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SNY(I)DER, RIEFSCHNIEDER, SN(I)YDERMAN, SCHN(IE)EIDER, SNIJDER. Send me your SNYDER Picture and/or Facts! You can add them to the guestbook!
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Updated Today 09-17-2001

I am trying to compile United States only.

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This is the only one I have!
 This information is for (one)(1) meaning of the surname Snyder. 
Not all are Dutch variants. Some are French,Swiss and German.
And lets not forget any other country or spelling variation of the Surname.
The following is information keyed in from research done by Highland Heights International copyright 1976. Family Surname - Snyder Snyder - Is a Dutch occupational surname meaning "one who made outer gourmets" a tailor. Dutch variants of this name are "Snider" and "Sneider." These Dutch spellings are not to be confused with the German "Schneider" or "Schnieder" which still has the same meaning as "one who made outer gourmets" a tailor. These distinct spellings dictate the Nationality using these particular spellings as clearly as the spelling of "Schnyder" becomes "Swiss." There is a record of several people of this name who emigrated to America. The earliest in record is of Christian Snyder who sailed from the Port of Rotterdam on the Ship "William and Sarah" with Captain William Hill. He arrived in America on the 18th of September, 1727. Another Christian Snyder also sailed from Rotterdam two years later arriving on the Ship "Allen" with Captain James Craige as Ships Master, on the 15th of September, 1729. Both men above were obligated to take the Oath of Allegiance to the Crown of Great Britain and the Province of Pennsylvania as soon as possible after arrival. This was required of all Males over the age of 16 years, until American Independence in 1776. Description of arms: Vertical winged lion holding a baton all ary. Description of Crest: A lion with baton argent, as in the arms. Motto - "In hoc Signo Vincam" translated: "Under this sign I shall Conquer"

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