage. Mexico end Danzas would truly like to thank all the members, parents, sponsors and community for the opportunity to serve and continued support.

Mexico end Danzas is honored to form part of this grand event “Las Vegas, Nevada 2006”. There are no boundaries for Mexico en Danzas!

Artistic Director: Prof. Isaac Ledesma Gómez

Performers:Xavier Ledesma, Ivan Ledesma, Manuel Galvan, Vicky Maldonado, Cristian Sada, Aileen Castro, Evelin Castro, Crystal Garcia, Adriana Noyola, Alyssa Gonzales, Joe Maldonado, Carlos Pena, Leo Ramirez, Cristhoper Castillo, Eddie Garcia, Rudy Ramirez, Josue Ramirez, Jonh Perez, Estephanie Perez, Jesse Gonzales, Monica Galvan, Marissa Vicencio, Jillian Palomino, Jocelyn Palomino, Adoracion Aceves, Citlaly Rubio, Ale Lopez, Vanessa Garcia, Anett Ledezma, Yolanda Ramirez, Julio Ayala, Ruben Torres, Mario Galindo, Isaac Ledesma, Fatima Vasquez, Luz Vasquez, Jazmin Galvan, Nestor Ayala, Jose Ayala, Marco Galindo.

Isaac Ledesma Gómez

Isaac Ledesma Gómez, founder of Mexico en Danzas, launched his artistic career upon his arrival to Houston, Texas in 1982 at the age of twelve. Performing for festivities such as Cinco de Mayo and Spring Shows; gave him the satisfaction of being able to represent his country away from home. In 1987, he danced for a local Houston dance group, where he gained his first teaching experience. To better enhance his knowledge of the Mexican Folklore, he attended “La Academia de Danza Mexicana Atemoztli” in Durango, Durango, Mexico and received his degree in Mexican Folk Dancing in 1994. Throughout his studies, he trained with well recognized instructors in Mexico and today considers them all his mentors.

During his years of folklorico endevours, Mr Ledesma has traveled extensively throughout México, the United States, South America and Europe.

Many accomplishments under his belt include dance competitions such as:

• México Lindó y Querido – Houston, Texas o First Place Over all

• Viva Aztlan – Lubbock, Texas o First Place Over all • Buccaneer Days – Corpus Christi

o First Place 2000 Over all • Dallas, Texas

o Best Cuadro Regional 2001 • San Antonio, Texas

o Best of the Best in the Southwest 2004

In 1999, with the full support and love of his wife, Annette Ledesma, he created his own dance organization, México en Danzas Grupo Folklórico, with an enrollment of 40 students from the ages of 5 to 45. Many accomplishments and projects have been set since the creation of this organization:

• Houston International Festival

• Buccaneer Days – Corpus Christi

• American Lung Cancer Socitety

• Edward James Olmos – Latino Family Book Fair & Festival

• Día de La Hispanidad – Miller Outdoor Theater, Houston, Texas

• Septiembre 16 – Miller Outdoor Theater, Houston, Texas

• Las Vegas Internacional Folklorico. Festival – 2006

• Mexico En Danzas Tours- o Saltillo, Coahuila

o Monterrey, Nuevo León

o Durango, Durango

o Mazatlán, Sinaloa

o Atlanta, Georgia

México en Danzas Grupo Folklórico strives to deseminate the culture of México through the artistic movements of choreographies, music, dances and vivid costumes. This allows students to expand their knowledge and become aware of their heritage, their ancestors and a realization that is vital to educate the Houston Community and the world on the importance of traditions and cultures of the Republic of México.

For information on bookings and rehearsals, contact Mrs. Annette Sada-Ledesma at 281-467-1549, 713-692-9275 and on weekends at 281-799-6329.

You may also contact us via electronic mail:

mexicoendanzas@sbcglobal.net or iledesma@sbcglobal.net

807 Pennington Houston, Texas 77022.

713-692-9275, 281-467-1549 or 281-799-6329