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This is my top 5 Barbara Crampton film selection, If you have your own Barbara Crampton top 5 and would like them placed on this page e-mail me at

1st Place From Beyond.

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This has got to be my favourite Barbara Crampton film of all time .

A beautiful psychiatrist is called upon to investigate Dr. Pretorious, a mad scientist who has created a device that activates a deadly sixth sense in humans, and is attacked by terrifying creatures from another dimension. Based on a story by H.P. Lovecraft.

2nd Place Re-Animator

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Re-Animator was undoubtedly one of the most notorious horror films of the 1980's. Based on a classic 'Mad Professor' tale, this relentless splatterfest takes obsession, suspense and terror to the very limits of your imagination... prepare to meet Dr. Herbert West, the sickest man in science.

The night that medical student Dan Cain discovered his pet cat, Rufus, dead in his roommates fridge was just the beginning. Before long Dan, and his beloved girlfriend, Megan, become involved in the macabre experiments of his room-mate, the sinister Dr. Herbert West, who has created a serum that can bring both brain and body back from the dead. The immoral scientific methods of Dr. West provide the Dean of the medical school with reason to expel West and force Cain out of the hospital.

Undeterred, West and Cain continue with their experiments in the hospital's morgue - restoring life to an unlimited supply of fresh corpses. However, a chilling side effect to West's discovery leads to a seemingly endless night of mind-bending terror and unthinkable madness.

3rd Place Chopping Mall

Teenagers working at the local mall sneak in supplies and wait until the mall locks up for an intimate party night. The mall has a sophisticated robot security system that goes into attack mode after a malfunction and kills the human guards. Now the teens must run for their lives and try to find a way out of the mall using materials available in different mall stores.

4th Place Puppet Master

Five psychics hear rumours that the secret of life has been discovered by Andre Toulon, a puppeteer, and decide to investigate. What they find are five mutated puppets which have been specially designed to kill...

5th Place Castle Freak

The Reilly family inherit an ancient Italian castle which soon reveals something evil in the dungeons. Their beautiful but blind daughter Rebecca becomes the object of its monstrous obsessions and everyone who stands in its way comes to a grisly end...

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