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UPDATE: JULY 6, 2001

Hi, there are some changes around here, mainly me. My name's Kay or as some know me, Kayryn Shadow. Now AJ is really busy with RL and needed someone to help her with the site, so I offered. And here I am.

Also, from now on, please send your comments and lyrics and other stuff to our new email:

Please remember that the site has been, is and always will be AJ's. I'm just helping out. But if you do have questions don't hesitate to email the address above. One of us will answer. Thanks for your help. Let's continue the show!! ~Kay

UPDATE: FEB. 20, 2001

I redid the Soundtrack page and added ten new songs, dispersed throughout C, H, I, L, N, R, and S. More coming soon, so if you have sent me songs and I haven't put them up yet, they probably will be soon :-)

FEB. 17, 2001

I ridid the home page and removed the navigational array. I added a new guestbook, too - since my old one went whacky.

JAN. 17, 2001

It has been 4 months since my last update. OUCH!!! Uh... this is still not an update, but it is to announce that I am indeed still alive. I have been real busy around here - with work and family and the holidays and my daughter's birthday and my mom's birthday and running another website (Ninja Turtles - if you are interested in them, e-mail me)... plus they have been showing so many darn reruns that I was drifting a bit.

But now, in the wake of "Shattered" (YAY!!! J/C content!!!) I am planning on redoing this site. I'll be adding stuff and subtracting other stuff... Also, when I began this page (2 years ago!!!) I only had the WebTv, but now I have a computer and am able to do more stuff.

That's it for now - just an annoucement. Look back at this site again soon!!!