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Do you have original or digital, professional quality videos you would like to publish on the GVRD Flights Web Site?

If so, please Email us your video's description, length and size as well as the format used and we will then proceed from there. Thanks in advance
GVRD Staff

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The 405 **Watch**

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Self Flying Videos
How to Videos
Military Videos
Civilian Videos

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Viewer Discretion is Strongly Advised

Some of the footage and audio shown or heard below is not meant for children and some general audiences. You must be age of majority in your country to view or listen to these recordings. Some videos below are linked so they may or may not work. If you notice a broken link please let us know.   Report a dead link

Military Videos

Sound Barrier F-14
A-10 In Action
Rotate, Rotate
T-45 Aircraft Carrier
Air Show Accident
B1 Bomber Takeoff
How not to refuel a few million dollars
USA Thunderbird Loop
True Heros (B-52)
B2 Bomber in Flight
Eject, Eject!
Air Show Turns Ugly

Civilian Videos

How not to land a 747

How dangerous is "Jet Blast"?

United Airlines Flight 232 crash
Audio File: Actual ATC/Pilot

Denny Dobson 300X
A330 Having Trouble

Piedmont Boeing 737 Gear Failure

Air France A320 Air Show crash

How not to land a MD11

Boeing 727 Landing Gear Failure

GVRD Flight Videos
Feature Presentations:

CZBB 25 Arrival
CYPK 26L Arrival
CYXX 07 Arrival
CYXX 01 Arrival @ Night
CYPK 26L Arrival @ Night
Vancouver Nightline
Alex Fraser Bridge Day
Alex Fraser at Night *Flashes*
Training Flight Videos

Effects on Controls in Spin

Wake Turbulence Recovery

We Are Looking For Help
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We are currently looking for aviation editorials, flight pictures, local and exotic flight recounts, ADVERTISERS, contributions. All writings can be in standard notepad, HTML formats.
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