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A New Day At Midnight (2002)

The album has just been released and already has been placed at Number One in the albums charts in Ireland and in the UK. There are so many good things you can say about A New Day at Midnight; the single The Other Side is emotional and musically stripped down; Be Mine is happy and the chorus is nothing like I've heard before. Dead in the Water is a great starter showing us glimpses of the previous album, and Freedom is stripped down also. However, it is not White Ladder and will do very well to reach the dizzy heights of 2 million sales in UK alone. Personal favourites are The Other Side and Be Mine.

The Eps (2001)

Lost Songs 95-98 (2000)

White Ladder (1998)

What can I say about this one? To say its a grower would be the understatement of the year. It was the album that brought David fame and introduced him to chart music. Maybe he has sold himself out here, but David has been doing this stuff for years!!. After 2 years and a bit, it is still topping the charts in Ireland, UK and now US! I remember buying this album in March 1999, just to see what all the fuss was. Little did I know that this man would change my life musically! Every single song is a classic.

Sell, Sell, Sell (1996)

David put alot of work into this one. It tried to break him but didnt work out as well. Redorded in America by Grant Lee Buffalo's bassist Paul Kimble, it has some classic songs like Late Night Radio and my favourite Smile!

Flesh (1994)

I've always liked this album. Just for its lyrics. Starting off with the incendiary "What are you?", we are led to believe that David is still angry!!, How untrue is this! After hearing Falling Free, Mystery of Love and Coming Down, its a different story! Coming down and The Light are two of the most amazing songs around - genious!

A Century Ends (1993)

My favourite DG album. If you wanted to start off listening to David, you should buy this, well that's after you listen to White Ladder, of course! This album has Shine, Debauchery and a certain Gathering Dust, my favourite from this album!

Other Material

  • All the love
  • Can't stand the confines
  • Cry / When I'm gone
  • Dark Hills
  • Lucky Bags
  • Lights of London
  • The Longest Time
  • Madder Rain
  • Mighty wrong time
  • Monday Morning
  • Nowhere to Hide
  • Over my Head
  • Pale Blue Eyes
  • Roots of Love
  • Tell me more lies
  • Tired of me
  • What it is
  • What should it matter?