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INEDA Healing Places on the Web

The International Nursing Exchange & Development Agency or INEDA is an interactive source for healing & healers online.

Here is an evolving list of links to help healers around the world heal.

Blessed Be....all of us. Blessings for 2014, a year of Miracles & Light!

Blessings, Monica King

We see this site as being most progressive concerning ways to improve the lives of our children through public education down through the next 7 generations, in harmony with most Native American teachings on Turtle Island. And the next 1,000 generations according to Mother Africa's soul signature.

These links are to other educational & charitable organizations dedicated to the nurture & support of LIFE on PLANET EARTH & all her created creatures including earth citizens of every nation, race & spiritual/religious belief.

Spirit, Creator, Source of unconditional LOVE is guiding here and NOW. I/We at INEDA are starting a new effort to manifest a GOOD news channel. Please feel free to send contributions to such a channel. I am dedicating my top link below to an example. LOVE, joy and peace BE with all.

Please feel free to comment & add to this list by sending an e-mail.

National & International links

GOOD News The World in Action
webineda radio-The Night Shift; Forgiveness Part 1
Introduction & Primer for Flower Essences
webineda radio- The Night Shift; Forgiveness Part 2
HELP for Women of Faith: Domestic relief in the Churches
Monica's YouTube
Operation Kids and LIFESTART KITS
Spiritual Midwifery
Hopi Prophesies
For WingMakers Readers: The Fifth Interview of Dr. Neruda
About One People's Public Trust
The Thrive Movement
911 supplies
The National Institutes of Health
Kryon online...FREE MP3 messages from Kryon
Samaritan's Purse
Who is YOUR Power Animal?
General Meditation at webineda
Manuscript of survival~Welcome to the Pond
Project Vote Smart

Twin States links & educational resources

Tower of Self Reliance TM
INEDA mission; expanded version
On Trauma
Beginner Farmers
Hymn To The Divine Mother
Green Mountain Transit Agency
Cheapest Solar Panels!
Green Hope Farm
Monica's bio/resume
Legal Momentum: Advancing Women's Rights since 1970
Dragonfly Botanicals
New Hampshire Council on the Arts
BraveHeart Women United Here
How To File a Federal Lawsuit
Vermont Government Transparency Organization
The Second Shot Heard Around the World
American Mother's Lullabye
Sleep~ A lullabye by Montpelier Musicians
Story Lamps of Vermont

Healing through Service, Farming...& Natural dwellings

You Give Me Joy
Tower of Self Reliance TM
Natural Building Resources
Cheapest Solar Panels!
Cosmic Connections: the Bigger Picture
Currency Converter
Salvation Army
Night Rest General
Creative Resonance Institute
Talk About Marriage
INEDA Global
How to File a Federal Lawsuit Pro Se & For FREE if Your Are Poor...
Moving Title- #1 Son Jon & Heidi in Ethiopia
Spiritual Network for Ladies
The Tapping Solution 2012 Summit
Peace Over Violence
International House of Prayer
Meet Australian Wisdom
We Are Building A Global Climate Movement
Message from the Great Mothers
Meet a Wise Woman Herbalist Susun Weed