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Julie Vanderlinden

The Vanderlinden Family

My great-grandmother was born in Brussels, Belguim. Her family came to the United States sometime after 1852 and before 1868, but I haven't found them on a captain's list yet.

Descendents of Joseph Vanderlinden

Joseph Vanderlinden (born between 1818-1821 Belgium, died between 1854-1856 Belguim. He married Caroline Vanholder (born 1816 Belgium, died 1/14/1881 Clifton, Illinois)

Children of Joseph Vanderlinden and Caroline Vanholder are:

  • Julie Desire b.1852, near Brussels,Belgium; d. 12/19/1893, Clifton, Illinois
  • John b. 4/1842, near Brussels, Belgium d.1932. m. Anastasia Larouche
  • Guillaume Theodore b.1850, Belgium; d. 12/12/1897, St. Anne, Illinois.
  • Eugene
  • Annette m. Philogne D'Hought
  • Louis b. 1850 in Belgium d. December 12, 1897 in St. Anne, Illinois


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