Conversation with Merlin

Sometimes when I go visit Merlin, we meet within the Henge near Glastonbury - both of us perceiving it in its completed beauty.
And so on this day, I went there, and he arrived soon after.
He said, "Where to?"
And I pondered, looking through the various Gateways between the Pillars. I saw one that held a vision of a quiet cafe, near the river Kent. It was a beautiful day and the fresh aroma of brewed coffee was wonderful.
"Shall we?" I asked.
"Surely... after you, my Lady."
And so we stepped through onto the wooden deck and sat at a table.
"You do so much so easy now," he spoke. "Soon you will forget the doubts and difficulties that had preceded this type of Journeying."
"I think, perhaps, I already have... it's like a walking toddler forgets her perceptions when she only crawled. And it seems also to be part of my nature... to forget... and perhaps what helps me to continue on."
"Ah, that well may be."
He looked at me closely, and then asked, "Do you see as much difference in the words you used as descriptors before - this "wizard"; this "shaman" - do you?"
I puzzled about that for a while. And then I said, "I think you were right to pique my curiosity, to push my 'learning' parameters, when you said I was more wizard than shaman - that it had to do with role, purpose, and activity. But, for me, I believe the word 'Elcyrr' is the more accurate of me, for it incorporates both other terms and even beyond... way beyond. It is a feeling I cannot describe, even though it fits so well. I am not sure how or if it translates into human terms - nor how the Spirit will use me in that way in the Human dimension, nevermind the Faery dimension."
"Am I not in the 'Human dimension', as you label it? Was I not?"
So I looked deep at him and asked, "Were, or are, you an Elcyrr?"
"What do you believe? That is more important. And who but another Elcyrr would understand my answer, anyway?"
"I would."
"Then, yes, my Lady,Because you are an Elcyrr, and so am I. And I, too, found the differences in Realms to be a serious challenge to my sanity and boundaries. But, unless one is an Elcyrr, one cannot understand this."
"I know."
"And you are doing well. Just remember to Listen; and move with the Flow - when and where it moves - patience and courage. But, most of all, trust."
"I think I will spend much time puzzling on this."
"Yes... enjoy your visit to the Rock Trolls. Your friend, Ergt, is there. He will remember. Keep vigilant, also. Being right isn't always enough protection, you know."
"Indeed... so I have experienced. Thank you for the coffee and conversation. I will see you soon, again, I am sure."
"Whenever you wish, my Lady."
And we walked back out into the Henge, and went our separate ways.