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Welcome to the Heart of the Cards. 

There aren't too many Yu-gi-oh websites about the anime.  It seems that everywhere on the web, some one is trying to sell you cards.  Well I got really sick of that.  I'm working to make this site the best site for the anime.  You can always stop here for great character bios, hundreds of screenshots, accurate episode guides, fun downloads, and much more about the anime while still being a great place to check out for card info.  If you have any comments, questions, or corrections, please E-Mail me. (darklight102001 at  We hope you trust in the Heart and visit us a gain soon...


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Most Recent Posts:


10-03-04 -


     I must admit I am very sad over the end of the Yuigoh series as we know it.  However, Yugioh Duel Monsters GX will be airing in two weeks.  This new series is supposedly focused on a Duel School that Kaiba created.  The students make up it's main cast and, it will feature a number of new cards.  The new series should be interesting to see.  Each episode will be exciting since there is no manga to spoil everyone.  Well, we shall see how it goes...

9-24-04 -


     So Enter the Dragons aka the Doom Saga has finally aired in America... So far they're doing an acceptable job, with content.  ie, Amelda's still a cross dressing man...

     However they have completely destroyed Varon's voice, suddenly he has fake Australian accent that sometimes is more English!!! Who the hell came up with that!!!

     New season of Yugioh in Japan will be airing in October... this is completely unrelated to any manga work by Yugioh's creator, so it my flow more as a cartoon, though I sure hope it doesn't.

      And finally some good news, I updated like, 20 episode reviews that JHoney sent me.  She's amazing!  I expect to see everyone in the Episode Guide section.  So Go!!!


9-9-04 -


     What's this, he's updating!!!

So I'm back after my summer break, actually I go back close to two weeks ago.  BIG Stuff in the Yugioh World while I was away.  Including the final few episodes of Yugioh and the Announcement of a new series of Duel Monsters that has nothing to do with Yugi and the gang!?!?!?  This (amongst other things) confused me.  Well I'm not really here to update much now.  Schools been going for a week or so and we're well into homework season.  So as soon as that's done and I've caught up on my animes, I'll be back here to post some updates.  I need to get a hold of the episodes I've missed...


7-08-04 -


     Well, sorry for not updating in awhile but it is the summer and I do have places to go.  I shouldn't be able to update a lot until August but for now Episode Screen Shots for 211 are up.  It seems we don't have to much left before the Egyptian Arc is over.  It will be interesting to see if Yugioh continues...


6-24-04 -


     Episode 210 = AMAZING!!  Go look.  (SCREENSHOTS HERE)  Use this link, the screen shot page won't let me update at the moment.  It's been a long time since I've seen a better episode.  And...


SPOILERS Highlight to see:  It appears that Tristan might be possessed again.  This time by Bakura?  Yeah what's with Tristan and having his body taken over by the villains.   (NOTE:  I'm not sure if this is true or


6-19-04 -


     Screen shots for Episode 208 & 209 are up.  All I can say is "GO MANA!!"  She's the best.  I also like Shada's monster.  It's pretty cool.  I bet they'll make it into a card.  At least I hope they do!  Slight bit of Character page updates too.  Nothing to be proud of though.


6-5-04 -


     DONE WITH SCHOOL!!!  For now.... oh well.   To celebrate I went a little over board on this weeks screenshots.  All 360 of them.  *Note to Self: separate into two pages*

Yeah, still looking for help for the site.  E-mail me if interested.


5-28-04 -


     Finals, Finals, Finals.  Thus not much updating.  Ep 206 at least is up for your enjoyment.  And random manga pages updated as well.  Still looking for help on the site.


5-22-04 -


     Sorry for the slow pace on updates here.  I've been really busy with the end of school and have finals all this week.  After that I'm done.  Well that's enough of that.  Episode screen shots for 204 are up and 205 will follow later tomorrow.  I'm still looking for people who would like to help on this site.  See Job openings and let me know if you are interested.


5-10-04 -


     We're going slightly in the past as I put up screenshots for 169.  Varon's background.


     Now I have a more important topic to address:


     Summer is coming and with it, I will be leaving periodically, sometimes for a week, and maybe up to a month.  I don't want the Heart of the Cards to vanish, just because I might not be here.  I am looking for people who will be interested in helping maintaining the site in my absence.  I think 2-3 would be a good number.  View the staff opening page HERE for more info.


5-7-04 -


     Brief but huge update!  Episode 198 has been up for a bit.  Just finished uploading screenshots for episode 197 and 203!  Episode 203 is amazing!  New favorite characters, Mahado and Mana!  They're the best, next to Mai of course!  Also more updates to episode guide.  Enjoy!


5-1-04 -


     For those who haven't discovered it on your own, screen shots for episode 202 are up!  These are amazing quality pictures.  No more crap pictures will be on this site, I hope...  I really want to write an episode summary for this because I actually understood it.  (That's amazing.)  Lately I've been able to understand a lot of Japanese.  Maybe I will, in the mean time, Saiyaman hosted Bit torrents for episode 198 and 197, so I'll make screen shots of those.  A lot to do!


4-27-04 -


    Great news, since my picture editing software broke, my brother showed me a new way to make screens shots.  They are really good quality, which of course will drain the bandwidth so be careful...  I present to you Episodes 199 and 201!  THESE ARE GREAT!!!  We finally get to see the memory arc characters.  Mahado rules!

     Also, thanks to JHoney, the Episode guide is caught up to the US Episodes!!!  There's just a few gaps here and there but it's 57 Percent done.  She does really good work so check it out!


4-23-04 -


     For those of you that haven't noticed, Episode 200 has been up for 3 days now.  I'll have ep 201 up once I download it.  The preview looks really cool.  It looks like Kaiba might be joining Yugi and the others in the Memory world!!!!  This is really exciting since in the manga he didn't show up for the last 50 or so episodes!  Can't wait.  Right now he has the Millennium Eye.  And Bakura's invitation to Egypt!

     Also Yugioh R was released in Monthly Jump on April 21.  I have scans if I can find someone who will lets me use their pictures.   If not I'll give you a nice summary.


4-17-04 -


     We made it!  The memory arc started!!!  Also episode 200 had the coolest duel between Kaiba and Bakura.  I believe that a duel between those two never took place before.  As soon as my picture editing software is fixed I'll have screenshots!  All the Sound Duels are uploaded now.  Go and enjoy!

     Randomness - The Yugioh Movie comes out this summer.  The poster is out.  I'll have it, just asking to use it from a site.   So Something else to look forward to.  Maybe even some promo cards...


4-07-04 -


   Well I hope everyone enjoyed their Spring Break, whenever they had it...  Right now I'm having bunches of fun uploading the 1st and 3rd Sound Duel.  They'll be up really soon if not by the time you're reading this.  Go check it out.  Really incredibly soon I'll have more information on the manga.  Just general updates all around for now.  No new screen shots until I can get a hold of the raws.