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Body Double (1984) Carol

Director Brian De Palma pits sexuality against physical violence in a roller coaster of a thriller, starring Craig Wasson and Melanie Griffith.

A beautiful young woman performs a seductive striptease at the window of her fabulous Hollywood home. A struggling young actor watches, entranced from a house nearby, drawn into her obsession. Suddenly, he becomes a helpless witness to her savage murder.

Compelled to track down the psychopath responsible, his investigations lead him into the stark and perverted world of blue movies... the world of the body double.

Castle Freak (1994) Susan Reilly

The Reilly family inherit an ancient Italian castle which soon reveals something evil in the dungeons. Their beautiful but blind daughter Rebecca becomes the object of its monstrous obsessions and everyone who stands in its way comes to a grisly end...

Chopping Mall (1986) Suzie

Three high-tech robots, designed to provide security at a shopping mall, go berserk after receiving an electric shock during a thunder storm. They terrorise a group of teenagers who are trapped in the mall until dawn.....

Cold Harvest (1998) Christine

A devastating comet strike two years ago has resulted in a world of famine, drought and disease. Mankind's survival rests with seven human guinea pigs, who are later attacked. One survivor, a woman, enlists the help of a bounty hunter...

Fraternity Vacation (1985) Chrissie

A fast-paced romp which recounts the amusing adventures of five college boys who are attempting to practice their sexual techniques on a risque holiday in Palm Springs, California.

From Beyond (1986) Dr. Katherine McMichaels

A beautiful psychiatrist is called upon to investigate Dr. Pretorious, a mad scientist who has created a device that activates a deadly sixth sense in humans, and is attacked by terrifying creatures from another dimension. Based on a story by H.P. Lovecraft.

Kidnapped (1986) Bonnie

Sisters Bonnie and Debbie visit San Diego on Debbie's sixteenth birthday. After telling a sleazy pickup artist to take a hike, he follows them to the zoo and has Debbie kidnapped on behalf of his sleazy boss in order to shoot her full of dope and make her perform in porno films. Despite admonitions from the abductors, Bonnie teams up with detective Vince McCarthy, and together they try to infiltrate the porno industry in order to rescue Debbie.

Poison aka Thy Neighbors Wife (2000) Nicole

When Ann's husband Chris takes his own life after losing his Beverly Hills job, she vows revenge on the man who fired her husband and on the woman who got the vice presidency Chris wanted. Ann deals with the firm's owner in a flash, but she takes her time with the new V.P., Nicole Garrett, a diabetic with a rocky marriage to a man who drinks too much and with two kids - Darla, a senior in high school who wants more freedom, and David, a son who'll soon be visiting from college. The Garrett's household also includes Karina, an au pair. Will anyone get wise to Ann before her revenge is complete?

Puppet Master (1989) Cameo Role

Five psychics hear rumours that the secret of life has been discovered by Andre Toulon, a puppeteer, and decide to investigate. What they find are five puppets which have been specially designed to kill....

Re-Animator (1985) Megan

The night that medical student Dan Cain discovered his pet cat, Rufus, dead in his roommates fridge was just the beginning. Before long Dan, and his beloved girlfriend, Megan, become involved in the macabre experiments of his room-mate, the sinister Dr. Herbert West, who has created a serum that can bring both brain and body back from the dead. The immoral scientific methods of Dr. West provide the Dean of the medical school with reason to expel West and force Cain out of the hospital.

Undeterred, West and Cain continue with their experiments in the hospital's morgue - restoring life to an unlimited supply of fresh corpses. However, a chilling side effect to West's discovery leads to a seemingly endless night of mind-bending terror and unthinkable madness.

Robot Wars (1993) Leda

In the year 2041, the rebel Centros are a plague to the survivors of the great toxic gas scare of 1993. A renegade Megarobot pilot (Paul) and an archeologist (Crampton) must team up (despite personal differences, a reluctant romance, and official pressure to cease and desist) to thwart the Centro's attempts to resurrect a hidden Megarobot, with which they can challenge the prevailing order.

Space Truckers (1997) Carol

John Canyon initially refuses to join 'The Company', an outfit controlling intergalactic trucking, but he finds himself unable to resist when the pay is five times the going rate. Perils lie in store as there is a deadly cargo in the hold...

Trancers 2 (1991) Sadie

Los Angeles, 1991. It's been six years since Jack Deth wiped out the last of the Trancers, zombie-like creatures whose mission is murder. And now they are back.....

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