Shamaness of Wyrd

Hold onto the Fiber
the Wyrd Sisters spin,
and jump from your Cliff
to the Cavern within:

and begin...

Come to Stillness to receive
a message that the Old Ones weave
of heroines and destiny
of miracles and prophecy
all drawn upon the Tapestry
they call for you to read:
You, the fiery seed
You, the Earth's own need
You, who drink the Sacred Mead
and choose His legacy...
Come to Stillness to receive
the crown the Old Ones offer thee.

Wyrdyn blood
Ring of fire
Skein of Light re-woven
Changeling Elf
Rainbow flyer
The East Gate is now open
Sacred Hoop
Ancient portals
Path connecting here
Concealed Ark
Assembled Chosen
From every Realm and Sphere
Circle closed
Wishsong shared
Web of Life awakened
Hearts connected
Vortex tuned
The Quantum Leap is taken.

Caught up in the shifting Weave
of a sentient Tapestry,
I grab for the nearest Thread
and rappel through my Destiny.

Voices speaking the Ancient tongue
The Web is deftly spun
about the Clearing;
Elders leading the Ancient clans
Connect to the Spirit's plans...
the Change is nearing.

"Across the Chasm
toss your Thread...
It is your Path, you know;
touch the Void
and careful tread
where All else fear to go;
upon your Staff
collect the Myst
that weaves the Soul's own Spark,
and so preserve
the Earth herself
from everlasting Dark."

Hold the sparkling softness
of the amber-centered key;
draw yourself within its aura
and release your legacy.

My Life is just my own Design
on Earth's own mystic Rune...
but the Song that lives within me
is a Universal Tune.

You are the Song...
the Whisper on the Wind
the Singing of the River
the Dancing of the Trees;
You are the Song...
within each living Spirit
within all dreams and visions
within the sacred Key;
You are the Song.

"Upon the Ring,
a message hidden
in runic rhyme, and set...
so, when you sing,
the Power is bidden
to do your work, Adept."

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