Our intention when we set out to make the CD was to produce something as near to our live performance as possible (although without Mikes bad jokes!)

The title track "Threads" won the BBC Radio Lincolnshire Folk song Competiton in 2003 and tells the story of a table cloth.
During the second world war, Gertrude Rose, wife of the then owner of Roses Engineering in Gainsborough-(makers of wrapping machinary for a well known chocolate manufacturer !)-used to invite the airman from the surrounding air bases for sunday tea as a break from the war.
While they were there she asked them to sign a table cloth which she later embroidered, signaturies include 'Bomber' Harris head of operations and S/leader Guy Gibson of Dambuster fame.
However, F/o Johnson also from the 617 Dambuster Squadron never visited Mrs Rose as he preferred to go and see his mother who lived in Gainsborough and it was not until 1995 when the table cloth was put on display in the Heritage Centre that he added his signature to those of many dead comrades.

Please feel free to download these song bites

  • Too Old to Care (Brian Bedford) A great song for people of a certain age~ with attitudue !

  • Charlie in the Meadow (John Conally)~ ~another of John ('Fiddlers Green') Conollys great songs

  • He Fades Away (Alistair Hulett)~ ~the compulsory 'wrist slitter' in accordance with the Folk Police Directive

  • Climbing on a Rainbow (Kim Seymour)~ ~our story....

  • Woven Threads of Linen (Sue Dewsbury)~ ~title track of the CD~ with fond memories of Sidney Archer who gave us the basis of this story

  • Wonderful Day (Harvey Andrews with an extra verse by Sue Dewsbury)~ ~the first verse is dedicated to West Lindsey district Council......

  • Storm Around Tumbledown (Dave Wilson)~ ~the futility of war ~this time its the Falklands

  • Everything is Possible (Fred Small)~ ~for all those with children....

  • Cricket Lovers (Bernard Carney)~ ~The romance of the summer game...

  • Wildwood (Graham Moore)~ ~sleeping out in the woods....

  • The Ballad of Mary Magdalene (Richard Shindell)~ ~the greatest love story ever told....

  • Sixteen Miles for Every Acre (Sue Dewsbury)~ ~For Charlie Coupland who never wanted to work on the land and who did exaggarate occasionally....

  • The Devil and the Widow (Mck Ryan)~ ~some say women have more stamina than men....

  • Black Clothes (Robin Laing)~ ~a beatiful love song and our most requested....

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