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Oculus window of St. Julien--photo by tirnanog

Journey, by tirnanog

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Disclaimer: The time frame for this story is Season 1, around the time of the episodes The Hunters and The Watchers. It is the last of my trilogy of Darius stories which began with "The Perception of Shadows," and continued with "Crossroads." While it is not absolutely necessary to read the other two stories of the trilogy first, I recommend it. Standard disclaimers apply—I don't do this for profit. Diana and James Connolly are my characters, as are Brothers Michel, Philippe and Ciaran. Darius, Methos, Kronos, Duncan, Sean, Horton, Grace, Carlos and Ian belong to Davis Panzer Productions. So does the concept of "the other Methos" from the episode The Messenger, (although my friend AC gets the all the credit for creating his early life and for giving him the name Daray). Enkidu/Brother Enrique also belongs to AC, and she and I collaborated on Father Benedict. Many thanks to her for letting me borrow her characters, and for allowing me to use her theory of the origin of the Watcher symbol. For more background on her characters, and on the theory, read her story " Ouroboros". Send questions and comments about "Journey" and the other stories in the Darius trilogy to

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This story is Copyright ©1998 by tirnanog and may not be reproduced without permission.

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