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The Girl
Froggy is a 13 year old girl (Leaf: 0_0// she's a girl! Froggy:...LEAF!! T__T) ...*cough*... Anyways her birthday is on October 16th. She likes quading, basketball, anime, manga, hockey, (lots of sports obviously), gamecube and coke. She has a completely evil, older sister who's name is Leaf and she helped set up this page.. yep. If you want to e-mail me then just click here!.

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the world is black

Turning chanelles saturday at a quarter to eight ,you see the same damn thing its just a different day,and no one really kows why this is happening, but its happening.
and everywere you go its just a different place, you get the same sad feeling and the same sad faces, no one really cares that this is happening.
to come into this world and we are all the same and in there moment theres no one to blame.
But the world is black, and hearts are cold and theres no hope thats what were told. and we cant go back ot wont be the same ...forever change of the things we say, sayyy.

living in this place its allways been this way theres no one doing nothing, so theres nothing changed
and i cant live when this world just keeps dying, its dyin.
people allways tell me this is part of the plan and god got everyone in his hands, but i could only pray that god is listening, is he listening.
But living in this world, growing colder everyday.

nothing cant stay perfect, know i say.
But the world is black, and hearts are cold and theres no hope thats what were told. and we cant go back ot wont be the same ...forever change of the things we say, sayyy.say
we comeinto this world and we are all the same,and in their moment there is no one to blame.
'Cause you will hate yourself in the end.

but were living in this world, and were colder everyday nothing can stay perfect know i say.
But the world is black, and hearts are cold and theres no hope thats what were told. and we cant go back ot wont be the same ...forever change of the things we say, sayyy.say
Turning chanelles saturday at a quarter to eight ,you see the same damn thing its just a different day,and no one really kows why this is happening.

Sunday, May,1st, 2005

OMFG i havnt been on here in agees woopee wow ok were do i begin,,,? oh well first off its my cousins birthday and hes 14 ...damn him and all of my friends there all older then me dammit all grrr. *evil glayer* anyways so yeah happy birthday cousins. its also my grandmas birthday on the 3rd so wow holly crap 2 birthday in like 2 days apart lol yeah ur probabley wondering how its so complicated to celebrate both with our supierior intellegents...

*froggy...u dumbass we celebrate there birthdays together* LEAF XD first thanks for making me look extremly dumb again i really appreciate it *Teeth clench* *Also froggy by the way dont big words scare u ?*...Yes.....*eyesroll siverley and get dissy really fast then barf* how did u know my depest darkest secret of big words...Leafie... Grrr *first off u use big words to stumble ppl smarter then you when you dont even know what the word means..and u use it to get use to the bigger words hunnay* *puts a dunce hat on froggy* grrr *throughs dunce hatt in anger* yeah well i know what ... i know when... WAHHA...*how old r u froggy*? Curiosity killed the cat...burn write that down in ur diarry...Burnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn a burn a burn a burnnn...*Satisfaction brought it back*....-_-........WHAT THE HELL ?...did u make that up cause if u did thats fuking amazing x-x *i drool siverly in stupidity* *froggy... thats been arround for years*...-_* :twich: :twich: r u sure cause i never herd it till know...*Yep*.... Positive....*yep* ...Wow thats deep. anyways umm i dont remember what i was saying so i'll start a new paragraph...*starts new paragraph*

i'm so happy i finally passed math yippie......... i havnt seen a c in 2 years for math atleast...^-^ it brings tears to my eyes *by the way for the ones who dont know my younger sister froggy very well her weakness is math she really sucks ass at it and in her world for math a 55% aka C is like a A in her math world... before her 55% she had a 24% -_* and ppl wonder how she isnt as smart as i am ^-^*... r u monologing leaf??? *leaf strangles me and tells my dog to sick me while hes ragging at my leg she storms off angry*....No jkjk she dosnt send the dog after me and he isnt vishis...but shes sent him after me before know thats scarey.

anyways and i got a 90%LA OMG THATS MY FAVORITE SUBJECT IT BRINGS SO MUCH SHOCK INTO MY EYES * its like i died and went to heaven but they found out it wasnt my time so they let me come back from the dead * then my science is aa 57%...Wich this mark i am disapointed in god i couldnt get the damn 60% and for social i got 66%...ohh haha yeah and also *cough* i missed 32.5 days of school*cough* lol yeah. anyways but before i end off my site i'm sooooo excited because my better half aka leaf is making a layout for me and she will soooooooon be teaching me how to make my own layout aka....before my computer is in this time shes making me a kick ass layout of ...^-^ CHLOE from the series => NOIR the best movie ever besides like blood, and helsing and samuri deeper kyo (S.D.K) and stuff. thanks you leafie...^-^ i am not worthy.

so until next time i log on i dont know when i can umm write in my blog but until next time happy birthday grandma and cousin.. and umm dammit.... oh yeah happy mothers day wich is apparently on the 8th...i think?????? yeah ok yeah taging shortley. <3Froggy

p.s. i also have gmail my gmail is ok byes *waves*

Sunday, March,20th, 2005

Hello everyone. i'm sorry i'm not on the site that often but i ensure you when my computer is fixed then i can update more.also heres some interesting things that have happend. first of all i broke my moms work computer that was over 2000 dollers cause i spilt tea in the kee board *twitch*o_o I"M IN SHIT lol and so my computer was ticking like a time bomb so i thought it was going to explose '-_- yeah so i shut it down twice and i switched my key board with hers hoping everything would work out because if not i would be totally fuked X-X and it worked. ^-^ and know all i have to do is face my evil and dark apprentis...aka leaf -_x yeah so no matter what i'm dead plus not only do we need a new computer... we also know need a new monitor and a keyboard `-_~`yeah thats right. so so far not even in 3 days i managed to break my remote,:(, break my computer and everything on it-_- and break my moms keyboard X_X.But here are some good things.

I was sick for the past like 5 days...then i got my boyfriend sick...and everyone arround me sick...*wait i thought u said good things?* i did...while i was sick..i help my friend L1nk make a new site. so i'm sharing a site with my friend named L1nk and his site is all about "Inuyasha". anyways so its kindof our site cause i helped him with the links and stuff so yeah. on the site i made all of the banners,buttons and he did everything else. i also helped him with the scroll i'm such a good friend. thanks to neopets and my short attention spand :D..*ur a fag*-_- LEAF!!! lol sorry about that.anyways but ur probabley curiouse about the site yes yes anyways here is the site... the site is called moon2/demon_sanctuary so [click here] <=
too see.

Anyways nuthing is really new in my life but hmmm... i hope i'm not sick anymore so i can hang out with my friends without like killing *thats plesent isnt it* yes quite frankley i believe it is *yes* yes lol haha. anyways yeah if u havnt noticed the * is my bigger sister leaf.(back space backspace) the * represents the one who is more powerful and honerable unlike punny pathetic froggy like herself....LEAFFFF!!! sorry. ahem...yes right well i should sign off know but before i go check out the new site but i'll be on the one more often. and to inform u my older sister leaf will be teaching me everything there is to know about making layouts so its a week cource and its an hour and we made that bet i mean promise...ahem yeah in december and it still hasnt happend..but it will...oh it will. yeah bye everyone ^-^

Monday, February,14th, 2005

Hey everybody..happy valentines day^-^. to behonest out of this holiday i hate it its a long story really if u wanna know what happened just tag me on my tag board. anyways i got nothing today for valentines day but i honest to god dont really care cause i'm going on a date with my boyfriend this friday so i'll be happy cause i havnt seen him in ages. today it kinda shocked me.. no not the flowers from my dad -_- lol that fact that after school i got a flower yeah teehee awe thanks eric i feel axually loved lol i'm such a lowner lol haha anyways what a great friend. lol but besides valentines day umm that flower my friend gave me well after school i went to my bestfriends house and her cat ate it? damn cat ? x_x lol i never new cats ate flowers? anyways but i dont care i have roses from my dad lol. w/e i'm so happy i remembered my address i had a stupid inner blond moment hu damn thows stupid moments i typed in everything and then i finally relize what it was lol but no i'm not tellin lol duu then someone would hack in to my page and fuk everything up lol. tomorrows leafs birthday =_= double dead and not just that but i have an appoint ment then a blood test then back to school. i dont really care about the neddle thing that much hu lol i've gotten so many needels but the only part when i hated a blood test was the first time and the ladys like look the neddle looks like a butterfly and jabbed it into my arm.. what a bitch oh by the way i'm new..yeah lady thanks for tellin me. and yeah she only needed like 2 or 3 viles of my blood but noo she had to take 6 viles she added an extra 3 for good luck...and then she left a big bruse cause she went through my vain and shes like see u soon *_= *twitch* damn lady and her needles grr. lol. anyways well i otta go know so i will tag back eventuallywhen leaf dosnt hog the computer..grr anywas talk to u guyes soon bye everyone and happy birthday leaf ^-*

Sunday, February,13th, 2005

Hey everyone sorry i havnt updated in a while i've been really busy with my school work and family life/friends that i havnt spen a hole lot of time on my blog because my sister leaf is allways on it-_- "DAMN HER". no its ok she has her reasons to be on it for she is older than me and has alot to do on it like make new layouts so people can see and ador her site lol and also she has important things to do on it to like her h/w or her special assignments. but pretty soon she will teach me how to make my layout and i can keep updating and making my site newer and hotter. and i also dont have to bud her anymore. and here site if u wanna check it out is [#] Forgotten dreams

.anyways well nothings really new i still dont own all of the noirs.(my favorite anime) i only own to *sigh* only 5 more to buy x_x oh well. i also bought a bran new movie called "Blood: the last vampire" its pretty good if ur interested in movies kinda like kill bill with losts of blood then its ur type of movie. basickley its a really good movie about this girl whos the last vampire of her kinda and shes hunting down all of the demonds/ copys of vampires because they live off of human blood. i havnt read alot of chobits in a while i think i just finished book 5 ?-? i'm not sure though its been to long. hu i havnt been reading latley i've been to busy i havnt even finished reading my second book of love hina. all i read so far was 1 and i'm pathetic.. i havent really drawn latley eather i just finished drawing know pretty soon my site will be updated and better i promise u that.and when it is it will be a everybodys site. Inother words it will still be filled with tons of anime/manga interests and stuff like that but it will also have anime pictures and stuff i've drawn and if u want to send in some of ur pictures i'll put them up on my site ^-^ also it will have stuff like wallpapers and cd covers by me and many many more and also some human interests like music :green day and other stuff like that. well i'm going to be very busy this week because its valentines day the festival/occation i hate the most of the year, then my sister leafs birthday , then BILLIE JOE ARMSTONG's(the singure and guitarists from greenday'S) Birthday and he will be turning 33.but i dont really know what to get leaf? i dont really no what manga shes interested in any more she reads so many i can hardly keep track i think she has over 33 know? and i dont really remember what anime shes interested ..i know she likes sdk(samurai deeper kyo) but she owns that. well i best be going cause i've been nattering on for an hour know lol yeah and its already 1:52 almost 2:00am so i best be off. good bye everyone and hopefully i will write soon. Byes ^-^

Monday, november 22th, 2004

Hello everybody i havnt been on here for ages holly lol i have been trying to update my layout but i made a pic to big and omy sigh it sucks ass oh well. but i will try i have to go but yeah i've been busy latley and stuff. good bye. and i will talk soon!

saturday, october 16th, 2004

its been a while.. todays my birthday i am 13 it is so kewl anyways i got alot of kewl new stuff like an anime movie, 2 mangas and alot of moola lol. i got girl got game vol.2 and 3 and i got hibane renminie. soon dont worry i will change my layout soon enough when i have more time i hope my evil sister leaf will teach me how to make layouts and wallers so i can stop buggin her..but i luv her some way some how.*in a creappy gooey voice* who wuvs my sisy i do i do.ehem and she loves me some were in her crispy black wrotten moldy heart i know she ldoes lol its all good leafy.

thursday, september 30th, 2004

hey i havnt wrote in here for a while so i just wanted to say hi and welcome to my site like i said a long time ago right. well i'm in gr8 like usual and still 12 turning 13 which totally sucks. -_- *sigh* my friend is mad at me so please ashley please forgive for i dont know what the hell i did. sorry buddi. and i luv u ryan. g2g bye peace out a-town lol(hey lacy)

sunday,september 12,2004

hey um i havn't written in here for a while so i might as well start know. my sight is like a dead zone lol no ones here and i pretty much talk to my self. it gets pretty lonly i'd my sister is allways on the computer because shes a really busy person for she's allways working on her sight.shes probabley had over 16 layouts bye know...YEAH LEAF WOOO.(i take off my top and wip it around)lol. me and my friends jen and chanelle when swimming and we had so much fun omg lol. it was awesome. i recently had chanelle sleep over and we had a lot of fun but... one of me and my friends got in a fight so i feel really really bad.. i hope u for give me.i have to go know. i got school tomorrow so i better go. i got to decorate kaylas locker yeah woot woot. lol happy 14th kayla. anyways her bd is tom. the 13th. well i'm signing off know. okieday. byebye

wednesday,augest 25,2004

yeah meeza back from camping i had an awesome time. i went cliff diving and i was climing up rocks and then i slipped and tumbled all the way down (no lie) and i was bleeding and it hurt and my daddy didnt catch me and *gasp for breath* and then i got to drive my moms red dodge truck and i can drive.^-^ ok i am know i'm so excited and not really excited about school. tehe. anyways i got to go because my evil sister leaf wants to go on the computer so soon......i will get my **(echo)** REVENGE!

saturday, augest 7, 2004

i have a lot to say. its 12:27 am and i had a f*kin blast at kdays *WHOOT* lol i went on every ride lol and i didnt even noitice that chris and tanya were right in front of me lol hahahha and i went on the drop of fear and i sware all the way up and me and tanya screamed so loud on the way um and down lol that everyone heard us lol hahaha good times...awe i miss u guyes!-! wahha.anyways i'm going to be off the computer for 2 weeks:'( so i want to say good bye cause i'm going camping:S so i luv u all and i want to say happy birthday to chris and britt and there birthdays are augest 21-22 so yeah lol i luv yeah guyes see u soon and happy birthday*-*^-^.

thursday, July 29, 2004

anyways i appologize for the thing i wrote earlier on i was having a little moment i really do appologize...*sigh* and i'm sorry leaf i must of made u feel realy stupid for entering that in...(mumble) i should of made a song like starwars in 30sec. instead)*sigh* oh well i'll do that later but i am to excited about kdays tomorrow because i'm meatting an old friend and will be my 2 time there for last year was my i'm signing off...bye

thursday, July 29, 2004

*yawn*i'm tired cause its like 12:25....i allways wanted to try doing something like a u know a talk show...about my life kinda like home star runner style so i'm going to do that and see what happens. ok yesterday me and leaf were on a get away from the boston pizza i mean from our secret hideout *cough* boston pizza and we jumpped into our truck and turned on the engine.Leaf: um froggy the window wippers are on... what button do i press.froggy: the clicky thing this one... r u sure no not really... then eventually we figured out how to turn off the window wippers by clicking the button thingy. and also... LEAF!!! U STOLE MY PEN>-< grr i made a mad dash after leaf down the stairs as she stabbed me with my pen...i knew it wasnt over until i pulled out my sword. awe......thats not fair=-=... (mom)KIDS SUPPER! damn women she has to ruin my stupid story i know ..*sigh*...END. wow that was pretty...pathetic....yeah ok well i should go and yeah... ok bye^-^ dont forget to tag me

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Welcome to my new site!! Version new site is called Tourniquet and its my third site yeah....^-^ yeah anyways my other 2 sites i hated them very much so i ditched them.(there the ones under the net work link section thingy)=_=.the only thing good about the punk4 one is theres a bounch of fun quizes so nock ur self out~-~.on this site everything is so far good and not completley screwed up whoot*-* i'm so alone right know x-x *sigh*