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Bertha Marie Margrethe Precht

From the time that I was a curious child asking about the grandparents that I didn't remember, I heard that Grandpa Ahrens was German and that he came to the states with his mom, Bertha Precht, when he was just a toddler. So when I decided to find out about his "real" family, I naturally started searching for them in Germany. To my surprise, a distant cousin Anna-Grethe,contacted me from Denmark. I had been looking in the wrong country for Bertha! Anna-Grethe had also found another distant cousin Knud and had been working on the family trees of their Precht ancestor, so thank you to Anna-Grethe and Knud Precht. We have a third distant cousin in Denmark that has also given me new information on the Precht family that lived in Russia so an additional thanks goes out to distant cousin and friend Soren. Bertha must have moved back to the Holstein area of Germany where her older brothers and sisters were born and lived because Grandpa Otto was born in Oldenburg, Germany and they immigrated from Germany. I am still learning about our Precht side so facts may change or may be incorrect in some cases as we find more documentation.

Descendants of Johan Freidrich Precht

1. Johan Freidrich Precht b. about 1674, d. 7/14/1752 in Hamburg, Germany. He married Anna Marie Brunnemann in 1708. Anna Masrie died July 19, 1752 in Hamburg, Tyksland.

Child of Johan and Anna Precht:
  • Johan Cristoph b.11/1713, Hamburg, Germany.

    2. Johan Christoph b.11/1713, Hamburg, Tyksland; m. .Maria Elizabeth Eggers in 1748; b.1719, d. aft 1766

    Child of Johan and Maria Precht:

  • Albert Friedrich b. 10/6/1754

    3. Albert Freidrich b. 10/6/1754, Bremen,Tyksland,d.1August 02, 1813 Estate" Elmeloh", Hude, near Oldenburg(Bremen area), Tyksland; m.Sophia Catharina Elisabeth Veltmann 8/3/1780 in Elmeloh.

    Child of Albert and Sophia Precht:

  • Christoph Ernst b. 5/6/1787 Estate "Elmeloh", Hude, near Oldenburg (Bremen area)

    4. Christoph Ernst Precht b. 5/6/1787 in Estate "Elmeloh" near Oldenburg; m. Margaretha Catherina Friederica LaFrenz July 27,1810 in Lebrade County near Plon.

    Children of Christoph and Margaretha Precht:

  • Diederich Ferdinand 3/9/1811, Delmenhorst near Bremen, Tyksland(germany).
  • Luder Ferdinand 1/10/1813, Delmenhorst,
  • Heinrich Wilhelm 4/22/1814, Delmenhorst
  • Angelica Henriette6/24/1816, Rixdorf near Plon, Germany
  • Christian Ernst 6/24/1818 Rixdorf
  • Rudolph Carl Emilius 9/23/1820, Rixdorf
  • Otto Ferdinand Emilius 7/18/1822
  • Johan Heinrich Carl 6/5/1825 Rixdorf

    5. Luder Ferdinand Precht 1/10/1813 Delmenhorst, Bemen, Tyksland; m. Dorothea Marie Magdalene Bruning (Lavette) 12/27/1834.

    Children of Luder and Dorothea Precht:

  • Maria Precht b. 9/1/1834 Plon area of Germany; d. January 03, 1895, CLIFTON, ILLINOIS. USA M. James N. Lynge in 1885. James b. December 15, 1828 in Aalborg, Denmark,d. May 12, 1904 in Clifton, Illinois.
  • Cathrine Sophie Wilhelmine Frederikki Precht b. 1836 Holstein, Tyksland . M. Johann Christopher Vilhelm Buuch February 03, 1860 at Bindsley Church. She was 23 and he was 26. They were Dairy Tenants at "Haerstrupgaard" They were Dairy Tenants at "Haerstrupgaard"
  • Christian b. 1838 Germany
  • Charlotte Dorothea Louise Precht 3/5/1842, "Aakjaer", Falling county, Odder, Denmark; d.April 30, 1926 LAKE VILLAGE, INDIANA, USA. M. Thomas Christensen December 27, 1863 in Denmark.
  • Bertha Marie Margrethe Precht 4/28/1844, "Aakjaer" Falling Sogn, Odder, Denmark; d. 8/9/1921 CHEBANCE, ILLINOIS, USA
  • Henriettee Precht abt.1846 Denmark
  • Johannes Precht b. aft 1846 , Denmark
  • Amanda Precht b. May 05, 1852 Harning , Ribe, Denmark, d. May 11, 1935 Michigan Soldiers Home, Michigan Soldiers Home,USA

    6.Bertha Marie Margrethe Precht b. 4/28/1844, "Aakjaer", Falling Sogn, Odder, Denmark; d.8/9/1921 Chebanse, Illinois; m..Fred "Fritz" Ahrens 1/9/1873 in Kankakee County, Illinois.

    Children of Bertha and Fritz Ahrens:

  • Otto(Precht) Ahrens
  • Charles"Charlie" Ahrens

    7. Otto Precht Ahrens b. 3/16/1869 , Oldenburg, Germany, d. 3/25/1950 Chebanse, Illinois; m. .Thersa Schulte b. 4/23/1892 Chicago, Illinois.

    Children of Otto and Theresa Ahrens

  • Minnie died in infancy

  • Carl b. 3/21/1894 d.3/22/1968 m.. Ella Kent b. 4/18/1898 d. 2/25/1973

  • John b. 9/07/1896 d. 7/12/81 m. Melinda Eraas d. 9/05/1979

  • Arthur (Art) b. 2/26/1898 d. 11/1985 m. Irene Knude b. 6/12/1900 d. 1/24/1988

  • Harvey (Hook) b.10/30/1900 d. 8/1962 m. Blanche Tatro b. August 26, 1910

  • Rudolph (Rudy) b. 3/09/1903 d. 8/01/82 m. Marie Anna (Anna Maria) Rabideau b. 6/13/1911 d. 2/16/1983

  • Otto Jr. (Fat) b. 2/04/1905 d. 6/13/1995 m. Leona Legg Coy b. 7/26/1910 d. 11/1990

  • Esther b. 6/16/1907 Otto Twp. Kankakee, Co. Il d. 5/24/1964 Kankakee, Il.

  • Ruth Ann abt. 1908 m. William Ebeling b. 11/28/1907 d. 12/1977

  • Leon (Cotton) b. 9/04/1910 d. 4/1969 m. Elsie Shimmin b.9/07/1925 d. 1/1996

  • Theresa m. Howard Cooper b. 6/22/1911 d. 11/13/1993.

    In the 1880 census from Texas in the same city as Amanda Precht was living, I found there was an L.F. Precht living with his son-in-law John Meyer -just down the street from Amanda and her family. Could this be our GGgrandfather Luder? Then I found a death entry for a Ferdinand Precht in the same city in Michigan where Amanda later died. On death certificates for some of the girls their father is listed as Ferdinand so could our Luder have immigrated to the USA to be closer to his daughters Bertha, Marie, Charlotte, and Amanda who came to the states between 1868-1872? 2012 and I have found record of citizenship for Luder F. Precht in Kankakee county, Illinois. It is dated Nov.3,1884 and states he was born in Germany. His witness was M. C.Abildguard who was the father-in-law of Tena Lynge ,a granddaughter of Luder Precht.


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