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Anyone is welcome to list their lost dogs here, feel free to contact me with picture and discription.

Things To Do If Your Dog Is Lost Or Stolen

To better your dog's chances of being found, should he become lost, always have identification on your dog. This ID should have your name and home number only. Do not include the dogs name or your home address. To reduce the risk of strangulation and/or loss of the ID, place the ID on a metal plate that can be riveted directly to the collar. In addition to this visible ID, have your dog tattooed or microchipped. Almost all animal shelters are equipped with scanners to check for microchips. All animals are also checked for tattoos. Do not tattoo your dogs ear. Tattoos should be placed on the inside of the thigh, or inside the lip. Tattoos on the ear often prompt dognappers to cut off the ear. The sooner you do the following things, the better the chances of recovering your pet!

1. Organize a search party, and call your friends and relatives as soon as possible. Search by foot and by car. Have someone remain in the last place the dog was known to be. Leave your scent on an old towel or shirt.

2. Ask mail carriers, neighborhood children, paper delivery persons, delivery people, utility men, etc. Also inform any police officers that may be patrolling the area.

3. Make up flyers with a description and picture of your dog. Include any indentifiable marks the dog may have, and the dogs name. Also include your name and phone number, where the dog was last seen and when. Do not give your address.

4. Distribute fliers to neighbors, stores, veterinary offices, laundromats, gas stations, etc. Offer a small reward.

5. Check all local animal shelters and veterinary offices (within a 60 mile radius of your home) in person daily. Do not trust the judgement of another person on whether or not a dog in a shelter is yours! Also insist upon checking the off-limits holding areas. Enter your dogs information in the lost dog log, and check the found dog and the dead on arrival files. Any dogs coming into a shelter without ID are usually held for a minimum period of time. Some shelters may also have information of private individuals that hold lost dogs for them. Bring any information that proves ownership of the dog such as veterinary records, license, etc.

6. Advertise in all local newspapers. Most papers offer free lost and found ads. Also check the found ads in all local papers.

7. Check areas where you have taken your dog in the past. Parks, friends' homes, stores, the dump, any place your dog may remember being with you. Most dogs will try to find their owners when they become lost, and often go to places recently visited.

8. Don't give up! Many people will not turn dogs in to shelters, but will keep the dog in their home, hoping to find the owner on their own.

My Leah was taken from my backyard in Palm City Florida on September 18th, 2000. She is a lovely puppy with lots of personality. Please study her picture and look for these markings. She is growing bigger by the day.

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