Meg's Page.

Meg is our Tricolour Border Collie born on 28th February 2005.

Here are some pictures

At 7 weeks old she is a pee & poo machine- food goes in one end at regular intevals and appears on the kitchen floor a little later

Now at 10 weeks and house trained she loves to play- with anything~ balls, carrots, gloves, sheep....

but still needs a kip now and then...

The new 'best' toy

Breakfast toast is essential

as is the (very) occasional nap

Growing up and getting long-legged

Its amazing how quickly Meg has grown...
16th April

1 May

26 May

2 June

26 May

16 June

a new singing duo ?

the rabbit impression

A day at the beach

a new best game~ the blueball goes in here

...and comes out here...

clever and cute

Unfortunatly in May Meg had an accident~ being a typical Border Collie she wasnt looking where she was going and ran into a concrete post damaging her shoulder
This produced a 'dead leg' which just didnt get better and we had to take the decision to amputate~ this is a couple of days after the operation !

Within a few weeks she was back to normal and copes very well on 3 legs~ almost as good a new

Here she is with one of her french fans

(Flossies website here)

This is a portrait of Meg by Jane Beharrell.
Have a look at her website

Very sad to report that we lost Meg while on holiday in Cornwall in April 2018;
She had become increasing infirm over the last year or so and basically it all became too much;
However...on a brighter note we now have a replacement.... meet Maisie.. born 28th August


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