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December 20, 09

I think I'm falling out of love and so is he. fuck.

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November 16, 09

I think it's super funny that I'm stoned and after almost another year of disuse on this super old blog that no ones reads, I was able to remember how to write a blog entry. Fuck yeah.

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January 25, 09,

I want to just disappear.... and not remember, that's how scared I am. and no one will know.

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May 29, 07

I'm so fucking confused.... and this is the only private place I have to write it. Fuck...

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August 10, 05

Well I thought it about time to write about my life... self reflection is just what the shrink ordered, not that I have a shrink, and in turn that doesn't mean that I shouldn't have one, lol. How many of you actually followed that? Anyways I am now sixteen as of August 4th... my youth is slowly slipping away *sniff* j/k. Well my grandma FINALLY bought me a decent gift for my sweet sixteenth and that is a scuba diving course in which I'll get certified!!! *jumps for joy* I also get to travel down to Jasper and do an open water dive in one of the lakes XDD I am so excited!! The only thing is I have to read this HUGE manual and complete all of the Knowledge Reviews before hand *sighs* simulated school has come to haunt me. So today I went to buy a snorkel and mask...for those two things the bill came up to $110 -__-; Not to mention that I have to have a wet suit, BCD, air tank, SPG, fins, regulators, and some other stuff I can't remember. Who said that fun is cheap? My aunt and uncle came down from the US to vist and they brought their kids....words fail me when it comes to describing them and horrendous doesn't even to justice -__-; I'm never having kids XP One nice thing is that I also get a gift from them, so I picked out these suade (no clue how to spell that word...or any words for that matter) light pink shoes with a hint of brown on the toe, and lime green laces and links that let that lace tie up around your ankle *drools* They're so pretty and I got them at Gravity Pope, the most expensive shoe store down White Ave! We went to West Ed Mall as well and I mooched my mom into buying me a plum coloured shirt/sweater thingy and a purple top that hangs off the sholders. I'm spoiled rotten XP Leafiekins knows that I have a kinky mind (sorry to those of you who didn't want to know that, lol) so she bought me these mini red handcuffs that I attched to my keychain *squeeks* they are so awesome!! Most of this occured after my actual birthday...but I did get to go for lunch at Mikkido's with my grandma, father and brother on the actual day of my b-day. Everyone else was gone camping. Oh! I also got a long distance call from Phly-Boy and he sang me and whished me a Happy Birthday...which was more than interesting XD lol. He also translated a small side story from the SDK Fanbook for me, so that was a pretty cool gift as well.

Well I went to the Animethon with Leaf about a week ago so I bought the fifteenth volume of Samurai Deeper Kyo, the first three volumes of Peace Maker Kurogane, a SDK folder with Hotaru and some other peoples on it, and two posters of none other than SDK!! lol Leafie really likes Kakashi off of Naruto so she was thinking about buying this doll of him that looks like he's in the Superman pose, but with the classic "I'm so doped and high" look on his face; so I made her buy it...then she made me cart it around for a while cause she was embarrassed of him I guess -^_^- awwwww my witte Weafie XD (She's gonna kill me for saying that). Well we stayed there for quite a while and I finally met up with Nick (my crush) but the bastard didn't give me my birthday rose cause he "forgot" -__-; so I got a Birthday hug....boy am I ever loved. Anyways right when we met up with him it was about time to go home so Leaf and I went to get her sister who hung out at the art room with her cool gay friend ^^ he's so cute! We went to the drop off/pick up area in front of the school and walked up a little ways; soon Leaf's mom came and as she was driving through the pick-up area there was this lady who parked at the side of the bend, and her mom tried to get around but ended up hitting one of the poles that lined the inside of the cresent. The pole was a star type shape so the truck was wedged in one of the points so if she backed up the box would get caught or else the foot thingy that hangs on the side of a car/truck would've got ripped off, so she had to call a tow truck and we where trapped there for about an hour. In the end I got to sleep over an extra night though, so that was happy!!! XD Well some super good news is that I'm on the verge of getting a new compy put in my room!! *jumps for joy again* No more crapy internet or "caution/warning popups" and I might acually be able to support some decent programs and download music. Yay for me, another $2000 put toward me, myself, and I ^^. Life is good...besides the fact that I still haven't finished my summer school work >_>; la la la la, maybe they'll let me off the my dreams. Well the time comes for me to eat dinner so fairwell till next time!!

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July 22, 05

-^_^- Thanks to Leaf and Phl for the early Birthday present!!!! (the layout & hopefully soon-to-be-music) lol Leaf also got me this vanilla lotion and body spray that's to die for!! *drools* It smells so pretty ^^ She also got me a manga called "Only The Ring Finger Knows" It's a yaoi, and has the cutest storyline that I've ever read!! But is you know Leafie that's not all that she gave me ^^; she also bought me an SDK poster of one of my fav. pictures, and she made me another SDK calender for the year 2006. Man do I ever feel spoiled XD THANKS LEAFIE!

Well life has been just joyous (not) my jackarse father practically played bootcamp with me the entire time we went camping with my uncle, which was two whole weeks. And after his violent episodes he buys me a book as if it's suppose to make up for all the bull shit that he puts me through. And then to make matters worse he admits to smoking weed with my uncle, mom, and most of his friends. -__-; God as if life needed to be anymore complicated at this time, but whatever. The only nice part about the trip was that I got to go horseback riding ^^ I got an older horse named Rusty, my bro got one named Mickey, and my uncles was...nameless. The best part was galloping through the trees *_* That was soooo fun!!! And then we got to see a buck and doe in the woods, along with an animal carcuss...which was interesting needless to say ^^; Another funny thing was that Rusty kept on getting mad at namless whenever my uncle tries to pass me, so Rusty's ears would go back and he would glare at the other horse, lol.

Well other than that I'm in summer school now taking C.A.L.M which is pretty pathetic -__-; there are only two other people my age in my calss, all the others are grade nines going into high school. So I stick with Aaron and Shawn so we make some pretty kick ass posters and presentations. Allison is also taking gym so I get to see her during breaks, it's soooo funny cause whenever I find her she's either sitting down and eating, or sitting and drinking, always complaining about how much work they have to do. All of this while I park my ass in a chair and watch movies for most of the day ^^ So I feel pretty special. My teacher (whoose name I still don't know after a whole week of being in school) is actually starting to like me O_o; So that's a little carzy, usually teachers just pretend I don't exist and get on with their lives. But I think the only reason anyone is taking notice of me now is because I'm acting freakishly those scary preppy cheerleaders that you see on funny movies...I don't know why that is buuuuttttt it's freaking me out none the less. We watched "28 Days" with Sandra Bullick in it for alcohol abuse in class the other day, and omg was the gay guy ever fuuny!!! He had this huge speal about forks, and he just kept ranting and ranting about nothing XD And then in the end he had bought a plant and dog (each had to live a year before he could have a relationship according to his doctor) and the plant died and poor guy didn't even think his dog liked him, it was hillarious. We also saw "supersize Me" today....yuck....I'm never eating McDonalds again, it was soooo gross.

Now that I'm good and sure your sick of my school life I'll go on to say that I get to see "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" with Johnny Depp toady!!! Holy crap does he ever look fagish, lol even his voice is enough to make you laugh, not to mention his clothes. So I'm pretty happy about that. Anyways I'll update again soon!!! Thanks for reading!!!

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July 7, 05

Hey everyone I LIIIIIIVVVVVVVEEEEEEE!!!! lol school is finaly over WHOOT!! Course I have to take CALM over summer school T_T *shrugs* oh well what can you do...especally when I'm taking all thee sciences next year, two of which are IB....but lets not talk about that ^^; Well my uncle is coming over toady from the sates again, and his dog has to stay with us for a couple months after he lives cause for some fucked up reason they won't let her cross the border....maybe it has something to do with mad cow, lol. Anyways I have to go camping with moi family for like an entire week without a shower or's gonna suck.

On a lighter note I went up to BC with my Leafiekins!! Twas awesome!!! I went on her kneeboard and was able to do a 360 degree turn, she said that I had the most stupid look on my face when I did it the first time. lol it was really fun. Then when we went for a walk we found a little itty bitty kitten!!! It was soooooo cute!!!! It had a light grey coat and the most beautiful icey blue eyes!! I picked it up and we stood there for like twenty minutes just petting and listening to the kitten purr. Then I went up to the people in the campsite that it was in and asked them if it was thier kitten, as it turned out it belonged to the campers in the next site but they had gone for a walk or something and left this poor little kitten outside all by about not caring. Yeah anyways we went swimming a lot in the lake and I got this major sunburn on my thighs and right underneath the bra line -__-; iy kinda sucked, but hopefully it will turn into a nice tan. The water there though was so amazingly clear and a super pretty bluely green colour with mountains surrounding the super cold lake. *sighs* I want to go back!!! There we also these huge fish that were swimming up the stream that ran just a few feet away from out site, so Leaf's sister, her friend and I all tried to catch one with our hands, so eventually Ali (the friend) caught one. It was pretty cool. Then one day after spending about an hour in some hotsprings Leafs dad decided to take another road back to the campsite....-__-; we were travelling on empty for the longest time and everyone was super pissed off at him. It was pretty hilarious. Then we went down bunny road where we all saw like 27 bunnies all cute fuzzy and brown. -^.^- But then her dad kept trying to squash them T_T so everyone got even more mad at him...*sighs* Then to top it all off we where finally on the right road going back when he decided to put up the damn Canadian flag in the window again (on account that it was indeed Canada Day) and he almost drove us off a cliff. ^^; death was close this weekend, but fun. While there we also saw a bavy brown bear, a wild turkey, a doe and her two fawns, a ginormous elk, and lot's of dead butterflys on the car's grill. Yeah, so I had an awesome time!!! The weekend before that I went to Cadomin with moi father, that was death in itself. The most exciting thing that happened there was that there was a rescue going on up in the caves, so my dad and I watched that. It was pretty neat, I feed some ground squirels who took the cookie right outta my hands. ^^ twas also cute. Hmmmm yeah then we went into the caves which were super slippery and dark. I went down a wormwhole type thing where you can only go one way and it's so small you can't turn around....I kinda got stuck but eventually made my way back up again. It was cool. Then there was the Great Divide which had a tundra type climate, it was sooo pretty!!!! *drools* We also saw a baby grizzly that was neat.

Yeps, well I won't bore you guys any longer....I think I say that everytime I write a new entry. Anyways thanks to those who commented. Bye!

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May 13, 05

Well....this is the longest that I've gone without updating...I beat you Leafie!!!!!! lol anyways a lot has happened sice I last posted and it turns out that not long after my huge rant on life I was able to get a boyfriend. That lasted for about a week and a half, then the bastard broke up with me over msn and said that he "wasn't ready for a relationship"....which is kinda strange considering that he was the one that iniated the entire thing, but it gets worse he asked this girl named Charmaine out on the same day. XP I feel sorry for that chick I hope she dumped him by now. Dating isn't as fun as I thougt it would be, talk about over rated -__-;

On a happier note I just returned from Mexico about two weeks ago!!!!! I was able to get a little tan while I was having fun in the sun....although the majority of the tan is a burn *shrugs* I was able to go to Universal Studios for the first time and Disney Land for the second. It was sooooooo much fun!!!!!! At Universal I saw Wolerine!!! *drools* he was sooooo hott XD and when you took a picture with him he growled in your ear XP it was so awesome. But even better was the fact that I was wearing my French Connection UK shirt that says "Possibly...." on the front, then on the back "the best fcuk ever" So wolverine was all like "Possibly what?" so then I turned around and he says "ok....that's bold, I like it!!!" So after the picture he says in this sexy and suggestive voice "I should wear that." Then he ran his claw-like things over my chest XD That was the highlight of my time at Universal. Then when we went to Disney Land we spent a few hours in California adventure...and at that time I went on the loop-da-loop rollercoaster twice in a row, then this thing that shot you up like nighty feet in the air then bobbed down; after that there was this spinny thing, and to top it all off..another rollercoaster. With no breakfast and my being very suseptable to motion sickness....well you can guess what happened. Bbbuuuttttt INDIANA JONES IS MY HERO!!!!!!! lol I went on that ride like five times, then bought a shirt and a hat...which blew all of my money for that day, but it was worth it ^^

In Ensanada Mexico we where shopping along the downtown area when du du duhhhh!!!! This guy came otta no where and askedif I needed a whip for my boyfriend, I was shocked and stood there for like a minute just staring at him....then he walked away probably thinking that I was some kinda deaf-mute. lol it was funny, then twe walked past a bar and the bartender started to blow his whistle super loudly and run after my three other friends and I. We thouhgt that we did something wrong but it turns out that he just wanted to offer us some free tequellia....damn the attendance of our chaparone at that pont -__-; otherwise I would have had the night of my life. Unfortunatly I was only able to see one hott guy during my ENTIRE trip...*sighs* but he was just sooooo hott that I had to buy something from the store that he worked at and he marked down the price from $56 to $42 just for me!!! I regret not asking him for a picture...(stupid shyness) but the photograph that I bought there will have to suffix. Hmmmm that's all the really exciting stuff that happned while I was there...besides the constant rocking of the boat T_T

Nothing much else to say about my life except that I'm happy it's the weekend and grade 10 is almost over!!! No more Gerling!!!! Whoot!!!!! I hate my english teacher..he's a complete and total ass T_T but I'll be happy that soon he will no longer plague my life. I do have some summer reading though...the bastards...*sighs* but maybe I should worry about that when we actually get the book ^^; Well now that I have accomplished boring you all to death I leave you with this question: Would you rather die forgotten or hatefully remembered?

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