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ooo look theres an aardvark

Most of the tracks are as you would hear them performed live- although unfortunately without Mikes wonderful jokes.
However we have enhanced a few tracks by the addition of some other instruments- all played by Mike.

In accordance with Folk Police guidelines most of the material contained on this recording is miserable, but we have risked some lighter stuff.

Here are some soundbites~ with some random jottings by Sue.......

  • The Night is Young (Colum Sands) . Thanks to Bram Taylor for teaching us this one

  • The Aardvark Song (Dave Boulton & Jeff Parton) . Intelligent design.......

  • The Broken Years (Anthony John Clarke) . Memories of childhood summers with my Irish cousins...

  • A Proper Sort of Gardener (Maggie Hollsnd) . With thoughts for those no longer with us....

  • The High Part of the Town (Jez Lowe) . Dad would have liked this one....

  • If I had a Son (Phil Millichip) . Phil wrote this for his Dad but I'm singing it for mine....

  • Weave and Worry (Jez Lowe) . For my mum, her mum, her mother-in-law, sisters-in-law and daugters-in-law....

  • Catch the Wind (Donavan Leitch) . One of the songs that got me into this type of music in the first place....

  • White Dress (Swarbrick/McTell) . No chance !!....

  • Three Drunken Maidens (Traditional arr. Mike D) . Did this happen at Gainsborough Folk Club.... surely not ?

  • Last Chrstmas (Sue Dewsbury) . Mum spent her 90th Christmas in hospital~ happily not her last one....

  • T'Owd Witches Rag (Mike Dewsbury) . I wonder who inspired this ?....

  • The Cloud Factory (Bill Caddick) . Another one for the tissues....

  • You are my Sunshine (Davis/Mitchell) . Featuring the STRUMMER

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