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Mann of My Dreams Sidebars



Where Have You Been Willie Boy

Michael Shaw's story



The Lick Me, Suck Me, Fuck Me Jeans

Told from the POV of Wills's jeans



Solo Tu

Nigel Mann's story.




Theo decides to teach Wills to dance.



You're Cordially Invited

Theo takes Wills to the rent boys' annual Halloween party. A short scene from Foolish Me



This Simple Phrase

Wills's and Theo's first Christmas together



Blue Velvet is now Where the Heart Chooses, and can be found at JMS Books



Chasing Rainbows

Bryan Sebring's (Quinn's uncle) story



The Light in Your Eyes excerpt



Into the Lion's Den

Wills joins the WBIS



Is It You?

Wills wonders if Theo is the one he's been waiting for.



How to Handle a Gay Son

Jack Matheson's (Wills's dad) story



Goodbye to Love

Originally, The Light in Your Eyes was the companion piece to this. Wills comes home from an assignment and finds he's been broken up with again.



To Be Loved

Wills and Theo spend Easter with the family in Cambridge.



P.S. I Love You

Wills and Theo get married.



Dedicated to the One I Love

Wills and Theo marry again when same-sex marriage becomes legal in Massachusetts.



Happy Anniversary, Baby

A future fic featuring Mark Vincent and Quinton Mann



Happy Birthday, Baby Redux

A really future fic with Mark and Quinn, containing major spoilers, so beware!



The Very Best Christmas Ever (So Far)

This takes place during Christmas of 2004 when the family arrives in DC to spend Baby Bear's first Christmas together. Told from Pat's (the Antichrist) POV.



Trick or Treat

It's Halloween 2009, and Wills and Theo are going to take their little family trick or treating.



Missing Scenes

Missing Epilogue for Complications

Quinn Meeting Fans at Barnes & Noble

Quinn's Dinner with Portia and Gregor

Talking with Murchison

The Reason Behind Jefferson Calling Quinn's Twins Clayton and Porter