Mystic Matrix

Five in five within three worlds:
the spirit sings—the soul’s unfurled—
the Manifest reveals itself;
Unmanifest taps something else.
To East, two golden Birch Trees stand -
with autumn Sun upon the Land –
while far above the Eagle soars
and Raccoons wash along the shores.
The Elves who taught me how to weave
the strands of Light I now perceive
take hold my hand and circle make—
a Ring no mortal one could break.
Then Gabriel unseals his scroll
to tell me how to weave as whole
the many Paths into the One
that leads to Home when I am done.
To South, Red Oaks stand sentinel
about the Path that I know well;
with Lizard and Coyote near,
a Salamander now appears.
The Scouting Elves of solemn Way
acknowledge who I am this day
and, facing out, we make a Ring
with trust to fill that Opening.
Then Michael comes into this place
with Sword of Fire and warm embrace
to teach me balance in my heart –
to understand my Sacred part.
To West, the blue of Ocean’s soul
is tossed by Dolphins past the shoal,
while Bear is sniffing in the breeze
among the hillside Apple trees.
The King and Queen of Elvenway
invite me to the Well of Fey
and circling that with hands held tight,
we sing the Dreamsong into Light.
Then Raphael unwraps his packs
of healing oils and herbal snacks
to keep me well upon my Way
and teach me healing, come what may.
To North, the mystic power of Yew
is keeping Owl out of view
while Buffalo and Fox stand near,
alert to my arrival here.
And there I meet my Elven Friend –
who calls me ‘Shaman’ with a grin –
and, gently holding both my hands,
ignites a Ring of Shining Strands.
Then Auriel joins in with us
to deepen weavings: dust to dust:
Light to Light and Spirit’s Core:
a heartstring as I reach the Door.
And so within, I softly step,
aware of Heaven’s own Adept,
aware of All who greet my Self –
from all the worlds of Man and Elf –
who saw me pass the gift revealed
of immortality if I yield –
and choose the Path that offered me
a touch of wisdom and bravery,
to be myself and heed the Call –
to learn what Love is, after all.