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My Ahrens family tree begins with OTTO PRECHT

He came to the United States in 1872 with his mother Bertha Marie Margrethe Precht on the ship Warsaw in 1873. Soon after their arrival to the Chebanse, Illinois area, Bertha married FRITZ AHRENS .

Fritz adopted Otto Precht as his son and that is how the hundreds of us in my family became the AHRENS family from Kankakee and Iroquois County,Illinois. We have not found any connections to any othe Ahrens family, yet.

Fritz Ahrens got his citizenship in 1876. With this document I learned that Fritz could not sign his own name. He signed with an X. From the census I have learned that Fritz was from Germany, probably Oldenburg where my grandfather Otto was born in 1869. They spoke English, Danish and German in the home. Some also knew French because many of the neighbors were French Canadian families.

Bertha and Fritz Ahrens

Fred "Fritz" Ahrens was b. 11/30/1820 and died 4/3/1899. He married Bertha Precht in Chebanse, IL. 1/9/1873. Bertha was born 4/28/1844 in Denmark and died 8/9/1921 in Chebanse, Illinois.

Children of Bertha and Fritz Ahrens

  • Otto(Precht) Ahrens b. 3/16/1869 d. 3/25/1950 (adopted by Fred) Otto m. Theresa Schulte (b. 10/17/1871 d. 4/8/1954 ) in Chicago, Illinois 4/23/1892. Theresa is the daughter of John Schulte and Mary Birch

  • Charles"Charlie" married:
    1. Bertha Haas
    2. Cora Erickson
    3. Mary Jensen

    This is Uncle Charlie's wife Mary. Without a doubt Great Aunt Mary was probably our favorite aunt because she was a very colorful woman. She outlived 3 husbands.

  • Children of Otto and Theresa Ahrens

  • Minnie b. 1893 died in infancy

  • Carl b. 3/21/1894 d.3/22/1968 m.. Ella Kent (b. 4/18/1898 d. 2/25/1973)

  • John b. 9/07/1896 d. 7/12/81 m. Melinda Eraas b. September 5, 1901 d. February 21, 1979

  • Arthur (Art) b. 2/26/1898 d. 11/1985 m. Irene Knude b. 6/12/1900 d. 1/24/1988

  • Harvey (Hook) b.10/30/1900 d. 8/1962 m. Blanche Tatro b. August 26, 1910 d. October 05, 1988

  • Rudolph (Rudy) b. 3/09/1903 d. 8/01/82 m. Marie Anna (Anna Maria) Rabideau b. 6/13/1911 d. 2/16/1983

  • Otto Jr. (Fat) b. 2/04/1905 d. 6/13/1995 m. Leona Legg Coy b. 7/26/1910 d. 11/14/1990

  • Esther b. 6/16/1907 Otto Twp. Kankakee, Co. Il d. 5/24/1964 Kankakee, Il.

  • Ruth b. March 14, 1906 d. October 23, 1971 in Arizona m. William(Bill) Ebeling b. 11/28/1907 d. December 27, 1977 in Arizona

  • Leon (Cotton) b. 9/04/1910 d. April 26, 1969 m. Elsie Shimmin b.9/07/1925 d. September 16, 2000

  • Theresa(Trace) b. March 20, 1913, d. September 30, 2004 m. Howard ( Howdy) Cooper b. 6/22/1911 d. 11/13/1993.
  • This is Rudolph Ahrens and Anna Rabideau's wedding picture. The best man is Otto Ahrens Jr. and the Maid of Honor is Aldea Rabideau.

    Children of Charles(Charlie) and Bertha Ahrens

  • Harloff b. November 20, 1897 Chebanse, Illinois d. June 17, 1977 Chebanse, Illinois. m. Rose Eisle b. June 11, 1900, d. June 18, 1940 m2 Ava Sorensen b. August 26, 1903 d. December 1985


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