Fandom Pairings

Fandom Pairings

To give you a clue what you might find here relationship-wise, here's a general idea of my fandom OTPs and whatnot:

The following is a basic list of the various HET or SLASH pairings I will read and/or write in every fandom I can think of am involved in. The first pairing listed will all be OTPs. OTPs refer to the One True Pairing I love best in that fandom. I may also be inclined to read other pairings in the fandom or to read crossover pairings as well. Those will be indicated in the second line. These pairings choices may be somewhat flexible, especially over time, but are for the most part an accurate account of what kind of stories I both like to read and what you can expect from me in return. However, please note, that just because I may not like a particular pairing does not necessarily mean I won't like the fic it's written in (unless it is one of those few pairings I absolutely abhor and can not stand to read at all, but those are few and far between), just that it is not likely to be something I'd seek out for myself. If a pairing you like is not listed anywhere, it simply means I have no real feelings about it all, neither like nor dislike.

Moonbeam's Note: I realise the issue of equality is a stringent controversy in SLASH pairings, but I don't usually give a damn about the politics. Therefore while I realise I may take some flack for my opinions, my preferences are mine for a reason -- so I'm going to included them anyway. The Addendum will be in reference to same-sex pairings only and decree how I like my boys on the issue of bottoming vs topping, dominant vs submissive. I would like to point out however, that in my mind "bottom" does not equate with "submissive" or "feminine". My bottoms tend to be pushy dominants, just so you know.

Most stories on this website, either written or recommended, will hark back to these preferences. (Although this list is by no means fully inclusive or exclusive.) If you don't agree, that's your prerogative. If you cannot accept it, please feel free to go elsewhere.

Updated March 2011

Alphabetical by Fandom

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Angel: The Series

OTPs: Buffy/Angel, Angel/Spike, Buffy/Angel/Spike
Other Pairings: Angel/Xander, Willow/Tara, Spike/Dru, Spike/Dawn, Spike/Illyria, Giles/Joyce, Ripper/Ethan, Xander/Anya, Willow/Oz
Absolutely Abhorred: Angel/Cordelia, Angel/Lindsey

Addendum: Angel strikes me the kind of vamp that stays in control no matter what, even when he submits. So I tend to prefer him as the top in most of his relationships, although the other partner is the more pushy of the two. ;)

Big Wolf on Campus

OTPs: Tommy/Merton
Other Pairings: Tommy/Lori, Merton/Other
Absolutely Abhorred: Tommy/Stacey

Addendum: I don't think there's really anyone in this teeny tiny fandom who disagrees on the Tommy=top Merton=bottom, but Merton totally has the power perspective. It's pretty obvious. XD
OTPs: Hodges/Angela
Other Pairings: Booth/Bones, Wendell/Angela, Booth/Sweets, Booth/Zach, Zach/other
Absolutely Abhorred: Sweets/Daisy

Addendum: I do think the Booth/Bones UST is cute, but I'm not real sure they'd make a compatible pair. There's also not much slash opportunities in the fandom, but for what there are, Booth totally tops. Mostly I tend to stick to GEN fics.
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer
OTPs: Buffy/Angel, Angel/Spike, Buffy/Angel/Spike
Other Pairings: Angel/Xander, Willow/Tara, Spike/Dru, Spike/Dawn, Spike/Illyria, Giles/Joyce, Ripper/Ethan, Xander/Anya, Willow/Oz, Buffy/Faith
Absolutely Abhorred: Buffy/Spike, Spike/Xander, Buffy/Willow, Giles/Buffy, Giles/Willow, Giles/Xander

Addendum: Spike is adorable and sexy and very very flexible. Top, bottom, he loves it all!


OTPs: Castle/Beckett
Other Pairings: Roach, Ryan/Esposito, Ryan/Jenny
Absolutely Abhorred: Not really anything I can think of...

Addendum: Yeah, yeah, main HET pairing, blah, blah, blah.... We know how that'll turn out, although I am totally rooting for them. But Roach? That's the Ryan and Esposito equivalents from the Nikki Heat books and OMG, so slashy! I loves them almost more than the actual Ryan and Esposito, who are adorable but way more like squabbling brothers than an actual pairing.
Criminal Minds
OTPs: Hotch/other, Morgan/Garcia
Other Pairings: Morgan/Prentis, JJ/Will LaMontagne
Absolutely Abhorred: Reid/anybody

Addendum: I really like Aaron Hotchner, just about as much as I really hate Spencer Reid (god, somebody give that boy a haircut!) but I have read the occasional Hotch/Reid slash fic. Three guesses for who tops and the first two don't count. *eg*
CSI: Las Vegas
OTPs: Nick/Greg
Other Pairings: Gil/Sara, Catherine/Warrick, Greg/Hodges
Absolutely Abhorred: Gil/Nick

Addendum: I just adore Greg and Nick is a sweetheart, they just go together nicely in any combination. (Note: I love Grissom in stories with them, but I love him as their father-figure not a romantic interest.)
CSI: New York
OTPs: Danny/Lindsay
Other Pairings: Mac/Stella, Flack/Angell, Danny/Flack
Absolutely Abhorred: Mac/Danny

Addendum: OMG, my OTP is actually canon! Ha, that hasn't happened since The X-Files! Awesome, however long it lasts, I will be giddy everytime I see it. (Oh, also I should mention that another of my OTPs for this fandom is a crossover pairing with Numb3rs' Don Eppes, specifically Don Eppes/Mac Taylor. You can blame
Nix for that one. ::has no shame::)

Dark Angel

OTPs: Max/Logan (S1), Logan/Alec (S2)
Other Pairings: Max/Original Cindy, Joshua/Annie, Syl/Krit
Absolutely Abhorred: Max/Alec, Max/Zack

Addendum: Yeah, something of a change. First season DA had a sweet, beautiful relationship between Max and Logan that still makes me smile. Season 2's Max was pure bitch, though, and no longer deserving of sweet Logan. Entre-vu Alec, who oddly enough seemed to be the only person left who respected Logan. Plus, they're hot together. Either/or can bottom or top depending, but Alec is just so pretty and slutty it doesn't take a genius to guess which he'd prefer. :P
Die Hard 4: Live Free or Die Hard
OTPs: John McClane/Matt Farrell
Other Pairings: John McClane/Holly Genero, Matt/Lucy
Absolutely Abhorred: Nothing! Dammit, even the bad guys were hot in this movie!

Addendum: Whether you like 'em sweet or kinky as hell, the chemistry between McClane and Matt was *blinding* -- even they noticed, hence the Brokeback moment in the blooper reel! *eg* I particularly like them hot and kinky, since the daddy issues just about write themselves. McClane tops, d'uh.
Doctor Who
OTPs: Nine/Rose, Nine/Jack
Other Pairings: Nine/Jack/Rose
Absolutely Abhorred: ...

Addendum: Okay, don't get me wrong, I love Captain Jack Harkness and the inherent geekiness of Dr. Who, but the Ninth Doctor is the only one I watched and I doubt that'll ever change. Sorry.
Dresden Files
OTPs: Harry/Marcone
Other Pairings: Harry/Susan, Michael/Charity, Hendricks/Gard, Murphy/Kincaid
Absolutely Abhorred: Harry/Murphy

Addendum: Admittedly, Harry has some rather antiquated Issues when it comes to sex and women, but he is essentially still a sheltered, honest young man who needs someone to love him thoroughly and gently. Oddly enough, Gentleman Johnny Marcone is the best one for it. I prefer Harry to bottom, but don't mind when he tops. Either works for me, so long as it's never dub-con or non-con. (Seriously, Harry would Fuego the hell out of anyone who tried!)
OTPs: Fraser/Thatcher
Other Pairings: Fraser/RayV., Fraser/RayK.
Absolutely Abhorred: Meh...

Addendum: Yes, I know the big pairing in this fandom is Fraser/Ray Kowalski, but I never really cared too much about him. I thought Fraser's crush on his awesome boss was way more moving. And that kiss on the train in the Musical Ride episode totally worked for me!

Early Edition

OTPs: None. GEN preferred.
Other Pairings: Gary/Chuck, Gary/Marisa, Marisa/Chuck
Absolutely Abhorred: ?

Addendum: Really prefer the GEN with these guys, but Gary has some great crossover pairing potential.
Other Pairings: Jack/a case can be made for pretty much anyone
Absolutely Abhorred: Hmm... I think I'd need more research before I could say. ;)

Addendum: Eeeh, how do I love Jack's talking house? So much! But alas, she's a house. So Jack Carter is it for me... and he is pretty awesome all on his own, but has flashes of chemistry with just about everybody. I wouldn't even know where to start.


OTPs: Crichton/Aeryn
Other Pairings: Crichton/D'Argo, Pilot/Moya
Absolutely Abhorred: D'Argo/Chiana

Addendum: Mmm, D'Argo... love that Luxan! Also, sorry Crichton, but whomever you're with male or female, you are always out of your league. Mmm, Aeryn...
The Fast and The Furious Franchise
OTPs: Dom/Brian, Brian/Rome
Other Pairings: Brian/Mia, Dom/Brian/Rome, Leon/Letty, Vince/Mia
Absolutely Abhorred: Dom/Letty, Dom/Vince, Dom/OFCs, Brian/Monica, Dom/Gisele

Addendum: If you've read any of the slash fics in this fandom, you'll have realized Brian ALWAYS bottoms. It's practically a law, and I can't really disagree with it. Either with Dom or Rome, don't matter really. But I will again emphasize that being a bottom does not automatically make Brian a weak, submissive dog. He's a cop, a street racer, and a scrappy fighter. He's fearless and strong. He's yet another awesome pushy bottom!
OTPs: Mal/Simon
Other Pairings: Zoe/Wash, Jayne/Kaylee, Simon/River, Jayne/River
Absolutely Abhorred: Mal/Inara, Simon/Kaylee, Mal/Zoe, Mal/Jayne

Addendum: I am admittedly very particular about this fandom, with almost as many pairing permutations I don't like as those I do. But top!Mal and bottom!Simon always works for me, whoever is dominant or submissive or just happily equal.
Forever Knight
OTPs: Nick/LaCroix
Other Pairings: Tracy/Vachon, Nick/Vachon, Nick/Nat, Nick/Janette, Nick/LaCroix/Janette, LaCroix/Methos
Absolutely Abhorred: OFCs and OMCs

Addendum: This is one fandom where I don't like non-canon characters. All those girls and boys Nick and LaCroix are with in flashbacks? Food, not sex. I'm not a big fan of Nat's either, but acknowledge her interest in Nick. Anything else not listed will probably squick me to varying degrees as well. For the most part, Nick's sensualist nature makes him an ideal bottom. In fact, with LaCroix it is fun to see him use his sensuality to turn submitting to his master into a gift that makes the Old Roman feel lucky to have gotten the boy right where Nick wants him. :) Nick's probable relationship with Vachon is more that of litter-mates, really. Friends who use each other to release tension so they don't bite the mortals in their lives. I can handle either/or with them.


OTPs: Goliath/Elisa
Other Pairings: Talon/Maggie, Xanatos/Fox, Broadway/Angela, Brooklyn/Sato, Demona/MacBeth, Hudson/Maria, Lex/OMCs
Absolutely Abhorred: Goliath/Demona, Goliath/Delilah, Brooklyn/Angela

Addendum: Mmm, interspecies love -- and canon Disney too! Awesome! That Goliath/Elisa kiss at the end of Hunter's Moon is one of my all time favourite scenes ever.
Good Omens
OTPs: Crowley/Aziraphale
Other Pairings: Nada...
Absolutely Abhorred: Nada...

Addendum: Demon/Angel love, yay! Snarky and sweet and too irresistible. Can go any which way, but Aziraphale's laid back enough to let Crowley do whatever the lovely serpent wants.

Harry Potter

OTPs: Remus/Sirius (aka Moony/Padfoot)
Other Pairings: James/Lily, Remus/Snape, Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione, Draco/Neville, Percy/Oliver, Fred/George, MWPP, etc...
Absolutely Abhorred: Remus/Tonks, Snape/Harry, Harry/Hermione

Addendum: Oh god, where to begin? The Marauders. I love them, especially the puppies. Also have a fondness for Snape and fanon!Draco and the Weasley twins. Do NOT like Harry, but don't mind Ron and Hermione. Lily and Neville are also cool characters, if dreadfully underused. I don't particularly care for Tonks, but do tolerate her. Pre-Azkaban Sirius was much more confident than post-Azkaban Sirius, thus far more likely to be aggressive in bed. Remus is both shy and dominant -- and not all of it due to his inner wolf. I'm pretty flexible with these guys, as long as the sex itself matches the tone of the story and the state of the characters.
OTPs: Hellboy/Myers
Other Pairings: Myers/OMCs, Abe/Myers, Hellboy/Liz
Absolutely Abhorred: Myers/Liz

Addendum: Do you really need to ask? Yeah, didn't think so. :)
Hercules: the Legendary Journeys
OTPs: Herc/Iolaus
Other Pairings: Ares/Methos, Xena/Gabrielle, Gabrielle/Methos
Absolutely Abhorred: Nothing.

Addendum: Hercules is a top, very top. Iolaus is a damn sexy bottom, however, so it all works out for them.
OTPs: Matt/Mohinder
Other Pairings: Molly/Micah, Nathan/Peter, Niki/D.L.
Absolutely Abhorred: Sylar/Claire

Addendum: Season One was amazing, and Season Two's almost-canon Matt/Mohinder made me very happy. The M3 family was a high point of the series for me, so when it started to break up I quickly lost interest. Never liked Sylar at all either, sorry.
OTPs: Methos/Kronos
Other Pairings: Methos/Duncan, Methos/Byron, Methos(Adam)/Alexa, Methos/f, Methos/m, Duncan/Amanda and Duncan/Tessa, Rebecca/Amanda, Robert/Gina.
Absolutely Abhorred: Duncan/m, Duncan/f, Joe/anybody, Richie/anybody

Addendum: Methos is a sexy, wanton bottom -- as evidenced by his on-screen tendency to drape himself in boneless, legs spread wide, furniture-melding sprawls. But he's also a pretty formidable top. Adam on the other hand is a complete submissive. Mac is enough of a sensualist to enjoy sex in any form, but you gotta admit he's hot when he goes all aggressive alpha male top. Kronos... well, Kronos is always an aggressive alpha male, whether he tops or bottoms.
OTPs: House/Wilson
Other Pairings: Chase/Cameron, Foreman/Cuddy
Absolutely Abhorred: House/Cameron, House/Chase, House/Cuddy, Wilson/Cuddy

Addendum: Cuddy is a great boss, friend, and sister figure and I love her. But I don't want her romantically linked to my boys. House/Wilson all the way for me, with pushy dominant top House and amused not-at-all-submissive bottom Wilson. Or, if House's leg isn't feeling up to it, the other way around. Same diff. ;)
Houston Knights
OTPs: Joe/Levon
Other Pairings: No pairing
Absolutely Abhorred: Nada...

Addendum: I've never seen a single episode of this show, so all my impressions of it were formed by Wolfling and James Walkswithwind's
Centaur AU stories. Due to my aforementioned introduction to the fandom, I am incapable of seeing Lundy in the dominant role (except maybe with his Herd). Joe LaFiamma tops, no question.
High School Musical
OTPs: Chad/Ryan
Other Pairings: Zeke/Sharpay, Troy/Gabriella
Absolutely Abhorred: Any other combination...

Addendum: I know, I know! It's lame, but I liked it. Well, I liked Ryan... and his adorable and obviously requited crush on Chad was too cute. He'll definitely have to show him the ropes though, before they can have fun sexy gay times.

The Invisible Man

OTPs: Darien/Bobby
Other Pairings: No pairing
Absolutely Abhorred: Darien/Claire, Bobby/Claire

Addendum: Just to screw everyone who thinks the smaller man must be the bottom, I think Bobby's better suited as the top. Luckily, Darien seems to agree with me. Watch his body language around Bobby sometime, you'll see what I mean.
OTPs: Steve/Tony, Tony/various male crossover characters
Other Pairings: No pairing
Absolutely Abhorred: Tony/Rhodey, Tony/Pepper

Addendum: Steve is Steve Rogers from Captain America, who is Tony Stark's real One True Love. But Tony is good with many other characters like Peter Parker (Spiderman), Lex Luther (Superman), or Tony DiNozzo (NCIS) as well. And Tony? Bottoms with all of 'em!


OTPs: Harm/Mac, Brumby/Mac
Other Pairings: Chegwidden/Harm, Harm/Mac/Brumby, Bud/Harriet
Absolutely Abhorred: Harm/Webb

Addendum: I pretty much liked almost everyone on this show, but Harm is definitely the submissive bottom with all of them -- even Mac!

Knight Rider (1982)

OTPs: No pairing
Other Pairings: Michael/Bonnie, Michael/Kitt, Nick/Alex
Absolutely Abhorred: Michael/f, Michael/m, Devon/anybody, April

Addendum: Yeah, I tossed in Nick and Alex of
Gryph's Fire & Ice AU fame... what can I say? Her world is more real to me than the TV show. I also include Michael/Kitt, which elfin and Tomy made convincing, in either car or android form. I do avoid, however, Michael's irrelevant Babe of the Weeks. For the rare Michael/Android!Kitt sex scenes, Kitt bottoms. Not that it truly matters, seeing as all those stories are in the Chasing Midnight AU built off Gryph's Fire & Ice AU in which the partners are neurologically linked and share every thought and emotion anyway. That kind of spiritual oneness makes the physical pale in comparison.
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
OTPs: Karen/Kermit
Other Pairings: No pairing, Paul/Annie, Kwai Chang Caine/Mary-Margaret Skalany, Peter/Kermit in a pinch
Absolutely Abhorred: Peter/Jody, Peter/other, Kermit/other

Addendum: I do enjoy the canon Karen/Kermit pairing, but I mostly read KF fics for the Shaolin mysticism or police case stories. Relationships are neither necessary nor looked for, but will not be a deciding factor in turning me away either. (In fact, I figure I should point out that though I am inherently against parent/child incest, I have actually read and enjoyed one Peter/Pop slash story simply because it was written by an author -- saraid -- with talent enough to make it non-squicky. I still fast-forwarded through the actual NC-17 parts, however.)

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

OTPs: Lois/Clark
Other Pairings: Jimmy/Lucy Lane
Absolutely Abhorred: Lex/Lois, Clark/Lex

Addendum: This one's tricky. I didn't like the Lex Luther of Lois&Clark, but I am fond of the Lex in Smallville's future-fics. In those scenarios, I'm happy to read Clark/Lex as well.
Lord of the Rings
OTPs: Legolas/Gimli
Other Pairings: Aragorn/Legolas, Merry/Pippin, Elladan/Elrohir... uh, yeah that's about it.
Absolutely Abhorred: Frodo/anybody, Gandalf/anybody, Boromir/anybody, and any other combinations not listed...

Addendum: I've never been a fan of Frodo's, so I don't want to read about him with anybody. But I can handle other pairings like Aragorn/Arwen or Eowyn/Faramir in the abstract, as they are official canon romances. Boromir is still dead, thankfully. The idea of Gandalf having sex scares me, honestly. But there are other book-fic character possibilities: like twincest with the Sons of Elrond, or Thranduil/somebody or Haldir/somebody or Celebrimbor/Narvi (I like my Elves & Dwarves!), as long as the "somebody" in question isn't one of the Fellowship. With Aragolas slash, Aragorn tops, no question. Sorry, won't read nothing else. I'll give you a bit more leeway with Legolas/Gimli, but still prefer Legolas on the bottom. He is not a girl, however! He's still a strong, masculine warrior and I want him treated as such. Oddly enough, my interest in this fandom is less about the sex than it is the relationships. I don't read a lot of PWPs in LotR fic (except of the L/G variety!), so what goes where isn't usually an issue.

The Magnificent Seven

OTPs: Chris/Vin
Other Pairings: Vin/Ezra or Vin/m. Oh, and Nathan/Rain too. (They're so cute together!)
Absolutely Abhorred: Chris/Mary, Chris/Ezra, Chris/Buck, Chris/m, Buck/m,

Addendum: Yeah, I'm picky with my M7 OTPs. Can't stand Mary(Sue) Travis at all, so won't even read her in GEN, let alone HET with Vin's Chris. I can't see Chris with any other guy than Vin -- Chris/Ezra and Chris/Buck squick me, sorry -- but Vin's probably seen and done it all. Buck, of course, is an all-girl ladies' man. My Buck don't do slash, period. Ezra? He's bi, but not with Chris. As for the others? JD's got Casey, Nathan's got Rain, and Josiah wants Maude Standish. Chris does NOT bottom, period. Well, okay, maybe there are a few specials cases, written by rare authors in unique perspectives, who can make it believable... but for the most part, Chris is a top. Besides, Vin strikes me as a bottom no matter who he's with. But as for who's the dominant and who's the submissive? You just toss those labels right out the window. Not a single one of the Seven knows how to submit to anything. Dominant alphas, the lot of 'em. Vin might beta to Chris's alpha in the field, but once the job is done he steps right up to his partner's side.
OTPs: Arthur/Merlin
Other Pairings: Morgana/Gwen, Gwen/Lancelot
Absolutely Abhorred: Arthur/Gwen

Addendum: Ahh, one of the gayest shows currently on TV, that even though we know some HET pairings are required (Arthur/Gwen is kinda inevitable, duh), the slash just keeps getting better. Haven't watched the current season yet though, so I'm a little behind. Speaking of behinds, Merlin's arse? Made for Arthur's cock. ::nods::
The Mummy
OTPs: Rick/Evie
Other Pairings: Ardeth/Jon
Absolutely Abhorred: All others...

Addendum: I adore Evelyn's brother Jon. And I think the sexy Medjai leader grew to love him too. Luckily, he takes good care of his bumbling little Englishman.


OTPs: Gibbs/Dinozzo
Other Pairings: No pairing, Kate/Abby, McGee/Abby, Tony/Palmer, Gibbs/Hollis Mann
Absolutely Abhorred: Tony/Kate, Tony/Ziva, Gibbs/Abby, Gibbs/Ziva, Gibbs/Jenny Shepard

Addendum: Gibbs is so much a top, he even tops when he bottoms -- which he only does rarely. He so owns Tony's ass!
OTPs: No pairing.
Other Pairings: Megan/Larry, Charlie/Amita, Don/Charlie
Absolutely Abhorred: Don/f, Don/m, Charlie/anybody

Addendum: Season Two of this show was my favourite and I stopped watching in early Season Four, so all my pairing preferences come from then. Don Eppes was easily my favourite character too, but I didn't like him paired with any of the canon characters -- I like him with CSI NY's Mac Taylor. :D Also, I'm not a fan of Charlie's at all, so prefer to avoid him altogether except in relation to Don as his little brother.

Pirates of the Caribbean

OTPs: Jack/Will
Other Pairings: Jack/Will/Elizabeth, Jack/Pearl
Absolutely Abhorred: Notice I don't pair Jack with any other human than Will? I mean that. Jack/Norrington? Um, no. Jack/Elizabeth? Hell no. Jack/Barbossa? Ick. Jack/Boostrap Bill? Only in the implied sense.

Addendum: Jack can be either a top or a bottom, but Will's mostly a bottom. Surprised? I didn't think so. :)
OTPs: No pairing.
Other Pairings: Jared/Miss Parker
Absolutely Abhorred: Any other one...

Addendum: Not much for romance in this show, but if there must be? Let it be with Miss Parker, I like her.
The Professionals (1977)
OTPs: Bodie/Doyle
Other Pairings: No pairing
Absolutely Abhorred: Any others at all, male or female...

Addendum: Bodie is very much an alpha top dog. Doyle might bottom but he isn't that submissive.
OTPs: Lassiter/Shawn
Other Pairings: No pairing, Gus/Juliet, Shawn/Abigail
Absolutely Abhorred: Shawn/Gus

Addendum: Lassie is tough and insecure and a total top. Shawn is smart and pushy and demanding and a total bottom. My, how well they fit together!

Quantum Leap

OTPs: Sam/Al
Other Pairings: None.
Absolutely Abhorred: Any.

Addendum: Whoa, old skool fandom. Ah, I don't read it much, but when I do it's usually Al topping Sam.
Queen of Swords
OTPs: Montoya/Helm
Other Pairings: Helm/Marta
Absolutely Abhorred: All other pairings...

Addendum: Considering that I view this show as one big long Highlander flashback about Methos and Kronos in the 1800s, not surprisingly that's the dynamic they have. The Queen herself is irrelevant to the show.

The Rundown

OTPs: Beck/Travis
Other Pairings: What other pairings?
Absolutely Abhorred: Mariana/anybody

Addendum: This one is pretty much a given. Beck tops, and Travis is happy as the pushy submissive bottom. Don't worry, he makes it work for him.

Sailor Moon

OTPs: Usagi(Serena)/Mamoru(Darien)
Other Pairings: Haruka/Michiru, Luna/Artemis, Kunzite(Malachite)/Zoisite(Zoycite), Chibiusa/Helios
Absolutely Abhorred: Senshi/Shitenno, Seiya/Usagi

Addendum: Yes, I know Mamoru is a bastard. But Usagi is a whiny brat, so what are you bitchin' about? They're meant to be, I'm happy with that. And honestly, I think they are perfect for each other in Serenity/Endymion form. Haruka and Michiru are both women, but Haruka-kun (no, that is not a gaffe) is a crossdesser and most definitely alpha. Michiru is more the gentle lady, but with a strong constitution. That said, I like her in the submissive role anyway. Sue me. The real fun comes in explaining Kunzite/Zoisite. In the North American dub-version, Zoycite is a woman and Malachite is assuredly the dominant top. In the Japanese anime, they are both men and Zoisite is still the submissive bottom! Oddly enough, in the manga there is no relationship at all... so take your pick!
OTPs: No pairing
Other Pairings: Nathan/Kristin
Absolutely Abhorred: Almost evything else...

Addendum: I love ELFs. I love Lucas... but I can't see him in a sexual relationship. Family-oriented fics are okay, if not cliche. Otherwise, I'll stick to plot-driven fics. The only slash-fics in this fandom I've read were Tim/Miguel, and Tim bottomed. It was okay, but not something I'd seek out. I really prefer GEN stories in this fandom. Really.
The Sentinel
OTPs: Jim/Blair
Other Pairings: Blair/Daniel, Blair/Methos, Blair/m, Simon/Megan
Absolutely Abhorred: Jim/m, Jim/Simon, Blair/Simon, Jim/Blair/Simon

Addendum: I refuse to read Jim paired with anybody else but Blair, be it male or female. No, not even Carolyn. The only exception I make to this rule is temporary Sentinel 'mating instinct' sex with Alex Barnes, and even then I want her dumped and Blair picked up before the end of the story. For many a Senfen, a bottom!Blair is considered cliche. Well tough noogies, cuz that's what I like. It takes a very special author, writing from a very unique perspective, to make me believe Jim bottoming. But don't get your knickers in a twist thinking I'm feminizing poor short, long-haired Blair. Yeah, I like my Jim primal, wild, and panther-like. But as far as I'm concerned, Sandburg rules that relationship. Chief is the chief, alright, and big alpha-male Ellison is as submissive as they come. Jim might bitch a lot, he might yell and glare a lot, but when it comes right down to it he does eveything his Guide says.
Sleepy Hollow
OTPs: Ichabod/Horseman
Other Pairings: Ichabod/Katrina
Absolutely Abhorred: Brom/anybody

Addendum: The Hessian is hot, Ichabod is scrumdilliumpious. Those two together? Whew! Katrina is annoying, but I can put up with her. Brom sucks; I'm glad he's dead. I also don't mind Ichabod or the Hessian with various crossover pairings -- like Ichabod/Methos or Ichabod/Captain Jack Sparrow (both of which
Sleeps With Coyotes has written) or Hessian/Kronos (which nobody has written, but I'd pay to see). I don't care who he's with, Ichabod bottoms. No ands, ifs, or buts. (Well, maybe a butt or two... ::wink::)
OTPs: Clark/Lex
Other Pairings: Lex/Bruce Wayne, Lex/Harry Osborn (or Lex/Methos, if it exists), Clark/Chloe, Jonathan/Martha
Absolutely Abhorred: Clark/Lana, Lex/Lana, Chloe/Lana, Lana, Lana, Lana...

Addendum: Bear in mind I only watched the first few seasons before the Rift, so all preferences were formed early. I hate Lana Lang. I won't read anything featuring her. Forget it. I am, however, a happy Clexer. And Lex himself is fairly versatile but is mostly a bottom. Besides, Lex is just more fun. Clark's only interesting in relation to Lex anyway.
Stargate: Atlantis
OTPs: Sheppard/McKay
Other Pairings: Lorne/Parrish, Teyla/Ronon, Sheppard/Teyla, and Teyla/Kanaan
Absolutely Abhorred: McKay/Keller

Addendum: Due to far too much exposure to very popular fics which unfortunately permanently traumatized me, I now have very definite ideas about characterizations in this fandom. Of which I am, unfortunately, very much in a minority. I read with great caution nowadays, as the slightest hint of what I've nicknamed "SBS" will see me hitting the back-button so fast it smokes. I'll be keeping what the term means to myself though, because when I said minority? I meant there might be all of 2% of the fandom who share my view. And that's just not enough for me to risk speaking up.
Stargate: SG-1
OTPs: Jack/Daniel
Other Pairings: Daniel/Paul, Daniel/Teal'c, Sam/Janet, Teal'c/Sam, Daniel/Blair, Daniel/Methos, Daniel/Shau'ri, Daniel/Cameron, Cameron/Vala, Daniel/m
Absolutely Abhorred: Jack/Sam, Daniel/Vala

Addendum: I refuse to read Jack/Sam in any way, shape or form. That 'ship ain't for me, so don't even ask. Nor can I see Jack with Teal'c, but not because of Teal'c. I just don't see Jack willingly with a guy other than Daniel. (My Jack has Iraq issues.) Jack and Daniel are two of the most truly equal characters in fandom. Jack is a gun-toting, hockey-watching, beer-drinking alpha male alright, but Dannyboy ain't no slouch either. He's strong in conviction and, with all that training, not bad physically either. He's also a snarky SOB who doesn't take any shit. I love a Bottom!Daniel, a man comfortable enough with himself to give in to the pleasure of being stroked within and without, but Jack can be a damn pushy bottom too. Danny is no wilting flower and Jack's ego is big enough for either position.
Star Trek (TOS)
OTPs: Kirk/Spock
Other Pairings: No pairing
Absolutely Abhorred: Can't really think of anything...

Addendum: I don't read a lot of TOS, but what I do is usually K/S. Otherwise, I prefer plot-driven action fics.
Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG)
OTPs: No pairing
Other Pairings: Jean-Luc Picard/Beverly Crusher
Absolutely Abhorred: Deanna Troi/Worf

Addendum: I flat out prefer plot-driven action fics in this fandom, even those with crossovers. Sex and relationships are secondary, incidental, and best kept to a minimum.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9)
OTPs: No pairing
Other Pairings: Worf/Dax, Bashir/Jadzia, Bashir/Garak, Odo/Kira
Absolutely Abhorred: All the rest...

Addendum: I usually only read DS9 in crossovers, so pairings are incidental at best. Again, it's the plot I go for.
Star Trek: Voyager (VOY)
OTPs: Janeway/Chakotay
Other Pairings: No pairing, Paris/Kim, Kim/Seven, Paris/B'Elanna, Neelix/Kes
Absolutely Abhorred: Chakotay/Paris, Chakotay/Seven, Janeway/Tuvok

Addendum: Lorelei Sieja makes a good case for pairing B'Elanna with Forever Knight's Nick Knight, otherwise only the listed pairings work for me. Also, Harry's a bottom and Tom is mostly a bottom but can become a top easily under certain circumstances.
Star Trek IX: Reboot Movieverse (AOS)
OTPs: Kirk/Spock
Other Pairings: Chekov/Sulu
Absolutely Abhorred: Spock/Uhura

Addendum: Young Trek in an alternate reality has a whole new feel, but as much fun as this Jim is and as flexible as he is sexually-wise, I still prefer this Spock to bottom. It's rare though, so hard to find. Also, I must do everything in my power to avoid Pon Farr fics because they almost never turn out well for me.
Star Wars
OTPs: Han/Leia
Other Pairings: C-3PO/R2D2, Luke/Mara, Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan
Absolutely Abhorred: Anakin/Padmé

Addendum: I'm mostly a canon pairings only girl and Han Solo/Princess Leia is my main focus, especially for the original three movies (which are the only ones I liked) and the sequel books.
OTPs: Dean/Lisa Braeden
Other Pairings: Dean/Sam, Dean/Castiel, Dean/Cassie, Sam/Jess, John/Mary, Dean/Anna, Sam/Sarah, Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Impala
Absolutely Abhorred: Sam/Ruby, Anybody/Dean

Addendum: I'm sorry, but I simply can't stand the overwhelming trend of weak submissive bottom slut Dean that permeates this fandom. I love Dean, but I love him because he's the loving overprotective older brother. So now I will only read slash if I know he's on top, because otherwise I'm liable to get upset over all the limp!characterizations going on. And that would just ruin my enjoyment of the fandom as a whole, which I definitely don't want.


OTPs: Brendan/Freya
Other Pairings: Brendan/June
Absolutely Abhorred: Michael/Freya

Addendum: Brendan and Freya could be lovers but they work just as well as siblings, which is why I like the idea of Brendan dating her older sister June.
OTPs: Skyfire/Starscream, Soundwave/Starscream, Starscream/Skywarp/Thundercracker, Bumblee/Sam
Other Pairings: Prowl/Jazz, Megatron/Starscream, Ratchet/Wheeljack, Starscream/Rumble, Cliffjumper/Beachcomber, Hound/Mirage
Absolutely Abhorred: Prowl/anybody but Jazz, Ratchet/Twins, Skyfire/Preceptor, and probably a lot of others that I can't think of right now...

Addendum: G1 versus Movieverse = two completely different things. Further, relationships in the fandom can be expressed in several different ways: holo, sticky, spark!sex, or plug-n-play. I like all forms to varying degrees. In G1, Starscream is clearly my favorite character and he is without a doubt a pushy demanding bottom with whomever he is paired, of which can be many a mech or femme. In Movieverse, Sam is the horny but insecure teen, so bottom-boy is kind of a no-brainer there either.

Xena: The Warrior Princess

OTPs: Xena/Gabrielle
Other Pairings: Herc/Iolaus, Ares/Methos, Gabrielle/Methos
Absolutely Abhorred: Dunno...

Addendum: I didn't stick around this fandom long enough to know anything about Joxer's character beyond that he's played by Ted Raimi. So despite Ares/Joxer being a main pairing in this fandom, I don't know it enough to read it. Sorry. Xena/Gabrielle? Gabby's the bottom, but she's also the dominant one. No surprise there.
The X-Files
OTPs: Mulder/Scully
Other Pairings: Skinner/Maggie Scully, Krycek/Methos, Krycek/m
Absolutely Abhorred: Mulder/Krycek, Scully/other

Addendum: Mulder and Scully just click for me, with Skinner their pseudo-parental supervisor. As stated, Krycek is the only slashy character I'll read in this fandom... but he's flexible enough to go either way, depending on the other fandom's character with which he is crossed.
OTPs: Scott(Cyclops)/Logan(Wolverine)
Other Pairings: No pairings, Charles(Xavier)/Erik(Magneto), Scott Summers(Cyclops)/Jean Grey, Kurt(Nightcrawler)/Ororo(Storm), Logan(Wolverine)/Ororo(Storm), Logan(Wolverine)/Methos, Marie(Rogue)/Remy(Gambit)
Absolutely Abhorred: Logan(wolverine)/Remy LeBeau(Gambit)

Addendum: I like a strong, smart Scott being a good pack leader to a feral Logan, but will take them in pretty much any combination GEN or SLASH. The comicverse Storm was fascinating (while movieverse Storm was as boring as dry wood), and went well with either Kurt or Logan. However, I am particularly fond of crossovers with Wolverine... and danged if he ain't usually crossed with Methos. Oh, and I really like stories with Logan playing the father-figure to either Marie (movieverse) or Jubilee (comicverse). Jean Grey (mostly) does not bear thinking about. There are so many characters in X-Men fic as to make almost every possibility seem plausible at one time or another. Makes it difficult to really form a preference other than to take it on a story-by-story basis. However, I will say this... Logan is NOT a bottom. (Except for occasionally with Scott, when he submits to Cyclops' alpha leadership.)

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