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Forever Knight

Stories by Lorelei Sieja

Hello everyone! I'm hoping to get back to writing on Forever Knight fiction. With any luck, and if my granddaughter will take her nap, maybe I can finally deliver those babies for poor B'Elanna Torres. Surely she's carried them long enough! Check back here by summer, 2008 for more updates on The Nighthawk. And check out my blog - the link is at the bottom of the page.

My first Stargate fanfiction!
See "Double Ducks" near the bottom of this page.
Hope you enjoy!

Song Without Words

October 1998
Nominated for best novella, 1998
Nick rediscovers his compassion for mortals
and adopts an injured raven.

The Voyager Series

New! Check out the photo gallery for the crew of Voyager

The Persecuted

Nick, a maquis rebel, joins the crew
of the Starship Voyager
Janeway discovers a vampire in her crew...
the last of the persecuted, who is even denied
the right to exist.

Redemption of The Damned

Part two of the Voyager trilogy
Nick adjusts to his new career as counselor and discovers
what it takes to be a part of a family.

Knight of the Undead

January 2000
LaCroix insists Nicholas protect himself from the code,
and remove a few memories from his mortal friends.
An alien race wonders if Nick's special healing abilities
might be the cure they need.

Children of the Night

June 2000
Ghosts from the past catch up with Voyager.
The ship experiences growing pains.

The Nighthawk

May 2003?.
How long do Kilingons carry their young? :)
I'm working on this now.

The Dance Series

The Last Dance

October 1999
#1...Nick discovers new feelings for Vachon's fledgling, Urs.
While everying else in his life is changing, Urs offers him refuge. Meanwhile, Tracy
discovers something about her partner and has to make a major decision
that will affect the rest of her life... however long that may be.

Dance with The Devil

November 1999
#2... Tracy decides that it is payback time, but all of her pranks backfire.
When Nick reunites with Father Rochefort to solve a youth's murder
the unlikely pair must have faith in each other
if they hope to survive.
Raven Award, Bronze Raven Award, Silver

Dance of the Undead

November 1999
#3... Tracy adjusts to her
new existence and the complex
relationships it brings. Nick
her brother and partner,
LaCroix her master and father
both become something more.

Waltz in the Sky

January 2000

#4... Captain Reese suspects somthing is different in Nick and Tracy's relationship... Vampire hunters go online, gaining in numbers and power. Can LaCroix protect Janette's strays from this new threat?

Christmas Waltz

January 2000
#5...Nick is swamped with unsovled crimes, babysitting his little sister,
practicing for the Christmas Ball, and making gifts. It's a good thing Christmas
comes only once a year. It will take that long to recover.

Dance of the Hours

Februrary 2000
#6... A Winter storm strikes the city, along with the January
doledrums. When work and home conflict, Nick must choose
between them.

Tap Dance

Februrary 2000
#7... Nick's recovery is prolonged and his patience wears thin.
Tracy spreads her wings and meets another brother in her new family.

Dead Swans

#8... March 2000
Anger and frustration push Nick over the edge.
He finds help in new places.

Lord of the Dance

#9... March 2000
Nicholas develops new strengths from his present weakness.

Tango del Amor

July 2000
#10...The dance for lovers... but who wil dance with Nick?

Dancing in the Dark

July 2000
#11... Nick travels to Montreal for further education, while
a vampire with a grudge lurks in the shadows.

The Dance of Dominance

#12... Now available!
September 2000
A very dark Cerkperk story... available in "adult" format only.

Dance with Destiny

September 2000
#13...Nick sails to Chicago, where tomorrow's news
will never be the same.

Pictures of Gary Hobsen
and a brief synopsis of his series.

Street Dance

October 2000....
#14... Can a blind homicide detective still see the clues?

Moon Dance

December 2000
#15... A Halloween story. A lonely witch torments the city
of Toronto; Nick meets old friends.

Dancing the Knight Away

January 2001
#16... Nick meets a mortal fugitive, a brilliant man
who might just be his last hope.

Dances With Werewolves

May 2001
#17... Jarod may be Nick's only hope...
but can they rescue him from the Center?

Pictures of Jarod
and a brief synopsis of his series, "The Pretender".

Dance of Dreams, Part One

#18...July 12, 2002!
LaCroix unites Nick and Jarod with the team of vampire
specialists as they discover the treatment that will heal his son.
But is the cure worse than the disease?

Dance of Dreams, part two

Coming later this summer, with any luck!
As the vampires gather to celebrate the Feast of Lillith,
LaCroix's family has another celebration of their own.
Nicholas has fully recovered! ...or has he?

Short Stories


rated adult, for violence and mature theme.
Natalie's cure failed, and Nick suffered
more than just disappointment.

End of The Knight

A short answer to the challenge.
Nicholas finally achieves his quest, but at what cost?

Sons of Darkness, Child of Light

August 2000
A missing scene from Sons of Belial... an Uffish story.

Double Ducks

2003 My first Stargate fan fiction
How long can Jack keep his team together,
when there doesn't seem to be a way back home?
What happens when his eternal optimism just isn't enough?
General fiction, action/adventure/hurt

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