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My Big Cats of Serenity Springs Page

Hello! My name is Collette and I am a volunteer at the Big Cats of Serenity Springs located just east of Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.

On these pages, I will share the stories of the majestic cats that I am honored and privileged to serve. Their stories are as unique as their markings - some sad, some funny - all interesting. I will also include information about the different species that call Big Cats of Serenity Springs home as well as some of the people who dedicate their lives / free time to caring for these magnificent creatures.

All photographs (including the one for the background) on this site were taken by me, unless noted otherwise. You are more than welcome to download them for personal / non-profit use but please ask first if you are going to be posting them anywhere on the internet (I want to come visit!).

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The Tigers
The Lions
The Cougars
The Others
Is that a cat??
The Volunteers
Frequently Asked Questions

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