Faery Healing

I met Theo with Ceridwen so we could go to Taliesin’s Lodge for Theo’s Initiation Healing and Cleansing. It was cold, clear, and a bit of a breeze. The sky was darkening into night, and snow lay round about the ground. I was with my Wolves and we ran following Theo. I rigged a sleigh for Ceridwen that some of the Wolves pulled for her, for they respected her greatly. Marcus was nearby, and had come over and put his hand on my shoulder before we left, when Ceridwen told him to go on ahead to be with his ‘brother’, referring to Taliesin, and leave the women to do women’s work. He laughed and quickly was lost to sight. We ran through the snowy landscape east and north. Finally, at the top of a hill, I could see the ocean and a valley between… and in the valley, the Lodge of Taliesin.
Theo sang our greeting, and he sang back the invitation.
Then he opened the door to greet her, and us. He stood silhouetted in the doorway by the great fire within, and I saw Marcus just behind him to the right. Taliesin was a bit shorter, though still tall, younger looking, with a roguish smile, and twinkling eyes. However one defines ‘brother-in-light’, these two were that… indeed.
As Theo and Taliesin were conversing, Ceridwen and I went to the garden space outside the Lodge to prepare for the ceremony. I hesitated, just momentarily, and Ceridwen looked at me and said, “I have set the Centerlight. I have woven the protection into all this Place, do now set the Sphere.”
I called Theo to come lay on the wooden table that Ceridwen had set to warmth. I gave her a fleecy pink blanket to keep the cold at bay. And then I manifested the Sphere. I called the Guardians of the Six Directions from Angel, Fey, Terran and Other (meaning Star and Legend at the least) to ward, protect, and extend energy into this Initiation of Healing and Cleansing, for this Renewal and Rebirth of Theo. We were weaving our energies together, Ceridwen and I. Amazing! Then I manifested my lavender-blue Sphere within which to heal. After I had finished that, Ceridwen manifested her variegated green Sphere for the cleansing, within my own Sphere.
Then, I stepped within Ceridwen’s Sphere to the north end of the table, where Theo’s head lay, and I held it gently in my hands. As I stood there, Ceridwen did a Cleansing, including me, which kind of caught me off-guard because I hadn’t expected to be part of that. (Regardless of the fact that I was holding Theo, and would be doing the healing… I just hadn’t thought of it). It was very powerful, and waves of energy washed over me. As the waves subsided and the power diminished to a light buzzing on my skin and in my mind, I began the Spirit-healing I had refined and used in the Faery lands. I called on Spirit to flow through my heart and hands, holding Light, for Theo’s higher Self to use as was for her highest good, according to her own intent. I called on Spirit to flow through my mind, so I would be able to discern the Faery Veil (or Holy Spirit) drawn through my hands and across Theo. Then I began.
I started high above her head, at the Spirit connection point, and drew the Veil slowly across her forehead, eyes, ears, face, neck… slowly allowing the Spirit of Theo to drink all she wanted, to transform and heal and tune all that she chose. And I continued this very slowly all the way to the soles of her feet. I stood quiet at her feet for a time… a pause to breathe… for both of us.
Then I began the chakra singing. I sang the tone that matched what the first chakra would resonate to, purely. And I watched, as a red rose manifested, and bloomed – the color and texture reflecting the coming-to-purity of its energy. I did similar tonings, and watched as roses matching the chakra colors manifested and bloomed…
all the way to the crown chakra, where white roses gradually became clear crystal roses of elegant and fine design… enough to make the breath gasp, and the heart stop… for a moment.
Then I stood at her crown and began the lightning-energy strikes to transform all the debris that was not “rose” and was not “pure” to Light, to bring her garden to its natural state of beauty.
And then, I repeated the first drawing of the Veil a second time, from her Spirit connection point to the soles of her feet. And I paused, holding her feet. Then, Ceridwen began the Cleansing ritual to complete the healing. Again, I rocked from the power, but not so much… not so much this time.
Then she looked at me and said, “Sit here and hold her right hand for a while.”
And so I did. And then I held up my right hand to Spirit, that such sacred power might flow through me to Theo, for whatever might help her now.
After awhile, I felt a presence take hold of my right hand, and realized it was the Mother Mary… and next to her was Yeshua… and next to him, angel after angel… all holding hands… and coming around to complete the circle… Marcus… Taliesin… Ceridwen holding the left hand. A sacred Circle of Light.
And Mary said to me: “Breathe in and out to send and receive the Light. And I started to send it to her, and she said “No; not counterclockwise – clockwise. Send to Theo; receive from me.”
Well, that was hard. I mean not the sending, the receiving. I mean, from Mary. Receiving. I almost reverted to the not-deserving place, but then, took a breath and received. After a while, I just Watched and Listened as the Light flowed through the Circle and filled the center with singing and colors, like a Faery Ring. Awesome!
Then, I felt Mary diminish and the Circle diminish, and Ceridwen came up behind me and put her hands on my shoulders, saying: “Take down the Spheres now, love.” So, I gently took down mine; and then, she took down hers. I kept the Sacred Sphere up until I knew Theo was “back” and okay… until she actually replied that she was okay.
Then I took down the Original Sphere.
We spoke some afterwards, and then we went into Taliesin’s Lodge, to sit in a corner and watch the festivities, whispering of what had happened as much as possible. Then I told her I had to go. I couldn’t stay. I had to go run with the Wolves. But Ceridwen would be around to make sure she was all right. I told her that Marcus had found a cave near the ocean, deep enough to hold warmth and light from the fire. I would be there, if she needed a break from her intense studies with Taliesin. She sighed, knowing me and what I had to do to be me. We walked outside, and looking up at the clear night sky, I realized that one star was much brighter than the rest. Theo saw it, too, and said, "When it moves on, so will I." We hugged, and as she went back inside, I called to the Wolves and took off running towards the northern sea. What an Epiphany this season will have!, I thought suddenly to myself.