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As a breeder when you see those wonderful puppies you wish you could keep them all. I have many times been caught stating that an Aussie is like Jell-O and there is always room for one more.

Here are some of my dogs either I breed, co-bred or co-own that are very dear to my heart.

Wildwinds Cool Harted Hannah
Ch. Rivermedes Cool Runnings X Ch. Wildwinds Eclipse of The Hart


Hannah is just a wonderful girl, she is an outstanding producer and has given me my beautiful Emma and Fancy. Hannah made such an impression on Linda LaFrance of Lazy L Aussies that Hannah now lives with Linda on a Co-ownership where they are both very happy ladies.

Wildwinds Fancy Strutter

AKC CKC BIS CH. Wildwinds Striderite Strutter X Wildwinds Cool Harted Hanna



Fancy had to be one of the hardest girls I have ever had to give up, with personality plus and a face that would melt your heart. Bob and Kathy Pirtle of Swissoaks Aussies now have Fancy, or should I say that Fancy now owns them. Here are a few words from Bob and Cathy about there wonderful girl.

almost 3 years ago my very close friend Chris asked me if I would take a red merle female she had. she sent a picture of this very pretty bitch , I told her I would we meet half way between homes, there I ment this blue eyed girl who rode home in my lap and has become the love of my life.

she gave us two beautiful litters and now she's retired and just hangs around being my very best friend. she sleeps at my feet and protects our family ,and her love is unconditional. thank you Chris ,for the best thing you could have ever done for me and my family may she live forever.

Wildwinds Centrifugal Motion
Ch. Wildwinds Striderite Strutter CGC X Wildwinds Cool Harted Hannah


The divine Mrs.M. due to an injury as a pup I was unable to show this wonderful girl in conformation. I loved her conformation and her wonderful pet my belly attitude so she became a couch potato. She proved to be a wonderful producer like her mom and from her I got my beautiful Singer. I had always thought I would like to place Emma in an Obediance home.Emma did get a new home that loves her and even went to her first sessions of Obedience classes, some how Ms. Emma coned her way on the couch and has seemed to stay there. Fat and happy seem to be her motto

Wildwinds On Tap Of Lazy L
Ch. Lazy L's Dennis the Menace CD CGC X Wildwinds Cool Harted Hannah


Anyone who knows me knows that I don't keep too many boys around. However this red merle male was so nice I was thinking about it. Then the phone rang one night and it was a very nice woman in Texas, Shea Atkinson and she was looking for a RMM to show and was all for a Co-Ownership (Whahoo!!!!)how did I get so lucky? Shea just fell in love with Riggs, so off he went to his new home. He is pictured here at 6 months old and getting his first points (WOW) watch out for these two.

Wildwinds One Strut Ahead


Ch.Wildwinds Striderite Strutter CGC X Ch.Morning Glorys Fantasy in Lace


Brenna is a wonderful girl who is out and training in Agility, I hope all the efforts pay off and she makes it to the ring. Brenna is full of energy and a want to please spirit. The couch and sitting around doing nothing is not in this girls bio.

Wildwind's Indian War paint


AKC/CKC BISCh. Wildwinds Striderite Strutter X Striderite Wildwinds Blk Lace STDs


Cosmo is a very striking red merle. he is a very moderate well balanced dog with exceptional movement, he is very upbeat and always willing to please. Cosmo has just come back home after is owner passed away, he is in his new home as an only dog and getting over his depression.


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