Healing Journeys

“Healing” becomes a new Word to me,
revealing itself to be more
than what my cognition expects to see
when using its ancient lore...
I find I am so inexperienced here
with something I thought that I knew,
but the more that I learn, the more that I fear
that I’ve lost what is really the Truth...
“Healing” is really a choice to embrace
a Call from Creation’s Source;
a Call to shift to a better Place,
to sail a more peaceful Course...
and I can no more draw such to be
than I can design the night...
I can only, in prayer, weave a Sacristy
for the Presence of Spirit’s Light.

When I hold Healing Light, clients do with it what they will,
and I am given Visions of what that may be.
In my healings for others, I merely hold Light,
and the person – or rather the Higher or Spiritual Self that is linked to “God” –
takes that Light (if they choose)
and transforms it into something that will be useful for them.
For example, children often take the Light
and make fingerpaints, clay, or such,
that help them heal in some way.
Just recently, I sent healing to an older lady,
and she transformed the scene into a place where we two sat and sipped tea.
I do not presume to know what is good for another
or what will heal or anything.
The Visions just come, and I pass them on,
for general information, if the person seems interested.
Below are the experiential Visions
that have unfolded before me when holding Healing Light.

Journey 1

I went to Badger and spoke my Intent to help TR. Asked for guidance and protection from my Spirit Guides. Then, I went to the place where TR was. I worked to create alignment overlay of immunological hot-spots with Tree-of-Life centers. These I-spots, as I called them, were mystic knots where all the energy, pain, anger, disharmony and imbalance are residing. I located them on TR. I followed the Tree-of-Life path. At each I-spot, I worked to lift energy level higher, from black/dark-red to clear watermelon-tourmaline color (green/pink). I touched 11 places. (An afterthought to this is maybe to only go higher one color at a time, instead of the complete spectrum at once... The idea behind this is to create a distance from the pain - a separation to allow healing at a level dissociated from the pain) As I was with TR, my Teacher appeared beside me. She suggested a wash (like a sponge-bath) made from lavender, chamomile, sage and rosemary in a base of water. I did this body wash until her temperature came down and much pain and inflammation had dissipated. Then I returned from my Journey.

Journey 2

I went to Badger and spoke my Intent to help TR. I asked for guidance and protection from my Spirit Guides. My teacher was already waiting for me. I went right to TR's bed. My teacher asked, "What do you see?" I told her I saw a yellow haze-like aura around TR's whole body. I knew it was her liver. Probably from all the medications and pain-killers. My teacher had me put my hands inside TR's body, around the liver. Stabilize it. Then, rake off all the "icky" stuff and put it in the bucket. I did this until the bucket was full and her liver was clean. I held the liver in my hands to sterilize it. Then, I worked to bring circulation back to a proper rate. I held it until it was back in harmony. Then, I took my hands out and washed them. Afterwards, I did the healing wash over her body that consisted of the lavender and herbs I had previously prepared. I washed her whole body down, especially the face, and drew out "blackish, brackish" stuff from along her meridians. My teacher gave me a "pill" to put under her tongue. It was smallish and looked to be a yellow-brown color. This was to help her sleep. Then I returned from my Journey.

Journey 3

Friend with immunological condition, which has worsened, asked for healing. I drew Light into my hands and journeyed to the River of Life within her. I dipped my hands in the River, as a filter, and drew them out as they filled with "debris". It was evident soon, that there was a large amount of "sludge" in her River. I called on a Guide to help with eliminating the "sludge" flowing from my "filter" to the Earth. A very wet, muddy creature (a cross between a troll, toad, and mudpuppy) appeared beneath the sludge outflow and slurped it all up as fast as I drained it to him. He was very happy with this. We worked together until the River was running clear again. We will meet again, as the need arises. Then I returned from this Journey.

Journey 4

An acquaintence asked for healing for her child. I set my Intent, and sent Light to the child, to use as was wanted and appropriate. I saw the Light turn into fingerpaints and modeling clay, as the child received it, and felt the healing enhanced by this.

Journey 5

A friend asked for healing for uterine fibroids. I journeyed and sent Light for healing. I recorded it as a poem:
Drawn into the hands of a woman wise,
a cauldron of golden light:
warm as the meadow under summer skies,
soft as a moonlit night;
Held by the hands of a woman knowing,
a sphere of healing appears:
full of the deepest hope and glowing
as discordance disappears;
Released from the hands of a woman singing,
the gift of a new reprieve:
a Chalice whose silver tone is ringing
as true as the Seeker believes.

Journey 6:

Last night, around midnight, I proceeded to allow Spirit to come through me to send healing and restore balance in your right knee. Unbeknownst to me, my friend was doing power boosts to me nearby. This was the first time that I have felt such incredible energy coming through my hands. I was able to draw much "stuff" from your knee. I did, in fact, discover a large silver needle and withdrew it from your knee. The vision I saw was of you on your knees weaving (knitting, sewing?) on a quilt or tapestry. There were many tears being held inside... inside your knees, inside your right hand (you were right-handed) and inside your heart. I drew the needle from your knee and sent it back to the light. I drained the tears and pain from your right knee, right hand, and heart. I powered in white Light to fill the emptiness that was left. I did not seek to know more of your "story" of that time. I do know that it is connected in some way to your present story and discomfort. I do know that it has something to do with family pride or something that feels like that, and that cost you something very dear at that time, and that the tapestry was a memoriam of some sort. If you draw or paint or journal, I might suggest following up on this, as it will deepen the healing. In any case, I felt that Spirit had truly answered my call to help you, as you had requested. I am honored that you allowed me this opportunity, and I only hope that something of what I focused to you, eases your pain and your heart. Again, thanks.

Journey 7

I sent healing today for a person far away, and it "manifested" as a rainbow reaching from my hands to where she was, like a bridge. Then it became a stream from which I could see her drinking, in the form of a Deer.

Journey 8

I sent healing (which means "holding out Light") to a person with a painful shoulder. The manifestation was of Faeries, like tiny massage therapists, uses various ways of loosening up the area.

Journey 9

I sent healing to a friend of a friend. This person appeared to be in so much pain that they could not respond, but allowed manifestation of a basket of fruits and flowers, which were packages of Healing Light that she could access as she wanted or needed.

Journey 10
I sent healing this morning to a young man in serious condition, focusing on his pancreas. When the Light came to him, it formed a casing about him, like in an MRI or CAT scanning device, then completely enclosed him, and began combusting the negative and heavy and dark energies in and around him. Snap, crackle, pop! all over the place... drawing stuff up out of the nearest chakra point or the pancreas itself... combusting it... then I saw Spirit's Hand placed over this whole image... and I let go... Spirit took over... and the young man was completely enveloped in that Hand's Light...

Additional...to Journey 10
Learned new spiritual technique and applied it today. Worked with Angel and threw "drag-net" over client and worked it from crown to feet. Drag-net looked like a fishernet of Spiritual Light Energy twine lines. Dragged up what looked to be a huge junkyard of metal things: like appliances, computers, or "things" of heavy metal... dragged twice before it began to lessen. Combusted to Spirit fire with help of Healing Jaguar. Also gave Spirit breaths, like CPR. Conversed with Client, walking with him, calming him. Allowed system to rest from that for a few minutes. Then I took the Grail and poured Holy Water on area of abdomen that was compromised, near pancreatic area. It steamed and hissed and healed, at this level. Gave a taste to Client. Poured rest on abdomen. Next, I used the Spirit drag-net again until it seemed clearer. Then started to cleanse chakra by CCW rotating to bring stuff up... lots of BLACK or dense energy. Started combusting. Allowed for CCW rotation of any and all chakras affected. Spirit field began to look like Oklahoma in Tornado season. Got help from Angels, and Jaguar, combusting dense energies being released into atmosphere of Healing sphere. Suddenly, an explosion... like unto atomic... within Healing Sphere... bright Light is all that could be seen. I stepped back, and am now allowing Client to deal and heal, however that translates. 1030am 3-1-4

Gave a drop of Elcyrr Elixir, for Client to choose... although it will change his life forever - a different level of healing.1100am

Journey 11

I saw a gray mist on a lake or river, and within that, a rowboat. You were sitting in the boat, lost in the mist. As I held Light, I was also given the opportunity to row the boat, which I did. Rowing with the current, we came out of the gray mist onto a small river, with sunshine and very lush vegetation, reminding me very much of what the Amazon must look like in its narrower tributaries. A clearing appeared forward and to the right of us, and so I rowed to that shore. As you disembarked from the boat, an Elder woman - who seemed to be expecting you - greeted you. She appeared to me to be a Medicine Woman or Shaman of some sort, and she was not alone. There seemed to be a group of women who were very glad to receive you into their midst. I also felt that you were glad to be there, though a bit perplexed about the whole situation. As you walked away with them, I picked up the oars and rowed on.

Journey 12

I held out healing Light to a friend's mother. The scene evolved into a setting for us to share tea, which we did, and it was wonderful.

Journey 13

As I held Light, I watched a scene manifest with a well in the middle. It was a somewhat brushy arid looking place. I wound up the rope, until the small wooden bucket appeared. I offered water to the client, and she drank as if from the Grail. The healing seemed to work quickly and deeply.

Journey 13

I found myself holding Light, and then, holding the client. There seemed to be a need for the client to be held - some deep inner issue being addressed. And so, learning slowly not to presume or control such Healing Light, I held her for a very long time. Then she chose to lay down separate from me, and I covered her with a Spirit blanket. After a while, she said she was all right, and I gave her an inhaler that was filled with Grail mist, which she gratefully accepted.

Journey 14

Sent and held Healing Light. It manifested as like Northern Lights, a multi-colored aurora, touching and calming chakra centers, according to color, like a soft blanket of Spiritlove, across and around the whole of the client.

Journey 15

A friend was having bronchial trouble. I sent and held Healing Light, which transformed into a dry wind, gently wafting through her lungs and associated places. This is the reply I received:
Dear Dev, Yes, thank you. It worked very well. A healing wind indeed.

Journey 16

Held Healing Light and sent these words to a friend dealing with the death of a grandmother.
"Sending you Light, to ease your Journey right now. The passing of Elders, as we become the Elders, is always a trying time. Soon we learn that the cocoon of the mundane becomes irrelevant, when we can be inside and outside at the same time. "

Journey 17

In cooperation with my water elemental ally, I have held Healing Light which has manifested as a gentle rain sent to replenish your parched energy fields. It will rain until your earth connection is restored, unless you choose otherwise. You will know the presence of faery healing by the rainbow in the sky. (and the "mouse" jumping in the puddles...).

Journey 18

Held Healing Light and watched an iridescent film begin covering the interior of the lungs, where client was having serious difficulty. I was concerned for the problem this might have with the breathing, but was told to trust and not seek to control. I was then allowed to use Martian auric healing and covered the exterior of the lungs.

Journey 19

A friend asked for healing for another friend (Talis)and this is what verse came:
Light held
Name spoken
Light healed
Gate opened...

this appeared to refer to the 6th chakra point, as I noticed that she took a bit of the candle flame and applied it to her forehead.

Journey 20

A healing Intent
Revealed in Sight
As Northern Lights
A Chakra massage
with Fae entourage
to ease your Heart
with Mystic Art.

So it is done;
and once done,
done forever.

Journey 21

Held healing Light out for a friend's husband. Appears he took some and used it as a salve on his legs. Then drew the Light as a blanket to cover himself and be warm.

Journey 22

I held Healing Light in the palm of my hand, and visualized the pancreas in the midst of that. I asked the pancreas about the heavy cyst sitting on top of it… what to do about it. There were lots of murmurings and discussions among the cells and tissue members of the pancreas conclave. I indicated how this echoed the client’s heavy load he was carrying, and that if he (and they) wished to just let it go, we could work together to minimize it, or eliminate it altogether. Again, there were many conversations about this. And then, I noticed that several workers (pancreatic construction persons) had erected poles to alleviate the weight of the cyst. Then, the “Board of Directors” turned to me and said, “We will meet on this, and decide. It is a most serious consideration and choice. It affects a whole lifestyle and philosophy. We will work for consensus, and then inform you of our choice. If we choose to minimize or eliminate the “load”, we will ask for your assistance, ok?” And I respected their wishes, and said I would be waiting nearby.

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