Badger Journey

I went to see Badger for an herb that might balance Kay's thyroid condition. Badger went to her "cupboard", and brought some powder out. She said, "This is powdered root. Put it in the bowl and mix it with a few drops of water. Make a paste. Now when you go back, apply it to either side of her neck. Add a poultice gauze on top. DON'T LICK YOUR FINGERS! It's extremely bitter and can be poisonous, especially to Humans. DON'T WIPE YOUR HANDS ON YOUR CLOTHES!"

(Even Kay told me this, knowing me as she does, and being able to journey in both worlds with me, she was aware of what I was about to do.)

Badger continued, "Go to the waterfall - the small one - wash your hands off there. Be sure there is no residue. It would not be good for you." I thanked Badger.

Then she told me to take the rest of the powder and make paste poultices for the next three nights.

So I came back, and did as Badger had said. Now we have only to wait and see. I believe that the powder is from the root of the Nightshade plant, and that tomatoes are a member of that family.