The Lounge

*glares around in disgust* Hey, Fur Ball---who said you could decorate the place??

Let me refresh your memory, old boy: I'm co-owner of this property.


And what am
I around here, you knob---a potted plant?

What you
are cannot be said within the confines of good taste upon this site.

*narrows his eyes suspiciously* Hey, that sounds like some kind of insult!

*claps his hands sarcastically* Brilliant deduction, 'Sherlock' . As to why I
don't allow
you to decorate, this happens to be the welcome page--and since not
everyone shares your love for skulls, weapons and scenes of *ugh* hideous carnage,
I took it upon myself to create a far more
tasteful ambience...after all, dear boy,
surely we wouldn't want to frighten our adoring fans away from this place?

*sneering* Who cares? You invited all these losers, I didn't.

*sighs heavily* Pay no mind to him, my friends. He's most incensed that
and his ugly picture weren't given top billing over at the home page...

Nah---I'm 'incensed' because I'm having to share this cockamamy
website, which should belong to ME, with a lousy stinkin' sewer ra--

*eyes blazing angrily* DON'T SAY IT!!!

*innocently* Say what? *grins* Oh, yeah...RAT!! Heh heh heh...

*Ratigan glares dangerously at him but tries to keep his composure for the visitors*

Ah, yes...well, anyway: *ahem* welcome again to our strangely divided kingdom.
As you can see, the first stop on our little tour is The Lounge! So pour a glass
of Dom Perignon, scoop up a bite of caviar and relax, while you look at the
goodies below and decide where you'd like to go next. Cheers!
*lifts glass*

Yeah, yeah. Just shuddup and start pourin', Cheese Breath. And
by the way, do these idiots know they're scarfin' down on FISH EGGS???

*glares at him venomously* Too bad I didn't put hemlock in your glass...


Ratigan thanks Fetchfido Search Engine for the gorgioso black satin BG used
on this page. (My thanks also, and for other graphics not otherwise credited!)

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