Many's the time I have journeyed with thee,
to sit on the hill by Capernaum's blue sea,
to feel the peace and the care in your hand,
to share what I feel, what I think, who I am.

Phoenix rising
Dove descending
Two aspects of One Spirit;
And manifesting
In the blending,
You call my Name: I hear it.

"Wish you were here",
I wrote on my prayer.
I sent it to Heaven;
I thought You were there.
Then came a reply
From out of my dark,
"You look in the Tomb,
when I'm here in your heart."

"Hold me, forever."
("I'm holding you, Child.")
"I'm scared. And I'm cold."
("And I'm here.")
"Lead me to safety."
("Keep hold of my hand.")
"I'm lost in this darkness."
("No fear.")

"If you invite me in,
then I shall respond;
for I was already there,
but was not in your awareness."

"Although you choose to Be here,
for the Falling of the Mast,
tis not My choice you Die here
nor suffer with the Cast;
Remember that I love you
--and with that Love embrace
the Child who stands so stubborn
to prove she's worth my Grace."
(as if you ever had too...)

"You hold onto your life as if you could -
as if it were of substance...
might as well try to grab a hold of the wind.
Illusions are like that.
Not that your physical body is illusion,
but the concept of life as you perceive it is.
When illusion serves a purpose, it manifests."

"As the depths of the ocean
hold currents in gentle stillness,
so it is important for you to so do.
In your innermost core,
there needs to be a gentle Stillness,
undisturbed by storms above you
or grating eruptions beneath you.
Stillness is what you are,
is what needs to radiate from you,
is what binds you to awareness of the Light.
Flow in Stillness, and be who you are."

"Yes, there is always a choice -
but it is veiled in depths
of unacknowledged, unknown fear,
so that the conscious mind of the Self
does not recognize the existence of choice in its heart,
and cries."

"You are never lost. You are Here.
You believe you are lost because
you believe you should be somewhere else. are Here.
Enter then into the present of this Place
like a centered and grounded stranger -
confident, open, and at peace."

"What now, seeker,
holds your heart
in expectation's thrall
that you still fear
your sacred part:
the Truth behind the Fall?
For nothing, seeker,
sets you from
the Love I hold for you --
and nothing keeps you,
when I come,
from knowing what is True."

"They wrote supporting what they knew,
and what they felt should be --
but that was then, and this is now:
so come and follow Me."

"There was no Fall --
you are not Fallen --
Indeed, my Love is Proof;
Tis what you chose,
and what you've chosen,
that gives Illusion truth."

My self is falling apart;
my center cannot hold,
'cept where Your Love now keeps me,
quite safe within Your Fold.

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