Merlin's School of Wizardry

Actually, I was just going visiting Inworld to journey. Then, there I was at Satch's home. I came in and we sat down with tea. We quietly talked (telepathically) for a while. Then he said that he had a surprise for me. I followed him into the next room (where I usually slept) and then through that room to this huge round oaken door with huge brass hinges and strange designs -- like runes -- but not. His hand passed over it and it opened inward. He stepped back to let me enter. I stood in the doorway for a long time. There before me lay this huge circular chamber with a smooth round floor in the center -- which held a table and stool. Concentrically rising around that were bench-step seats, I would guess, and a few young people -- like teens maybe (that was the "feel")sitting in various places about the chamber. They had some books, paper, and such and were seriously discussing things or reading -- study stuff. I asked my mentor what this was. He replied, "Why, it's your magick class. It's time." When I looked down at myself as I stepped through the door, I had a bookpack filled with stuff and a new cloak with the school's emblem, I would guess. He left me there, indicating he would come get me at the proper time. The door shut behind me.

Journal 1
Satch's Home