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The Perception of Shadows

by tirnanog

Disclaimer: The time frame for this story is Season 1, around the time of Band of Brothers. It is the first part of a trilogy of Darius stories I have written, and is continued by "Crossroads" and "Journey". (I made some slight revisions to "Perception of Shadows" in 2004 to improve the writing, but the story essentially remains the same). The Connollys, Diana and James, Aidan, and Madame Brioude are characters I created. Enkidu/Brother Enrique is a character created by my friend AC, and appears in a number of her stories, including "Gilgamesh Redeemed"and "Ouroboros". Many thanks to her for letting me "borrow" him. Daray, in his pre-Messenger persona, also belongs to AC. Darius, Methos, Sean Burns, and Darius' mortal student Jean Pierre, and other Immortals referred to but not having "speaking parts" in the story belong to Davis Panzer Productions, and the usual disclaimers apply. I don't do this for profit. Send comments and questions regarding "The Perception of Shadows," or the other stories to

This story is Copyright ©1998 by tirnanog and may not be reproduced without permission.

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