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Voyager and J/C Links

Kay Shadow's Fanfiction
Kay's page that is (somewhat) regularly updated. Has J/C stories and then some.... all ratings.

Captain Kim's Janeway And Chakotay Page!
Kim's new J/C page with episode reviews, links, and fanfic. Amazing depth in the reviews!

Gill's Janeway & Chakotay Page
An oh-so-cool J/C page if I ever saw one! Be sure to check out the giggle picks, I laughed so hard I frightened my cats!

Go to the Institute and get yourself committed! Go on... you already know you are obsessed, you might as well revel in it!

All sorts of great Voyager stuff here... One of the places that inspired me to make my own page. Thanks, Suz!

Sev Trek
Sev Trek
: The largest collection of Star Trek cartoon satires on the Web.

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