Faery Ring Journey: Winter Solstice

12-24/25-2004 Christmas Eve/ Full Moon Journey

Went to Elf Village
Asked permission to bring a Friend to Faery Ring Ceremony
Oberon approved with nudging by Tatiana
At appropriate time, went to where you were sleeping
Called your name
Took your hand
Stepped out and was escorted by two Palace Guards
Walked to Faery Ring
Many already assembled and encircling the Ring
We were shown our Place to stand

Soon the Ring was filled with Light
Rainbow light
Aurora borealis beam of Light
Blues, greens, turquoise, pinks,
Flowing, weaving
In a Beam of Light
That extended infinitely upwards
Downwards everywhere
Every Way

You knelt on one knee
Hearing a Song meant for you
For I did not hear it, but knew it

And then
You stood
And walked into the midst
Of the Rainbow Ring
And vanished

Then I heard my Name
And knelt on two knees
Arms and hands extended

And then, a Voice:
“No. Stand. Stand and Listen.”

And so I did.

And I was directed to – not walk through the Ring –
But, rather, stand in the Veil edge of it.

To feel the Veil
To taste the Veil
To touch the Veil
To know the Veil
To be able to become the Veil
To stand within the Veil
And become it
Breathe the Veil
Feel the Light
The aliveness
The electromagnetic manifestation
The tingling effervescence
The deep deep power
Humming humming humming
Be present
Be here now
Be here now
Be the Veil
And feel no separation at all
Mind Body Spirit
One with the Veil

And when I opened my eyes
All I could see was the Veil
And when I looked at Others
I saw the Veil surrounding them
Like auras but without distinction
Weavings of colors, textures, tastes
Interwoven among all
No matter Elf, Dwarf, Troll, Human
And One
Even now I am awash in the Veil’s essence
Even now my eyes still see
My senses feel
My mind knows
And then, I heard the Voice say:
“You learn through experience,
Through being in the Energy,
So learn Being a Gate, Being a Bridge,
Because you are.”

And then, you came out of the Ring
Beyond the Veil
Onto the grass

And you were coated in a rainbow fluid
Like an amniotic sac
Like a new-born still covered in its Mother’s protection

And I came and knelt before you

And then I gently began washing the fluid off

Gently, very gently

Careful not to frighten, not to harm

Washing it all off

Washing everywhere… hesitantly

But determinedly

And when I was done
A deep royal blue cloak manifested about you

And I held you close to warm you in it

And saw that its inside was fluffy pink fleece

And smiled…

I led you back to my ElfHome
And tucked you into bed,
Snuggling close to you
To give you warmth
And a sense of safety…
Til the morning came.

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