The Slaves of George and Dorcas Shuler Lambright of Caseyville, Copiah County, MS -- 1835 & 1841

Remembering the Slaves

Extracted by Linda Durr Rudd from Research Notes of Carolina Gale Lambright

"When I was a good sized strip ob a gal jes' afore de war Marse Brown died. Us was all of us up-sot over hit. De slaves was den divided among'st his children." Manda Edmondson, Ex-Slave of Mississippi

Slaves Named in George Lambrightís Will
given to Wife Dorcas Shuler Lambright
March 27, 1835

FANY about fifty five years of age
ASARIAH about fourteen years of age
LIDA about twelve years of age

Notes: George Lambright was a blacksmith, farmer, gunsmith, built and repaired machinery. This family moved from St. James Goose Creek Parish, Berkeley Co., Charelston District, SC, to the Mississippi Territory in 1805. Several parcels of land in what was Franklin Co., then Copiah Co., and now Lincoln Co., were registered to George. The land was part of the Choctaw Treaty of 1805 which later became the southern tier of counties when Mississippi became a state in 1812.

George was a son of William and Jane Lambright of Beauford Co., SC. He was born between 1770 and 1775 in Beaufort Co., SC. This family lived in Prince Williamís Parish where they had a rice plantation on the Coosawhatchie River.

Georgeís wife Dorcas Shuler was born 1775 in Orangeburgh District, SC. She was the daughter of George Nikel Shuler and Rachel Kuhn. The coupleís children were: David, Isaac, George, Jr., James, Lewis, John, Mary (First Lambright born in Mississippi. She married Martin A. Anding 1832 in Franklin Co., MS), William, Benjamin, and Susannah.

George died 1835 Copiah Co., MS (now Lincoln County). Dorcas died 1845 Copiah Co., MS (now Lincoln County). George and Dorcas are buried in the Lambright - Anding Cemetery in Caseyville, Lincoln Co., MS.


Slaves Identified in the Estate Papers of George Lambright, Sr.
Copiah County, Mississippi
25 September 1835

Name, Appraised Value, Drawn by

SAM, $900, Isaac Lambright
PRINCE, $900, John Lambright
RANDLE, $900, Lewis Lambright
HARRY, $500, Susan Lambright
JACK, $400, James Lambright
CHARITY, $700, George Lambright, Jr.
HANNAH and CHILD, $800, Mary Anding
MARY, $500, William Lambright
PHEBE, $350, Benjamin Franklin Lambright
ISABELLA, not listed, David Lambright Heirs (ISABELLA listed value was $300. Each slave had an appraised and listed value.)

Distribution was made by drawing lots.

Notes: By this time, the only Lambrights still in Mississippi were Lewis, Susan(nah), Mary and William. Lewis and William died a few months later. It is likely some of the heirs bought each other out or traded the people. James was living in South Carolina; Isaac, John, George, and Benjamin Franklin were in Louisiana and probably left things up to Martin Anding to carry out. We do not know which, if any, of the slaves went to other states with their new owners.


Deed of Gift from Dorcas Shuler Lambright
Susannah Lambright Nevills
Copiah County, MS
December 17, 1841

Know all men by these presents that I Darcus Lambright of the County of Copiah and State of Mississippi of the first (part) for and in consideration of the love and natural affection which I bare towards my daughter susannah Lambright now Susannah Nevills, wife of John Nevills of the same county and State of the second part have for and in consideration of the premises aforesaid give granted and delivered and do by these presents give grant and deliver unto the said Susannah Nevills the said party of the second part aforesaid a certain negro woman named CHARITY about twenty four years of age, also one negro boy a child named HARRY about seventeen months of age which said negroes are warranted dound in body and mind free from all incumbrances and slaves for life, to have and to hold unto her the said Susannah Nevills and the legitimate heirs of her boddy by the said John Nevills begotten and to insure unto her and them forever with this special condition to this gift and grant prefixed, first that the said negro woman and child cannot be sold during the lifetime of the said Susannah Nevills, but shall at her death with all the issue or increase of the said negroes descend to the legitimate heirs of her the said Susannah Nevill boddy, with the proper understanding that the said negroes nor the issue or increase of the said negro woman CHARITY can never be sold. Secondly, that the said negro and the issue or increase of the said negro woman CHARITY shall forever and remain free from all and every seizure or seizures sale or sales of or for the debt or debts of him the said John Nevills the services or earnings of the said negroes CHARITY and HARRY and issue or increase of them only to be enjoyed by the said Susannah Nevills and her legitimate heirs aforesaid. And I the said Darcus Lambright for my self and the balance of my heirs do and covenant and agree to and with the said Susannah Nevills in manner and form following (to wit) First that I am of lawful age and fully competant to make the gift and grand aforesaid. Secondly that I am lawfully seized as of my own right and property in and to said negroes CHARITY and HARRY, thirdly that I am close of all debts and encumberances or other embarrassment. And that there is no judgment or execution against me or my property by which the said negroes would be subject to seizure and sale. Fourthly -- that I have given granted and delivered the said negroes CHARITY and the said negro boy HARRY to the said Susannah Nevills and her heirs in manner and form aforesaid and for their special use and behoof as aforesaid and fifthly that I will forever warrant the said negro woman CHARITY and boy HARRY unto the said Susannah Nevills and her heirs aforesaid against the claim or claims of all and every person or persons claiming or to claim. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 17th day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty one.

Dorcus Lambright

Notes: Susannah was born 1819 in Franklin Co., MS. She married John Nevels in 1837 in Copiah Co., MS. Susannah died September 1858 in Copiah Co., MS. She is buried in the Lambright - Anding Cemetery, Caseyville, Lincoln County, MS.

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