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"The story doesn't end just because the writer has finished writing it."
~Joe Gould~

JULY 6, 2001


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Welcome! This page is dedicated to the idea that Voyager's senior officers belong together, now and forever! We hold out hope for future movies, but we will always have fanfics and the undying devotion of the many, many faithful J/Cers out there! And just because the series is ending it doesn't mean that is the end of our love for the pair or their (obvious) hidden love for each other :-)

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Calling all J/Cers!!
Please support our writing campaign. Write letters explaining why J/C should happen to Sci-Fi magazines, TV Guide, etc., and of course to Paramount. Also write to Kate Mulgrew and Robert Beltran.
We can make it happen!
NOTE: Please do not flame, that is not our purpose. We are here to let everyone know that we believe in J/C and hope to make it happen

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