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Snyder facts and Stories! Updated 04-27-2001.

This was received from Snyder Texas;

Snyder, the county seat is centrally located within Scurry County, at the intersection of east-west US Highway 180 and north-south US Highway 84.
Pete Snyder, a Dutch trader who stopped his team on the banks of Deep Creek one day in 1878 to do some buffalo hide trading, stayed on and established a trading post which formed the nucleus from which the present city of Snyder developed.

From: "Ann Major" Good Evening, Snyder researchers! We are trying to get our tree growing. Weve gone thru all the "aunt's" stored treasures and looked on the back of a folder of photos. Now it's time to try the www. Please! Can you help? Here's the little bit we have to work with. Jacob Franklyn Snyder b. 20 Sept. 1873, Moline, KS. m. Daisy (Berry) Snyder, married 24 Sept, 1898 and Jacob died 2 mar. 1965 Jacob's father is Daniel Snyder, who m. Rebecca Elizabeth (Lewis) Snyder. The only locations I have for them is a little city of Longton, KS. Where most of this family lived and died. Next is Jacob's father, Daniel Snyder married Rebecca Elizabeth (Lewis) Snyder. I can list most of Jacob's children, but if you have him, you probalby don't need my list! Thanks for your time! Ann
One German-English dictionary shows that a SCHNEIDER is a tailor. The word comes from the irregular verb schneiden, to cut, pare, clip or carve.

Most of the Schneiders and Snyders in America, as I understand it, descend from the several Schneiders who were among the Great Palatine Migration of 1710 and therefore are German in origin. However, there were people in England of this surname as early as the 14th century.

P. H. Reaney & R. M. Wilson's A Dictionary of English Surnames (Oxford University Press 1995) has no entry for Schneider but does have on p416 an entry for SNIDER, SNIDERS, SNYDER, SNYDERS and SNIDERMAN. This source indicates that the surname is a derivative of the Old English snydan "to cut", or a "cutter" or "tailor".

The same source states that a JOHN SNYTHER appeared on the Subsidy Rolls of County Sussex in 1332 and that a JOHN SNIDERS appeared on the Hearth Tax Returns of County Suffolk in 1674.

The root word of this surname does survive in one meaning still in use today in the English language. A SNIDE remark is a cutting one.

From: Lin Van Buren

Clarkesville, Dec. 18, 1794--
Dear Brother:
The news from this place is desperate with me. On Tuesday, 11th of November last, about twelve o'clock, my station was attacked by about forty Indians. On so sudden a surprise, they were in almost every house before they were discovered. All the men belonging to the station were out, only Mr. Snider and myself. Mr. Snider, Betsy his wife, his son John and my son Joseph, were killed in Snider's house. I saved Snider, so the Indians did not get his scalp, but shot and tomahawked him in a barbarous manner. They also killed Ann King and her son James, and scalped my daughter Rebecca. I hope she will still recover. The Indians have killed whole families about here this fall. You may hear the cries of some persons for their friends daily.The engagement, commenced by the Indians at my house, continued about an hour, as the neighbours say. Such a scene no man ever witnessed before. Nothing but screams and roaring of guns, and no man to assist me for some time. The Indians have robbed all the goods out of every house, and have destroyed all my stock. You will write our ancient father this horrid news; also my son Johnny. My health is much impaired. The remains of my family are in good health. I am so distressed in my mind, that I can scarcely write. Your affectionate brother, till death.
Valentine Sevier

pp.128 Ramsey's Annals of Tennessee, pp. 108, 619; J. G. M. Ramsey, LAM., M.D.; published by East Tennessee Historical Society, Knoxville, TN. 129 Hite/Fairfax Lawsuit, British Copy, p. 263. t~ Gray, Northern Neck Grants, G-238. |3t Augusta County, Virginia Will Book 1, p. 170. 32Hite/Fairfax Lawsuit, British Copy, p. 83.

From: Sylvia Hathaway

Hi Bob,
I was in Pa. recently and found in an antique shop a picture of Minnie E. Snyder of Lykens, Pa. It is a photo of a female possibly in her mid thirtys but could be younger. It's pretty faded. Her dress is calf length in a light color and she is wearing a hat. The photo was taken by M. M. Bernard's Photographic Studio in Lykens, Pa. If you know of any Snyder's looking for a photo of this lady, please contact me. The photo was .50 cents and I couldn't resist getting it and hoping to find a family that it may belong to.
Betty Riley

Just a note in regard to the spelling of Snyder. I have naturally traced this back to the Dutch as well and having relatives who are form Holland I found one origin of the variation on the spelling: Snyder is Dutch has two dots over the Y. If you were to hand write the name with the two dots in English this appears to be Snijder (try it). This is the reason that some Dutch when arriving here dropped the dots, and some just dropped the j and made it Snider. Get it?
Dia (Snyder) Peters
Dia's Homepage

My picture from PRUSSIA of August Schneider & Caroline Wilhelminia Zilmer. With (CHILD IN PIC) my G"father (I THINK). August BORN 30 Oct 1828 Prussia...Caroline born 20 Aug 1820-Unknown where. August also listed as ERNEST AUGUST which is confusing because my G'father was ERNEST FREDRICK (change spelling last name) SNYDER my G'dad born 18 Feb 1866 also in Prussia. NO names of towns in Prussia given..but family spoken history was that AUGUST was a "Game (animal) Keeper of the Kaiser. { Black Forest?} Came to USA on sailing ship (yr. unknown) But my G'DAD was fairly young..he told me once the only thing that really stuck in his mind was he lost a shoe overboard and was in BIG trouble over that. My G'mom was Charlotte (LOTTIE) May TREAT of Wrigat Co....... MINN. where they were married 21 May 1890. had 3 daughters..finally ending up in Long Beach California in early 1900s. Rick Huntoon aka TRIPLEZIP@AOL.COM Las Vegas,NV.
I have some more information on the Milton H. Snyder that I was looking for-- or at least I think it is the right person. This may be a "BLACK SHEEP SNYDER". A Milton H. Snyder died in Ca in Nov. 96 and his birthdate was Dec.19,1915 b. in Ca. according to his death certificate. This man's real name is Harold Milton Snyder on the death certificate but called himself the other name and is listed as such in the SSDI 96. His father is listed as Fred M. Snyder b. in ILL. and his mother as Celia A. Smith b. in Co. I went to the 1920 census and found this family in Fresno, CA . Fred M. age 31 b, in Ill. Celia A. age 29 b. in Missouri (Notice the difference in state.) Fred M. age 12 b. in CA Harold M. age 4 b. in CA Maxine age 1.7 b. in CA Fred. M b. 10 Sept. 1907 d. Dec. 1976 in Fresno is probably the brother. Fred. M.b.18Dec1889 d.May 1965 in CA (didn't list where) is probably the father. I have requested the death certificate of the father and the birth of Harold Milton from CA but they have not arrived yet. Knowing that he had to have served in WW II in order for me to have been born in an army hospital, I called Veteran Affairs to see if they had a folder on him. They didn't have a match for his social security number and said he was not a veteran. I talked them into trying to match the name.BINGO! They had his name as Milton H. Snyder,JR. with the same birthdate as the Harold Milton Snyder. He was a sargent in the army during WWII. Now I need to get his record to see if he served in Texas to confirm that he is my father. I think that much of the information I had on him is a lie. What he was hiding--I don't know.The veteran affairs office had had no record of him since 1950. They had assumed that he was dead. They had no explaination as to why they did not have a ss number for him. I have asked a lawyer how hard is it to open an adoption record in Texas. I have not recieved a reply yet. My cousin did get her original from Texas. I'm not sure if the birthdate on it would be the same as he put elsewhere or not.There must have been a reason why he put Akron, OH as an address on his marriage liscense. I did not find his mother dead. Thanks Sharon

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