Inventory and Allotment of Martin A. Anding's Slaves - 1854

How long, O Gracious God! How long,
Shall power lord it over right?
The feeble, trampled by the strong,
Remain in slavery's gloomy night?

James M. Whitfield, Poet

Escape at Dawn

A true and perfect inventory and appraisement of the goods of Martin A. Anding, deceased.
Extracted by Linda Durr Rudd


man named BILL valued @ $1300
man named KING valued @ $1300
man named RANDLE valued @ $1000
old man named HARRY valued @ $25
old man named AMOS valued @ $250
old man named JESSE valued @ $600
boy named LOWDEN valued @ $900
boy named WILLIAM valued @ $1200
woman named EASTER valued @ $450
woman named LAURA valued @ $800
girl named ADLINE valued @ $550
boy named ROBERT valued @ $350
woman named EMILY valued @ $1050
boy named MELVIN valued @ $400
woman named NANCY valued @ $900
girl named MILLY valued @ $650
woman named TINA and child MARY JANE valued @ $1200
woman named SALLY valued @ $500
woman named CHARLOTTE valued @ $1000
woman named EASTER valued @ $450
woman SUZE and 2 children ANN and ASA valued @ $800


Mary Anding allotted EMILY and LAURA

James L. Anding allotted TINA, MARY JANE and SALLY

MARY S. Anding allotted JEP, CHARLOTTE and EASTER

Dorcas E. Childs allotted LOWDEN, AMOS and NANCY

B. F. Anding allotted KING and MILLY

George Anding allotted BILL, ROBERT and HARRY

Issac H. Anding allotted WILL, SUZE, ANN, and ASA

Margarett E. Anding allotted RANDLE, ADLIN and MELVIN

NOTE: Martin Alexander Anding was born January 20, 1805 and died January 27, 1854. He was the son of John Nicholas Anding and ? Ham. He married Mary Lambright December 28, 1832 in MS, daughter of George Lambright and Dorcas Shuler. She was born August 24 1807 in Franklin County, MS, and died Ocotober 10, 1869 in Copiah County, MS. Martin and Mary are both buried in Caseyville, MS. Their children were: Benjamin Franklin born October 10, 1833, Dorcas Shuler born February 18, 1835, Mary Susannah born May 15, 1837, Margaret Elizabeth born July 10, 1839, George Alexander born November 25, 1840, James Lambright born August 11, 1845, and Isaac Ham born February 18, 1847.

Martin's wife, Mary Lambright Anding, kept a family bible where she listed the births of her children and family slaves. The slaves are as follows:

(Faded) was born February 4th 1835
(Faded) was born November ? 1839
SAMUEL was born October 29, 1841
MOSES was born August 10th 1843
BENJAMIN was born 1846,
LOUDEN TROTTER was born May 7, 1847

Anding genealogy information was obtained from Randy Kimble, a collateral descendant of Martin A. Anding. Randy may be contacted at

The information from the Family Bible of Mary Lambright Anding was provided by Carolina Gale Lambright, a collateral descendant of Martin A. Anding and Mary Lambright Anding. Gale may be contacted at


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