Last night, because of the confusion I have had in comprehending the readings, I finally asked Merlin to come sit with me and explain stuff. This is how that unfolded:
I said, " I don't get this stuff. How can I ever be the shaman I want to be, and know I am, if I don't get it? Can you help me?"
Merlin replied: "You're not a shaman. You're a wizard. You could get it, but your road goes this way not that. You need to be who you are."
I asked him if he could elaborate a bit on that. So, suddenly, we were in the center of Stonehenge. I've been here a few times with Merlin, so it wasn't disquieting.
He said: "Look at the stones with lentils across the top."
So I did.
"What do you see?"
And I answered, "Well, in this one ( I was pointing ) I can just step through to a meadow or land that is somewhere, sometime, not here, not now. And through that one, I see a staircase, winding up out of view, like in a turret or something. And through that, well, just stars, space, a kind of portal to a different starworld."
"Can you go through these?", he asked me.
"Well, sure, of course I can."
"Can you communicate with whomever you might come across?"
"Well, yeah..."
"If a call for help came from one of these, would you go?"
"Of course..."
"Will the view always be the same?"
" will be what I need to see, where I need to go; of course they change..."
Then, Merlin looked at me, and said, "Your homework is to think on these places you have just shown me are in your heart and mind... there is a Call coming, and you need to listen and follow. Don't be foolish; use wisdom. Don't be fearful; go beyond that. You will know. Wizards do.
And then, he was gone; everything was gone.

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