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David Gray Webpages

  • The Official David Gray Webpage - The official site. Join all the true DG fans on the Bullitin Board!
  • The Pink Flamingo Lounge - Chris Oliver's site. A great job done here.The page has everything.
  • Sorrowful Moon - An excellent site, updated regularly and has everything to know about DG. Nice work Chris!
  • David Gray's Midnight - The newest fan site to appear. This looks well run by Justin with plenty of information.
  • Late Night Radio - Mike Jones' Site. It has been updated recently and looks very well.
  • Lost Songs - Mike Anderson's webpage. Is in the process of being updated but contains chat and bulletin board.
  • David Gray Chat - Click Chat and talk about everything that is David Gray!
  • The Kangaroo Bar - Promotes the new album.
  • Drunken Gibberish - Another comprehensive fan site. Very nice content, but no update in a while.
  • Trying to Make Sense of the Rain - Tracy's nice site, with some great information.
  • David Gray Online - Joseph's site. I really like this site. It has some great news and is updated regularly.
  • David Gray Info
  • David Gray Heaven - Guitar chords. Nothing not in my archive.
  • White Ladder - A really nice Austrailian site. Nice to see some sites from across the globe.
  • Silver Living
  • Shine - Nice site, but has not been updated in a while.
  • David Gray Fan Club - Nice new webpage.

    Other Musicians

  • R.E.M. - American supergroup going strong since 1981. With twelve albums in the bag, their latest is Reveal.
  • Damien Rice - Brilliant Irish singer / songwriter with current album O
  • The Frames - Irish band led by Glen Hansard. Latest album is For the Birds.
  • Sigur Ros - Icelandic band. Latest album is ( ).
  • Kings of Convenience - Norwegian duet. Quiet is the New Loud is their current album.
  • Gemma Hayes - Irish singer / songwriter, with a current album Night on my Side.
  • Neil Finn - Former lead singer of Split Enz and Crowded House. He has made a name for himself with two solo albums.
  • David Kitt - Singer/songwriter from Dublin. His album The Big Romance has done really well in Ireland.
  • Ed Harcourt
  • Tom McRae
  • Turin Brakes
  • Matthew Jay
  • Joseph Arthur

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