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GVRD Flights

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Do you have original or digital, professional quality videos you would like to publish on the GVRD Flights Web Site?

If so, please Email us your video's description, length and size as well as the format used and we will then proceed from there. Thanks in advance
GVRD Staff

Do you have original or digital, professional quality photographs you would like to publish on the GVRD Flights Web Site?

If so, please Email us your photos (No larger than 25kb) and describe the contents.
Thanks GVRD Staff

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Greater Vancouver Flights Web Site

Live Air Traffic Control
Northeast Atlanta Macey Arrival
Abilene, Texas
Socal Approach KLAX
Seattle Center
Boeing Field
John F. Kennedy Intl
Chicago O'Hare
Bankstown, Australia
Portland Arrival/Departure

Practice Exams
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Flight Schools
Abbotsford Flight Center
Canadian Flight Center
Centennial Flying School
Chinook Helicopters
Coastal Pacific Aviation
Delta Helicopters
Heli-College Canada Ltd.
Langley Flight Schools Ltd.
Macleod School of Aviation
Montair Aviation
Pacific Flying Club
Professional IFR/VFR/Heli
Pro Wings Aviation Ltd.
Regency Express Flight Academy

Pilot Dreams
Product Ideas for the everyday Pilot

Aviation Humour
Jokes and tales from the aviation world
Tell your favorite aviation joke here

Flight Gallery
Lots of Photos for the aviation enthusiast

About GVRD Flights
What Greater Vancouver Flights
means to you
Forecasts & Observations For Canada (Metars etc..)

GVRD Airports
CYVR- Vancouver International
CZBB- Boundary Bay Airport
CYNJ- Langley Airport
CYPK- Pitt Meadows Airport
CYXX- Abbotsford International

Flight Simulation
Microsoft Flight Simulator
Online Gaming Sites
IVAO Network

Aviation Safety
Transport Canada
Federal Aviation Authority (FAA)

Aviation Charts
Not to be used for real life flying

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Flight Planning
All flight planning needs are met with @

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We Are Looking For Help
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We are currently looking for aviation editorials, flight pictures, local and exotic flight recounts, ADVERTISERS, contributions. All writings can be in standard notepad, HTML formats.
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