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Richie and Darius


by tirnanog


Disclaimer: The time frame for this story is Season 1, about the same time as Band of Brothers, and the story is related to events which occurred during that episode, or are referred to in it but not actually shown. It is the second story in my Darius trilogy. The other two can be found at the following links: "The Perception of Shadows" and "Journey" . Richie, Darius, Duncan, Tessa, and Grayson are the property of Davis Panzer Productions, and the usual disclaimers apply. The concept of the Holy Man Darius killed before the gates of Paris also belongs to DPP, but the characterization of him in this story is completely drawn from my imagination . Daray is known to Highlander fans as "the other Methos" from the episode The Messenger, and as such belongs to DPP also, but my friend AC gave him a name and an early history in her story "Ouroboros", and I am indebted to her for allowing me to "borrow" and enlarge upon these aspects of him. Send comments/questions about "Crossroads" and the other two stories of my trilogy to:

This story is Copyright ©1997 by tirnanog and may not be reproduced or linked to without permission.

The celtic buttons and bar used on this page are courtesy of Celtic Web Art.

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