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Welcome to the Penman's online Platinum pen store. I have selected the most beautiful pens around to fit your needs from one of the finest and most trusted companies in the world. Browse, shop around and when you find the pen that perfectly accents your personal style, click the link below the pen of your choice to order from Platinum's online secure server. Enjoy!!!

I am part of the distributor direct drop ship program, for comprehensive selection and the latest from Platinum, click on the link below to enter their dealer direct dropship website. All after sale questions should be referred to the Platinum Pen Company.

The Music Pen
The music pen has arrived for a limited engagement. Less than 300 were made!Japan had spare music nibs laying in a bin but no barrels to assign them to. It was suggested they place them on another barrel that they had left over from a regular fountain pen run back in the late 80's. Luckily the nib fit! They were assembled and just arrived!

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The History of Platinum

Platinum Pen Company, one of Japan's leading quality pen manufacturers, was founded in 1919 by Shunichi Nakata at about thesame time as Pilot and Sailor Pen were founded.

Platinum's initial success came from selling pensby mail order to remote parts of Japan and overseas. They also made pensfor Tokyo department stores.

Platinum began producing Maki-e lacquer pens inthe early 1930's until the war brought a complete halt to production. Thereare only a few mint condition Maki-e pens available from the Platinum Penprivate collection. 

During the war, Nakata helped manufacture Zerofighter planes. After the war, he resumed pen production and launched thefirst water based ballpoint pen in 1948.

The next generation of the family to run the business,Toshihiro Nakata, developed a rollerball known as the Auto pen in 1966.More than one billion were sold by 1980. During the 1960's and 1970's, Platinum manufactured a wide range of leather pens called Amazonas. Theywere covered in either snake, lizard, shark, crocodile, or Surinam toadskin. These are now regarded as highly collectable items and will be releasedto the collector market very soon. These pens are originals from the President'sprivate collection. 

Platinum Pen's longest lasting model is the 3776fountain pen. It's name was chosen because that is the height in metersof Mt. Fuji, the volcano which dominates Honshu, the main island of Japan.The pen was first introduced in 1978 and is still being produced with minorrestyling.

Company highlights:

1952: Platinum'sfountain pens were Japan's number one export. Automatic injection moldingtechnology was adopted and helped in the world wide export of fountain pens with a market share of 70%.
1957: Fountainpens were manufactured for the first time to accommodate ink cartridges.
1961: The world's highest capacity fountain pen ink cartridge produced.
1973: Platinum de Mexico established for pen production.
1974: PlatinumPen Corporation in Taipei, Taiwan established.
1981: PlatinumZ pen selected for design collection at New York Modern Museum of Art.
1989: Platinum celebrates 70 years by producing special limited edition collector penseries.
1991: Platinumintroduces new Double Action R3 technology. Two pens and one mechanicalpencil in one barrel. Highgrade Maki-e fountain pens roll into production.
1993: PlatinumLimited edition "Pearl of Princess" produced in limited quantitiesin honor of the Imperial Wedding of Japan.Platinum produces antique version of it's original mechanical pencil.
1994: ShanghaiPlatinum Pen Co., Ltd. established as a joint venture in China.
1996: Platinum celebrates 80 years by producing special limited edition collector penseries. Platinum also introduces new technologically advanced mechanical pencil called The ZeroShin.